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Devil May Cry Forever
Come and roleplay as your favorite character or your very own creation! Roleplay in any of the DMC games series or participe in a totaly new story! (-Sigh- I'm still bad at making summaries...) While the the roleplay is in english, I also speak in spanish! So for anyone insterested, please send a PM to me
Games Devil May Cry - English - Followers: 3
Devil May Cry: The Three Ar...
by Sisal
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Abyss Hades
A world where humans and demons live in peace...or not, will you be with those who want to destroy this paradies? Or will you be one of the many heroes to save it? Will you be a Devil/Angel? Human? Demi-God/Goddess? Archangel? Greek/Japanese/Roman Mythologic monster? Not really good with summaries for Rp XP
General All - English - Followers: 3
by ChessurTheCheshireCat
6 620
Alice in Underland Role Play
MOVED! As of November 10th, 2016 you can find us in the Book Category or by the name of "Alice in Underland", there still many characters to claim and make!
Movies Alice in Wonderland, 2010 - English - Followers: 4
헤라안마 @ 010 8419 2666 @ 이민정실...
8 5,135
Durarara! Rp!
Ta-da! Since many of the Rp are a little dead, I have decided to make one! Join and roleplay as your favorite character or your own OC! Aaand I'm still bad at making summaries. While this forum is in english, I also speak spanish! So for anyone insterested, please send a PM to me
Anime/Manga Durarara!!/デュラララ!! - English - Followers: 3
デR C B C 1 0--6 C 0 ...
by wehghig
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A Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Forum!
The first roleplaying forum for the DanMachi anime series! Come on and join as a God or as a fellow Adventurer!
Anime/Manga Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka - English - Followers: 7
-Orario City-
by ChessurTheCheshireCat
8 910
Go Pretty Cure!
Join as a Pretty Cure who fights against the forces of evil, a civilian who dreams of meeting their pretty and colorful heroines, or even the force behind the recent ruckus in the human world! Friendly to all Precure series! Open as of 3/15/2021!
Anime/Manga Pretty Cure - English - Followers: 2
A brand new day, a brand ne...
by ChessurTheCheshireCat
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Alice in Underland
Twisted and obscure, the land of Wonderland no longer has any wonder to offer to Alice. Struggling under the rule of the Queen of Clover, it's habitants try to survive everyday in this now dangerous land that calls for an Alice. Will you help restore peace to the land or will you see it crumble away?
Books Alice in Wonderland - English - Followers: 1
Dark Woods
by ChessurTheCheshireCat
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Guilty Gear Roleplay
With the Gears of the world turning, will you join the battle against the Sanctus Populi? Or join them and create an Absolute World? Join us as we battle to decide the fate of the world! Heaven or Hell? Let's rock!
Games Guilty Gear - English - Followers: 2
Chapter 0: Prologue
by ChessurTheCheshireCat
6 79
With more Dark Fountains blooming around town thanks to the Knight's actions, more Lightners have accidentally ended up in the Dark World with no idea as to what to do there or where are they. How will this affect the heroes' journey? How will these Lightners react to the Darkners? This is the records of these other journeys...
Games Deltarune - English - Followers: 1
by ChessurTheCheshireCat
4 123
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