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Summer Wars RP!
About 1 year after the event with Love Machine, a new hacker has created a copy of Love Machine and released onto OZ once again. Will you help restore balance to OZ and the world, or will you let Love Machine rule?
Anime/Manga Summer Wars/サマーウォーズ - English - Followers: 3
by Tokyorose627
6 912
Uta No Prince Sama Maji 1000 RP
This is where we go through the span of the 13 amazing episodes, and extra events if we would like. Pick a Canon Character or make an OC and choose who you want to be, a singer or a songwriter.
Anime/Manga Uta no Prince-sama - English - Followers: 8
Role-play: OC x Starish (Ji...
by Yorutsuki-Lunia
31 8,134
Final Fantasy XIII 2 RP (Closed)
*Rebooted!* Serah and Noel must go on a journey across time to stop an evil madman named Caius from destroying the time stream, while also on the search for Serah's long lost older sister Lightning, who disappeared and was erased from time itself! Make an OC or take a Canon and join the the amazing journey that is Final Fantasy XIII-2!
Games Final Fantasy XIII-2 - English - Followers: 3
Character Themes
by Tokyorose627
20 19,047
Bioshock Infinite: The RP
Booker Dewitt is on a journey to find the girl known as Elizabeth, and bring her to New York unharmed. Take a canon character or make your own OC, and immerse yourself in the World of Columbia, the floating city above God, and help either rescue, or capture back, Elizabeth.
Games BioShock - English - Followers: 6
Burial at Sea
by The Timid Thief
24 8,288
Epic: The Battle for the Forest
Join either the Leaf Men, The Boggins, or be a Stomper, and help either protect or destroy the forest. Make an OC or take a Canon, and go through the plot of the movie, EPIC!
Movies Epic - English - Followers: 3
The Chat Area!
by Tokyorose627
9 283
Captain America: The First Avenger RP
The army is looking for a man to take on a secret project to help stop the Nazis and win the war. Steve Rogers is the man, will you help him and win the War? Make an OC or take a Canon and join the fight!
Movies Captain America - English - Followers: 1
looking for help
by generationwhoknows
7 553
Young Justice: A Team Connected
They're not sidekicks, they're heroes, equally capable of defending the cities and protecting the innocent. If only their mentors saw them that way. Once they finally show their courage and determination, they're finally given the chance to show what they can do; given the chance to make a team, they've been given the task to work on covert missions. What sort of plots and secrets will they uncover? Make an OC or take a Canon, and join in the fight to find out! -OC Slots have been Filled-
Cartoons Young Justice - English - Followers: 2
Episode 1: Independence Day
by Tokyorose627
8 347
Dragon Age Inquisition: The RP
The Elder One has returned, and a hero must rise amongst the ashes of the Conclave Divine to defeat them once and for all, with new allies at their side. Take a Canon or make your own OC, and join the Inquisition to stop the likes of Corypheus from conquering the world.
Games Dragon Age - English - Followers: 0
Rules of the Inquisition (R...
by Tokyorose627
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