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Roseville's Texas Ranger
A place to talk about fanfics. Mechanics and to issue Challenges.
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WAMS Are The Greatest!
Hey everyone!I noticed that there wasnt a forum for WTR yet,so I decided to start one and see what happens.Anyways,I dont know about you guys but my favorite part of WTR has to be the WAMS!THey are so great, and theres so many of them but not enough lol
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Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire Forum
This forum is used to discuss the TV movie Trial By Fire!
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Cloud Justice
A new drug is out. The rangers track it to a cruise ship. The only way to bust it is to travel. WA, SG, and TE.
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Kickin' Ass, Taking Names, Walker's Watching You
In the eyes of a ranger,The unsuspecting stranger,Had better know the truth of wrong from right,Cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you,Any wrong you do, he's gonna see,When you're in Texas, look behind you,'Cause that's where the rangers gonna be.
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Walker Texas Ranger: Gage and Sydney
This is a forum where people can discuss Gage/Sydney, Trivette/Erika, Rhett/Kay, Walker/Alex. You can also issue challenges as well as discuss stories you are planning to or already have post. I must ask that you please watch your language as I am not
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