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The Fabulous Killjoys
Misc Misc. Plays/Musicals - English - Followers: 1
by Leon Kuwata Baseball S...
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The Young Blood Chronicles
Yes this is based off Fall Out Boy's hot amazing new movie/music video series The Young Blood Chronicles. There wasn't a forum for it which is unbelievable to me, so I made one myself! Enjoy! OC's welcome!
Misc Misc. Plays/Musicals - English - Followers: 4
The Young Blood Chronicles ...
by Leon Kuwata Baseball S...
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Guardians Rising Academy
Welcome to GRA! This is where all the new guardians go to learn what responsibility comes with being a guardian. Here you can chat, hang out in school, take classes taught by the big 5 themselves, and learn how to use your newfound guardian powers. So what are you waiting for? The moon told you to get in here right?
Movies Rise of the Guardians - English - Followers: 2
by The 2000 IQ Killjoy De...
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Monster Academy
Welcome to Monster Academy, the university of the children of famous monsters. Here you can heighten your education! But that's not what you really want...You want to have fun! Attend parties, hang out and even...you know ;) Ocs welcome!
Cartoons Monster High - English - Followers: 5
Monster High
by Leon Kuwata Baseball S...
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Video Game High
Welcome to VGH! Home of the children of famous video game characters! Come in and make an oc and sign up today!
Misc Misc. Games - English - Followers: 2
Highschool Life! [Part One]
by The 2000 IQ Killjoy De...
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Danny Phantom
Here you can rp as a Canon, a ghost, a human or whatever! Join Danny in his fight against ghosts or be a student at Casper High or even a ghost at Haunted High in the ghostzone!
General All - English - Followers: 2
Cannon claim.
by The Childish Psychopat...
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Kingdom Hearts Roleplay
Welcome everyone! The main roleplay is set after Dream Drop Distance! Sora, Lea and Kairi are training to become true keyblade masters with Yen Sid. Xehanort still lurks in the darkness, rebuilding his Organization. Riku is off, trying to find a way to bring back Terra, Aqua and Ventus in order to prepare for the coming clash between the seven guardians of light and the thirteen darknesses. Will the light overpower the darkness? Or will the world once again be shadowed in darkness? Now with a next gen rp
Games Kingdom Hearts - English - Followers: 2
Next Generation Roleplay
by Leon Kuwata Baseball S...
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So there isn't a Grojband subcategory or even a single Grojband forum...Well as a faithful Grojbandian and Corey lover, I'm here to fix that! This is a Grojband rp with a twist...its 3 years later and our heroes are in High School! How will Grojband handle their new environment? Will the band hit big time? Or will they hit rock bottom? There's only one way to find out and that's to join the roleplay as a Canon or oc! Come on, its time to rock Peaceville High! Thanks for coming out, everyone!
Misc Misc. Cartoons - Esperanto - Followers: 1
Character Creator
by Leon Kuwata Baseball S...
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Power Rangers Ultra Mega
Once again, a new generation of heroes will step up and protect the Earth from the evils of space! The Ultra Mega Power Rangers are Earth's newest defenders and won't back down or run from a fight! New heroes mean new villains as well. A new army of evil has come to Earth and it's up to the Ultra Mega Power Rangers to save the planet, just like the Rangers before them.
TV Shows Power Rangers - Japanese - Followers: 2
Roleplay Rangers
by The Childish Psychopat...
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Do not enter
Misc Book X-overs - English - Followers: 0
Dark Woods Circus
by The Reddest Of Roses
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