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Alternate endings for the movie Transcendence (2014)
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Bright's Water by Evanescent Changling
"In the process of getting away, her hand knocked over a couple of vials, and they shattered to the floor. She whimpered at the sound, pressing up against the glass wall—half scared it might not take her weight, half scared that if she looked away, the needle would plunge into her arm." Will explores paternal care. ONE-SHOT. WILL NOT BE CONTINUED.
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The tension between R.I.F.T. and the FBI is becoming stronger as the latter attempts to fix Will Caster's damage on the world. For security measures, they can only reduce to computers from the 1970's-but there is a mysterious error code preventing them from working. When 8-year old Elliot and her gift is dragged down into a war between worlds... She may be the only one to stop it.
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