Petz Catz 2 - Sequel - The Return Of Ivlet by NatsJungle2000 reviews
What would happen if Ivlet were to come back? How would it be possible? Beat was keeping him trapped in the hat, and so was the evil energy force that pulled Ivlet through the vortex. But the bad half of the Magic Hat knows the way out! In this play, Lucas and Victor are at war with each other, thanks to Ivlet's actions, but they will soon discover that they are true brothers.
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this is a songfic about obliviashipping i was listning to the song then had this idea hope you all like it :3
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Summer is a new ranger training at the almia ranger school she just wanted to follow in her dads footsteps but after a visit to a 5s star resturant with ben and friends does she get more than what she hopped for?
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Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking about you? That is what this story is about. The dog in the story, a yorkie-poo puppy named Sasha lives with a small family, You will get to read what she is thinking about her family, hope you like it!
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What if there was another deal to save the ranch and that deal was to hook up a beautiful woman with the evil banker. However, Lily and her friends all hate this woman. Which deal will they take? Will it lead to more trouble? Read to see. Characters may be OOC, don't read this is that will bother you. no flames please. (You must have played Petz Horsez 2 the get this story)
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Kaci is an ordinary pup who's just about to become an adult when she and her best friend Victor get into something they didn't expect. What will she do to save the world? Take the time to read, it's actually pretty good or so I hope, perhaps it's boring and I don't realize it. Basically a walkthrough except mainly for chapters 27-34. (Refer to Petz Dogz 2)
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