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Alright, just as the title suggest, all you Callistolovers can converse and stuff here...
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Xena and Ares
Shippers come here. Talk about the relationship between the Warrior Princess and the sexy God of War.
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The Writers guide to the Xenaverse
Under construction. Will offically open soon. GO AWAY! lol.
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Xena and Gabrielle
This forum is exactly what it looks like. A forum about Xena and Gabrielle and their love for eachother.
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my writing program sucks, so i will make my stories here and in other forum places.please check it out
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Xena in the future
Struggling with an idea of Xena in the future
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Xena: Warrior Princess
Yeah, that's right. I made a Xena forum. Wanna fight about it? LoL Kidding. Anyway, discuss the 6 year series, any great fics you've read here or elsewhere, and even RP if you want.
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Xena Fans Discussion Board
A place to discuss Xena Fanfiction and other aspects of the show.
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Differing Shades of Grey
I decided to walk on the wild side and create a forum for my Differing Shades of Grey story. Feel free to talk about characters, relationships, your favorite part, or just anything that comes to mind!
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Xena and Gabrielle: The Truth
Xena and Gabrielle's relationship has been the subject of much debate, now its your turn to settle this, post topics that explain weather Xena and Gabrielle are good friends or much more!
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My Xena Challenges
For anyone needing inspiration...Pairings – Xena/Gabrielle, Jane/Maura, Chikane/Himeko ...Crossovers – Rizzoli & Isles, Kannazuki no Miko
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