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Counter-Strike Operation Golden Path by Will the Bald Eagle reviews
As the world started to get terrorized by "Phoenix", the new and more cruel group of ISIS, what can stop them from dominating the world?(DISCONTINUED)
Rated: T - English - Suspense/Crime - Chapters: 4 - Words: 2,333 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 1/28 - Published: 1/25 - Complete
It's All Fun and Games by the0s
Jason Hunters, the son of one of a legendary special agent, finds himself a participant of the CS:GO Games of Valve Corporation, fighting for his life with and against people he had never seen before... And wonders for the first time in his life: Is it worth fighting for what he believed?
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Just some CSGO fun. :D
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G-Man's Experiment - Trouble in Terrorist Town by Drakengard03
As part of the Administrator's social experiment, eight people are selected to fight for their lives by playing a cruel, mind-stimulating game meant to promote deception and murder. In this game of strategy and tactics, who will prove to be the most worthy among the crowd? Concept originates from the Trouble in Terrorist Town game mode in Garry's Mod.
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Counter Strike In a Nutshell by Sunshine Sickness reviews
Sometimes you have to wait a little before you get to fight.
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counter strike: terorist strike by supr riter reviews
my fiend like to play conter strike. so i think 'why not make store' and then i make story gong off what tey say. i add in my own litle things thogh to spice it up becas faficon is like a stew; u need to ad stuf to make it gode but it need new thing to be neu and exiting.
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Join Jason Pendago as he is sucked inside the popular game Counter-Strike after a freak lighting storm.
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Battles Between Friends - The Stories of Veterans by AeroTagachirane reviews
War. All out war on several fronts. In Aztec temples, dust forsaken cities, and broken, abandoned offices; this is the story told in First Person from Jason and Blake; written by two authors, DignifiedPeach [who does not have a account, rather Microsoft Word] and AeroTagachirane. We hope you enjoy this installment of Lore-Friendly combat and action.
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The Darkness by HorrorCharacter
Call me outdated, but Counter-Strike is still at the top of my all-time favourite video games. (May contain some swearing!)
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CS: The Beginning by TMCraze reviews
Devereux Werrick has recently joined the military, but he hasn't been put in a team! Not only that, but he also has training to complete, and that ain't easy. "You god damn son of a bitch..."
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Join Cheese and his brother Ham on the most epic action packed adventure ever! With Michael bay explosions and professional use of words and pitch perfect English! You will read this over and over again and will never get bored!
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ESCUADRON WOLF GO, GO, GO by xanderfiles reviews
el escuadron wolf el mejor equipo tratándose de los counter viven una peligrosa misión para rescatar a los rehenes y vivir para contarlo sobrevivirán o morirán, primer fic de CS, descubranlo en este fic
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Trouble in Terrorist Town- IRL by Andoflip reviews
After a bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan was proved to be done by Afghans themselves, no one can be trusted. Who is innocent, and who are guilty of the bombings? Based on the game Trouble in Terrorist Town on Garry's Mod
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Surat kecil untuk teroris di dunia ini. Fic Counter-Strike berbahasa Indonesia, bro! #record
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CounterStrike: Keys to the Apocalypse by Jayovac reviews
A young Counter-Terrorist realizes the mission is personal when he learns that one of the hostages holds the his heart.
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One-shot about what our dear CS avatars might be thinking.
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Bullet of love by Irmaa reviews
My first story, please leave a comment ! as you can see, it isn't done yet, but when the comments are all negative i won't write chapter two Thanks for reading anyway. And by the way, I dont know what to fill in by Rating, lol.
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