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The Origin of the Keys
Fifty years have passed since Sora defeated Xemnas, and the ranks of the Keybearers have flourished with the darkness' retreat. All is not well however, and this new generation will face as tough a challeneges as the hero of old.
Games Kingdom Hearts - English - Followers: 1
Chapter 1: A New Year of He...
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Super Robot Wars E
30 years ago, it was the BETA and Festum. 20 years ago, the Aragami. 14 years ago, it was the Shadow Angels, the explosion of Shin Dragon, and the G-Bomb at Yokohama. And following that came EXALT, X-Rays, the Gastrea, and the Vampires. The world is in ruins, and even now humanity is unable to effectively pick up the pieces. But is that how it will remain? No, say the Gundam Fighters. This world shall be rebuilt.
Games Super Robot Wars - English - Followers: 3
Chat Topic
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Super Robot Wars S
Humanity has moved into space. Earth has been lost to many and found again by few, only to be lost again even by those few. Gods walk among us, and Gods puppeteer us. How, then, shall we proceed?
Games Xenosaga - English - Followers: 0
Canon Character Claim
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Super Fantasy Wars R
In the world of Gaia, where the Earth is but a second, mystical Moon in the sky, there exists swords, sorcery, industry, and mechanical weapons. It has been reborn after a great cataclysm in the past, save for one vital place. People from the Earth have been brought to Gaia, and sweeping changes threaten it, perhaps even the end... But even so, people continue to live their lives... And die.
Anime/Manga RWBY - English - Followers: 2
Future Possible Mechs: Supe...
by GetterDragonRagnarokSa...
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MegaTen RP: The Devil's Plague
On another Earth, another Tokyo... A threat looms beneath its busy streets. An ancient conflict that may spring to the surface ad embroil the city in an apocalypse once again.
Games Megami Tensei - English - Followers: 0
Q S E 3--3 C 0 Mエ
by sdgfowejfoiw
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Shin Megami Tensei: The Changing World
The Gods have fallen, and the Earth belongs to the will of Man. Rebuilt and continuing to progress, magic has seeped through society... And society wishes to now suppress it.
Games Persona Series - English - Followers: 1
†Q S E 3--3 컴へ†
by jhdgfiwefu
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Super Robot Wars Final Liberation
Ten millennia ago, mankind settled on twin worlds. The Western Star of Solaris, and the Eastern Star of Zi. THey have built up societies defined by all manner of powerful weapons, even after many disasters continued to plague the world over ten thousand years. Gears. Zoids. Armors. Golems. Battle Armors. Armored Soldiers. And dark hands manipulating all of Zi's affairs...
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Mecha Creation
by GetterDragonRagnarokSa...
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Chivalry of a Failed Knight vs Asterisk War: Worst One On the Water
The Invertia was not nearly the global catastrophe you know it. Blazers are not the only extraordinary individuals in the world. The IEF does not have a global monopoly on nations and their progress. But the stage is still the Asterisk, where many students, both Genestella and Blazer, fight for the chance to compete in the Festas, for glory, honor, and a chance at a single wish.
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The Named Chart: Character ...
by GetterDragonRagnarokSa...
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Pokemon Cross Version: Accelerated Digimon Soul Sleuth
Pokemon, Digimon, and demons. Three types of bond creatures, used by three different types of people. One is a way of life, the other is by all appearances but a game, and the last is something confined to the shadows of the world... But all three will soon collide on a grand scale. Which will YOU command?
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Forum Rules and Story Detai...
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