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Warehouse 13 - The Next Generation
A Warehouse 13 future roleplay group. Join our favorite characters, their children and fellow mystery solvers in a world of endless wonders.
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Warehouse RP
My first RP Forum. I just need people to fill the charaters
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The Artifact Road Show
A place were everyone who likes Warehouse 13 can hang out and get Ideas for their stories. We also have challenges, and Role Play. Please Join us.
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Who is HG Wells?
I like to write H.G. stories but have serious questions about the character: Good? Evil? Somewhere in between? I wanted to start a forum to discuss aspects of Warehouse 13 canon concerning H.G. as well as subtext. All participants welcome.
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Claudia's Playlist
I think it's be fun to have a forum to discuss/suggest songs or artist that Claudia might like : give it a shot!
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The Warehouse 13 Prompt Challenge!
This forum is open to any writer looking for inspiration or a challenge. Every month or so, Haven't quite figured that out yet.. A new list of prompts will be posted. Any ideas are welcome and I look forward to any and all Warehouse writers participating
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Season One Comments
Any comments on season one and how they ended it? Also any ideas about season 2?
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W13 Next Gen Ideas Needed
Ok, so my friend and I want to create wini webseries on youtube and we need a few ideas. It's AU warehouse 13, I play Claudia's daughter (Name suggestions welcome) and my friend plays Myka H.G's daughter. We also have a Pete's child. So, please post ideas here for us, that would be awesome. Scripts and misc stuff welcome. Please and thank you!
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warehouse 13 challenges and ideas
challenges and ideas for stories id love to see wrote by all of you. anyone can put a challenge or idea up that they would like to be seen in a story.im sure you writers could take these ideas and make wonderful stories
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Warehouse 13 Roleplaying
This is a forum for Warehouse Roleplaying and getting help on stories on Warehouse 13 if anyone needs it.
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