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The Ultimate Pairing's Forum
Every had a pairing from a fandom you wanted to do but never had the chance or could find an rp that would let you do that. Every had an idea for an OC pairing but you never got the chance to do them well look no more. In this forum you can rp any pairing or couple's set up you want as long as you can find someone willing to help you. It can be from any book, video game, tv show, movie ,comic book anything any kind of OC and set you could ever want so come and join all are welcome, we're always open!
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OCxOC Dimensional Travels P...
by The Void's Eternal Wan...
21h ago
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The Runaways
Inspired by the super hero group the Runaways but this is all OC characters. A group of long time friends find their parents conducting an occult ritual and find their planning on sacrificing them all so the group of friends run. They begin to discover their unique powers and begin to become heroes traveling city to city helping people aided by a elderly man as they fight against teh cult and the villains that appear.
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Days Available to RP
by The Void's Eternal Wan...
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Tales of the Seven Kingdoms
There are many stories in the Seven Kingdoms join canons and OCs alike from Kings Landing to the Wall and create your own. Takes place after season 3 all are free to join all are welcome spoilers will be kept to a minimum when it can be kept that way.
TV Shows Game of Thrones - English - Followers: 1
by The Void's Eternal Wan...
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Super Human Civil War
Metropolis is gone destroyed by a nuclear explosion caused by a team of villains Superman is leading heroes to take a larger spot in policing the world and stopping wars and conflicts while Batman leads a counter group of heroes. While the United Nations has convinced and reformed to the Suicide Squad to act against the heroes while villains continue to plot and a even greater threat lurks in the shadows. Inspired by the game Injustice but won't fallow it's story line only borrow elements.
Comics Justice League - English - Followers: 0
by mockingjayflower
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Exploring Anime Tropes
A comedy rp that explores various tropes of anime the Highschools, harems, Bi-shonen, the short skirts, the Bishie Sparkles, Deus Ex Machina powers, extremely long fights, filler and many others. Join join this silly rp and have fun none of this is to be taken seriously and also talk about positive aspects of anime.
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The Location of Most Modern...
by The Void's Eternal Wan...
19h ago
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RWBY: The Next Chapter
This rp takes place after volume 1 join the original teams and create new characters as you go to school at Beacon live in Vale or anything else you might want to do as long as it's within reason. All are welcome to join and if you have an idea for something you want to do if it's a story idea or a possible pairing lets hear it ideas are just as welcome.
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OC and Canon Teams
by The Void's Eternal Wan...
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The True Sin City: Roanapur
Takes place after Roberta's Blood Trail, why have you come to Roanapur? To try and make a name for yourself, make money, a foolish attempt to bring law to the city? In this rp you can try and be or do whatever you want in this city anything can happen here all are welcome just try not to cross Hotel Moscow.
Anime/Manga Black Lagoon - English - Followers: 0
by The Void's Eternal Wan...
23h ago
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Private RP
A private rp meant to improve the abilities of the rpers invited to the unless you're invited you can't join.
General All - English - Followers: 1
DC Universe
by The Void's Eternal Wan...
10h ago
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