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Friday The 13th: Wrong TurnCurrently in Post-Production
The thirteen survivors of Jason's previous attacks have comed to temrs with themselves and made the decision with the help of a psychologist that they would return to Camp Crystal Lake. Unfortunately, it soons becomes clear that the famed masked murderer has not forgotten those who stepped forth on his home. With their haunting past coming to life, everyone must try to figure a way how to stop Jason Voorheesonce and before he makes all of them his victims- permanently.
Movies Friday the 13th - English - Followers: 2
Friday The 13th Part 3: Rev...
by Celebrity01
11 3,197
Kill Thoery: The beginningCurrently in Post-Production
A group of high school students take a class trip to a lakehouse to have a weekend full of fun. However, it's cut short when they come face to face with a burtal killer claiming they have til morning to kill all of their friends or die trying.
Movies Kill Theory - English - Followers: 2
Kill Theory: Spring Break (...
by Celebrity01
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Teen Wolf: Resurrection
Welcome to Beacon Hills, where secrets lie on every corner and inner animals run loose. Intermediate/Advanced roleplaying with canons available and OCs welcome!
TV Shows Teen Wolf - English - Followers: 7
Resurrection: The Hague, Ne...
by Rupert Stiles
86 29,443
Being Human
Two different racial groups of friends end up living together. Three are vampires, and it just so happens that the other Three are werewolves. Of course, one would automatically assume they were feuding, but they actually managed to stay friends. Finding a large-acred estate, they choose to live there, unaware of the ghostly presence that lingers within the halls. They soon realize that they are in fact, sharing the estate with three ghosts. This causes quite the excitement. One way or another, all of t
TV Shows Being Human - English - Followers: 1
Being Human S1E1: Home, Swe...
by Celebrity01
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The Crazies
In the normal small town of Wrenchwood everybody knew everyone and is friendy to their neighbors. The Annual Wrenchwood Fesitval, known as the time where everybody celebrates another year living life at home, nears. However, somehow, the waterline is contaminated the day before festival. Citizens soon realize that those infected become delusional,psychotic,and even homicidal. Those left must band together to figure a way out of Wrenchwood before their fate is seealed by those known as the crazies.
General All - English - Followers: 1
by Celebrity01
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The Purge
The United States finds itself in a time of prosperity. A time with 1% unemployment rate, low crime rate, and better opportunity. All of this at the hands of allowing every American citizen the honor of an annual cleansing of all the hatred and disgust built up inside- allowing violence of all sorts of horrors to be legalized for 12 hours. Welcome to the Purge- can you survive the night? (Plot inside)
Movies Purge, 2013 - English - Followers: 2
The Purge: Elimination
by Celebrity01
6 302
Evil Dead
A group of friends travel to a desolated cabin in the woods to celebrate their college graduation. At first, everything seems to be normal and alright. However, as time goes on, they discover that there is some evil that should be feared.
Movies Evil Dead/Army of Darkness - English - Followers: 0
Evil Dead
by Celebrity01
4 22
The Avengers
When S.H.I.E.L.D. begins to suspect the world to be in peril with a new threat, Nick fury has the assembled team join forces with newcomers to stop the threat. But when the newfound enemy, known as a group by the name of Legion, they soon learn that this will be nothing like they ever thought it would be. Always Accepting!
Movies Avengers - English - Followers: 0
The Avengers
by Celebrity01
7 118
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A bus carrying tourist is passing through when suddenly their bus breaks down. Trying to take the situation as a calm thing, the group tries to find a local gas station, and the sheriff with the hopes of finding a way out. What they find instead is not only the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface, but the family as well. And they'll make sure nobody leaves without a few parts missing.
Movies Texas Chainsaw Massacre - English - Followers: 3
by Celebrity01
4 429
Massacre University
As the Class of 2015 at Wind Crest University near the end of their college careers, a string of murders starts leaving a trail of bodies that soon startles the campus. As the body count increases, so does the intensity and paranoia settles in deeply for not just the students, but the faculty also. Left to figure out who is behind this why, there is only one question on everyone's mind and that's who's going to be alive long enough to walk across the stage on graduation day.
General All - English - Followers: 2
Massacre University
by Celebrity01
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