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Time Heroes
After a freak scientific accident rips the very fabric of the space-time continuum, a group of unique youngsters travel through time to set history straight.
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The RP 2.0
by Born2BAWildman
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Deadliest Hero
A forum about my new fic, which is a cross between DC, Marvel and Deadliest Warrior. Come on in and discuss previous and upcoming matches, and even suggest match-ups for me to use.
Comics DC Superheroes - English - Followers: 2
Aftermath: a Discussion Thr...
by Born2BAWildman
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Private Forum for myself and DCDreamer
Private forum for myself and DCDreamer.
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The RP
by Born2BAWildman
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Put Yourself In My Shoes
In this world, everyone has an "aura", a force that surrounds them, and forms everything about them—their likes and dislikes, their mannerisms, their own distinct personality. But what if your aura suddenly went to someone else, and vice versa, changing your very personality? RP as a student at Central High School, where mysterious supernatural forces are hard at work mixing up everyone's auras. Hope you're prepared to (literally) put yourself in someone else's shoes!
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Character Submission
by Born2BAWildman
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Private Forum for Me and ChibiofCuteness
Private forum for myself and Chibi.
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by Born2BAWildman
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