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The Walking Dead RP
The world's gone, went up in smoke and left to the geeks, the walkers... the walking dead. Come and join in as a survivor of this undead-eat-live world. OCs and canons welcome.
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The Walking Dead Roleplay
A Walking Dead forum; plot inside and open for all!
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Join The Resistance! Walking Dead RP
Based on the show The Walking Dead, one year after the outbreak, a group of settlers have managed to band together against the new threats of the post-appocalyptic world. Will you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? *OC's Only* All are welcome to fight!
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The Walking Dead: RP!
"We need you now more than ever." When the world is crashing around you, you have a chance to write your own story. The Walking Dead RP! Takes place around season two. OC and Canon available. *ACTIVE*
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Welcome to the End of the World
Come roleplay. That's all I got... but seriously! Stop on in if you love the Walking Dead or just zombies in general. This is purely OC based.
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Walking dead RP
Can you sirrvive the horror of the walkers?
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the walking dead
can you live though the zombie's come rp and find out
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The Walking Dead Rp
Come in and join, make a OC or claim a canon character, you can join in one of the cities in the Fourm. THe cities are, New York, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Atlanta for the canon characters and for you to join in. Each city will have a diffirent story and if your character gets tired of the city they're in or the group of people they are with they can travel to another city.
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The Walking Dead: From the Precipice to the Ashes
REBOOTING! NEW PLOT POSTED! NOW ACCEPTING OCs! Twenty years later and mankind is bouncing back. Somewhere in Iowa is the City-State of Bethesda, a sanctuary where people are shielded from the dangers of the Freelands: walkers, bandits, and another potential threat that could be bigger than them all. Come join us and rise from the ashes. (Canons may be available, if there is interest). RP, Chat, Promote forums/fics, Most importantly, have fun! PLEASE READ RULES OF THE FORUM! : )
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Où les francophones rôdent
Un forum où les francophones peuvent venir rôder pour y discuter des rôdeurs, de leurs prédateurs et de leurs proies de prédilection, mais pas que... Illustration "The Walking beard" réalisée par Eponyme Anonyme.
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The Walking Dead Roleplay
The Walking Dead Roleplay is original characters only. Make a character and get consumed into the apocalypse.
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The Walking Dead Roleplay
Based on the t.v. show... Continues from what went on in season three or two whichever you want or vote on ;) make an OC or pick a character
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Night Terrors
We've all had dreams that we couldn't decipher from reality. However, this wasn't just a dream, no deciphering or waking from it. This, it was reality... a reality nobody could escape from. The world was now a living hell hole that no longer belonged to the human race. Something else had taken over, something much more terrifying than any dream - the walking dead. Canons and OC's allowed. ***NOW OPEN***
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Walking dead
create your player and survive in this world
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Survival: A Zombie Apocalypse RP
It is the year 2021. The zombie apocalypse has happened and there is hardly anything left. The undead roam practically everywhere and those who are left scour for food, shelter, and protection. The world is a dangerous place now and trust is key. It is survival of the fittest, but the real question is- will you be the hunter, or will you be one with the dead?
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The Walking Dead: Be Swift, Be Silent, Be Deadly Or Be Dead
It's been over a year since the world has ended and things are deteriorating. As time progresses walkers are becoming more decayed and nature is reclaiming the world. People have banded together to make their stand. You are one of these people and time is always against you. Read Rules First! Revamped and running 30-03-2014
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New Day, Different World
It is a day like any other, with one exception; an infection has begun spread over the globe and has hit major cities hard. Once you get the infection you die, but you don't stay dead. You rise to eat he flesh of the living, to spread the virus that you had taken on. There is only one rule now; don't get bit. An OC oriented role play set in the America city of Atlanta.
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Insurrection: A Walking Dead RP
Don't join unless you can actually write. I have no patience for the illiterate. OCs only (for now).
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Walking Dead: Season 1
A new Ragnorak has been bestowed upon the earth. Heroes scattered across the globe have unique abilities to help fight against the Zombies and othe devastattions. What will you do to change your future...
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Midnight of the Dead
I love the show, The Walking Dead & thought it would be cool to make a zombie rp. This will be a fun, no drama place to be in
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Badass and Beauty Daryl & Grecia's Place
A Forum Dedicated to the Wonderful Readers of the Fanfic by GraciellaRed74! Thank you all so much for reading, reviewing and requesting a place where we can all talk Daryl and Grecia!
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The Walking Dead
In a world where the undead have taken over, can you manage to survive? Takes place two years after the first infection, and they are out in Georgia.
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The Walking Dead: Fan RP
Create your character and pray they survive; an RP where no character is safe from the horde of zombies that await.
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Walking Dead RP
An RP for fans of The Walking Dead TV show, who want a place where they can put themselves in the middle of the action. Anyone is welcome. No Canons please.
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Walking Dead Roleplay : Our Story
A walking dead roleplay with OCs. Coming up with our own ideas or using some of the shows/comics. New and Needs members :)
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