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Donkey Kong High School
This is a forum where u can role-play as any kong or u can create ur own. Please join and have fun. U must read and except all rules and regulations.
Games Donkey Kong Country - English - Followers: 3
[Not so Canon] Kong sister ...
by Magiku Maggi-Dixie Kon...
30 5,145
Diddy Kong Racing DS RPG
Its a rpg for diddy kong racing ds. be any character or make up own.
Games Diddy Kong Racing - English - Followers: 0
The vanishing Beach
by Mable
4 150
ICarly RPG forum
This is an rpg forum for any iCarly fan. Create an oc for iCarly. Enjoy.
TV Shows iCarly - English - Followers: 5
Q S E 3--3 C 0 Mユ내부자거래
by hgwoijofij
5 441
Sonic The Hedgehog OC RPG
This is an RPG where you can create and RP a character from the AWESOME video game, Sonic the Hedgehog.
Games Sonic the Hedgehog - English - Followers: 3
Attack on Angel Island
by OneWingedAngel75
4 271
Sunset Valley RP
As the title suggests, it's a Sunset Valley rp. Create your own sim or feel free to use one from the game Sims 3. Make as many as you want but be sure to make them all useful. : Have fun!
Games Sims - English - Followers: 0
Q S E 3--3 C 0 Mヘ피그윙
by sdgfowejfoiw
6 24
Elfen Lied RPG
This is a rpg forum for the awesome anime and manga series Elfen Lied. You can either be someone from the series or you can make your own. Or both if you want.
Anime/Manga Elfen Lied - English - Followers: 3
R C B C 1 0--6 C 0 M...
by bwehogw
3 322
Vocaloid Roleplay for Vocaloid Roleplayers
Simple. It's a vocaloid roleplay. You can claim any vocaloid or Utau character or create you're own.
Misc Vocaloid - English - Followers: 2
Vocaloid House/Daily Life
by Magiku Maggi-Dixie Kon...
6 84
Kirby RPG
Either make your own character or claim one from any Kirby game. Have fun.
General All - English - Followers: 0
Canon Character Claim
by Magiku Maggi-Dixie Kon...
3 9
Mario and Co Roleplay
Join Mario and his friends as they embark on many adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Play as one of your favorite characters or make one of your own. The fun is endless !
General All - English - Followers: 0
OC Application
by Magiku Maggi-Dixie Kon...
5 15
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