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The Topaz Awards 2013
So we continued the old awards, new awards continue from us. We are no longer running our awards, but please go and check out thecreativevictoriousawards on tumblr if you're interested. Meanwhile, we still have an awesome chat thread filled with amazing people you haven't met yet. *smiles hopefully*
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Victorious RP
Become a student at HA, have relationships with the characters and OCs. Can be one of the main characters or an OC.
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HA roleplay
create yourself a character-and be on the hollywood arts school!
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Victorious RP Fantasy Edition! :D
This is a Roleplay for Victorious, just one catch; All the characters are some type of supernatural creature; a Vampire, Fairy, Werewolf, ect. Feel free to add Ocs! Everyone at HA is some sort of Supernatural Creature
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Victorious The Rp Edition
ok so yeah just make an oc or chose what character you want to be when we have atleats 5 or six people we will start the role play just dont kill off someoen unless i say you can curse there can be sex and stuff so i guess lets begin so just send make an oc or ask for the character of your choosing
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New VicTORious RP
This RP is AU, so you can do whatever you want.
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Victorious Awards
It's glorious, unmatched by anything you have heretofore experienced, including cake.
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Victorious Ships
Talk about ships here that you like and slash is inlcluded! :
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The Real Hollywood Arts RP
Come hang with the gang at the real Hollywood Arts School, either as a Canon or an OC.
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A new year Victorious RP
It's a new year and new students are coming to HA! RP as a new student or as one of Tori's gang! :)
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Victorious RP
OCs and real characters! Come and join!
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Victorious RP :D
Title says it all :P
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The Victorious Roleplay
Set after the final episode and ocs are accepted.
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Victorious RP: Next Generation
It is your average RP but the Canons are now parents to children. Look inside for more details
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Hollywood Arts Roleplay!
Welcome to Hollywood Arts, school of the artistically talented! Aspiring singers, actors, and artists come here from all over to become prepared for their future fame. Otherwise, it's a normal High School filled with drama, love, friendship, and heartbreaks. Join at your own will...you might be surprised.
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Do you have what it takes?
It's a new year here at Hollywood Art's and with a new year comes new students, drama, Romance? Well that is if you even make through the year
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Victorious Boarding School RP
Hollywood Arts RP! New one too so yeah join :)
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The Cole Awards 5621
The place where we all bow down to Nikki. WARNING: Joke forum. Only join here if you want severe mental damage.
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Alphabetical Improv
From the Pilot episode where the class plays alphabetical improv. start a comprehensive story! When you reach Z, go back to A! Please keep it T and under. Topics are settings.
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The First Victorious Forum
The first official Victorious Forum. Favorite character, favorite episode, favorite pairing, or anything else talk about it here!
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Welcome to Hollywood Arts
Just play as the Victorious gang. Enjoy!
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Hollywood Arts Middle School RP
Have you ever considered where students go before Hollywood Arts High School? Hollywood Arts Middle School. Yes, most people assume that all drama goes down in high school, but it's actually a well known fact that just as much, if not more, drama occurs in middle school. So create a young student who dreams of being an actor, a singer, a dancer, or whatever you want, and let them go through the hardships that make up middle school. Hollywood Arts Middle School. (You can also claim cannon characters, but the
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Victorious RPG!
Rpg as any characters.... all characters are up for grabs so get them while you can! Also You can Make Ur own characters! so please join and have fun! Thanks disneyfreak116
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Hollywood Arts: Victorious RP
Drama between friends, romance blooms, dreams become true, anything can happen at Hollywood Arts. Anyone welcome!
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Victorious RP
Come join us in RPing Victorious. OC's are accepted
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