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Digimon RPG: Operation Chaos
A new evil is rising in one universe, where humans and 'good' digimon are allied. Literally. One day, the evil starts to attack, catching the 'DDF' called alliance by surprised. In one of the many battles, an DDF soldier happens to find the enemy's plan. Nothing less than the destruction of every dimension. The DDF may be strong, but they need help. Will their calls for help reach other dimensions? Or will they die before help can arrive? Just one way to find it out!
Anime/Manga Digimon - English - Followers: 4
Xros Wars Digital World
by TeutonicGuardian
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Digimon RPG: Left Behind
The Parasimon ended... but different. Gallantmon Crimson Mode's Crimson Light, caused something unexpected. He, and Sakuyamon have been dragged into the collapsing portal... the walls of the dimension broke, and the sovereigns needed to channel their power, to seal them. Now, there is no way to get back. The gaps in the dimensional walls are closed... forever...
Anime/Manga Digimon - English - Followers: 1
The Swamps - Sky Kingdom - ...
by TeutonicGuardian
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Digimon: Medieval Times
In another universe, there exists a world so strange that you won't believe it. A world full of magic and creatures known as Digimon. For long they lived in peace with the humans of the kingdoms, but one day that all changed. War was cast over this world. A war that had been won by the kingdoms and the still human-friendly digimon. Long decades have passed since then, the evil once forgotten... raises again.
Misc X-overs - English - Followers: 2
by TeutonicGuardian
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Digimon Chronicles
Time has passed since the digimon returned to the Tamers. A cry of help from their own world forces them to leave again, leaving the Tamers alone, though with means of communication. While diplomatic relationships and contracts are formed between humans and digimon, a storm like no one has ever seen is approaching. Will the Tamers be ready? Or will the world we know end?
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by TeutonicGuardian
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A forgotten Time
Forget the laws of nature and physics... forget what you have been told. Because nothing of that, applies here. Friendly and peaceful surroundings can turn into Death traps within seconds... You and your people, came here to have a new start, to dominate nature like you did in your world before... But you aren't prepared for this world, you do not know anything about our home... And that, is why you search our help...
Misc X-overs - English - Followers: 1
The Lost World
by D.C. Black
21 394
Vandread: Imperium Terrae
Two months after the victory over the harvest fleet, the celebrations are still going on, with increasing communication between Taraak and Mejere. Aboard the Nirvana, the systems start to go crazy, as a message from the realm of the dead reaches the crew. Earth... seeks vengeance. Hope can only be found in form of the misterious battlestar "Shadow Striker", so the message. Will Earth succeed, or will the alliance of the colonies manage to turn the tides?
Anime/Manga Vandread - English - Followers: 1
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