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The Truth is Out There
I know its cliche but hey It's and XFiles forum. Stop on by and feel free to talk about anything. Sparking a converstation...What did you watch Xfiles for? The mythology or the Relationship between Mulder and Scully?
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The Lonely Fandom Cheerleaders
Writing X-Files fanfic doesn't have to be a lonely experience. Come in and share your experiences here and maybe pick up a cheerleader or two.
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XPhiles Welcome!
Are you a Fox fanatic? A Scully supporter? Do you geek out over the Lone Gunmen? Or are you into the villains? Or smaller characters: Pendrall, Suzanne Modeski, and one-time guest stars? All are welcome to discuss the wonderful characters of The X Files!
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Little help?
I've lost a story.
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What kind of xfiles stories would you guys like to
i want to write more stories about the x-files i have one unfinished and one unposted but in progress and rly want to write more so if there's any topic or something you want to read about in particular plz let me know so i can write a story around it!
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The X Files Rock!
Come in and talk with fellow XPhiles who love the show as much as you do!
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Seasons on DVD
this is a forum for those fans who never saw the show on tv, but have become fans through the wonders of dvd sales. I only have through season five, so...
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Am I the only person who liked Eugene Victor Tooms? I looked for him on this site, and there were only one or two stories about him . . . I also liked the Eves, and they weren't here at all . . .
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Xfiles 2
Making a second movie! New info; maybe a third.
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Roleplay for the X Files
Sorry if this seems rather stupid, but roleplay is a lot of good fun and the X Files are just begging for a roleplay forum.
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Can't get over the wonderfully paranoid agent, love his humour, and off-beat theories, well neither can I, come on in and join the madness that is Mulder!
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Welcome to the Filing Cabinet
Just a place to chat about X-Files stuff... keepin' it fun for everyone!...
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All Things X Files!
This is basically a forum for X-Philes to talk about anything they want related to The X-Files! Enjoy!
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Fanfic Challenges
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Vampire Lovers' new characters
The we have new characters of Vampire Lovers. Agent Einstein is a main antagonist character, she wears black fetish, and a crop. she hairstyles long red hair with ponytail. Vampire Lovers starring in main characters Mal is a vampire girl (formerly half-human, half-dragon), she wears purple strapless dress, purple fingerless gloves and golden shoes. she hairstyles long purple hair with bangs. Agent Fox Mulder is a vampire man, he wears black pants, a buckle belt and brown shoes with no shirt. Enjoy!
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Aliens en la sopa
No importa si eres alien o terrícola, si buscas expresar tu amor/ obsesión pasiva por Los expedientes secretos X, ya sea un episodio o la serie en general, este lugar es para ti.
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