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Let's-a Talk About Mario!
Okay, uh. Let's see, um, how do I start this? :P Got it! Anyone that wants to talk about anything Mario related should come here! Please talk about what the thread is about, in order to avoid confusion.
Games Mario - English - Followers: 3
Mario Fan GamesROM Hacks
by My Line
37 9,118
Fire Emblem: Awakening Mafia
Villages all over Ylisse are being attacked by a group known as...the MAFIA! Can the town members stop them in time? And, uh, there's that neutral member too!
Games Fire Emblem - English - Followers: 5
Aftergame Thread
by Hawkholly
13 2,026
Super Smash Bros Mafia
The fighters are seeking blood after a beloved princess has been found dead. Will the town members kill the killers? Will the mafia kill more? Or will the mysterious neutral outwit them all?
General All - English - Followers: 3
Final Destination: Aftergam...
by Hawkholly
10 1,416
Press Play to Start Mafia
Some of the most famous ladies from video games (more than likely Nintendo because I'm a Nintengeek) have found themselves trapped among traitors. INVITE ONLY.
Misc Game X-overs - English - Followers: 0
by Hawkholly
1 11
Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Mafia
Sixteen students have been trapped on Jabberwock Island by a mysterious bear named Monokuma and are ordered to kill each other to escape the island. However, four students have decided to band together and end Monokuma. Even though they have ended the headmaster, the rule still stands that they can only leave the island if they are not condemned for the murder. Now this group of four students must hide from the others to ensure their own safety, and the other students must find this group. INVITE ONLY.
General All - Spanish - Followers: 1
Day 5: Do Ultimate Robots D...
by Hawkholly
10 446
Gakuen Academy
History is being made at Gakuen Academy: regular humans are being accepted into an academy with the countries of the world for the first time. Will you be able to make friends with the G8 and your peers? Private RP, invitation only.
General All - English - Followers: 0
F2--Cafeteria (Second Floor...
by Hawkholly
28 399
Ace Attornies: Battle of Barristers
It's the defense vs. the prosecution vs. the killer! Who will win this deadly battle of wits? Please sign up ONLY if you have been invited.
General All - Latin - Followers: 0
Profiles--Trial 1
by Hawkholly
5 9
Danganronpa: SPREE!
When students find themselves trapped in a confined area, anything goes...But when things turn deadly, who will emerge victorious? Sign-ups complete. Sorry the language is incorrect, but FF is being stupid so I had to change it. If I can change it back to English later I will.
General All - Swedish - Followers: 7
Trial 4: The Case of the Ul...
by Hawkholly
55 7,373
Mario Kart Song Tournament (Invite Only)
We're picking the best Mario Kart song in the franchise! Please read rules. INVITE ONLY!
Games Mario - English - Followers: 0
by Hawkholly
2 138
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