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Game of Thrones: Evening the Playing Field
House Targaryen is no longer the only house to hold beasts of power and legend while magic remains strong. Krakkens defend the Ironislands and join the Reaving alongside Leviathans. The North is defended by legions of Direwolves, giants and other frozen beasts and who know what lingers beneath the sands of Dorne. Now Rhaegar leads a force of Dragonriders his siblings and children, his vassels and mercenaries form Essos to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Book character exist alongside show ones.
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Realm of the God of Wine an...
by Abyssal Knight
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DC: A New Justice League Rising
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman all gone, with many more dead and now villains rule the world that was 20 years ago. Now people are awakening powers heroes being reincarnated, children of the previous heroes rising up, and surviving old guard are guiding the new age the time to fight back is now. Members and canons form Teen Titans, Young Justice, comics movies and more can be used for characters for a new generation of heroes looking to free the world ruled by villains.
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Arc 2: Fighting Back
by Abyssal Knight
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A Time of Change
The traditional medieval age of fantasy has ended the age of technology has come. Airships, trains, and guns exist now alongside magic, incredible beasts, and immensely powerful items. A revolution has begun with monarchs being overthrown by those sick of the divide right to rule with neither side being as just as they'd like people to believe. A original steam punk fantasy rp that people who join will help build with inspiration from Game of Thrones, Witcher, and the Dungeons and Dragons Eberron setting.
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The World of the Shimmerval...
by Abyssal Knight
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An Experiment with the Game of Thrones
I've created many Game of Thrones forums over my time on this site few successful most less then so. Here people will join a conversation and discuss what they think would make for a fun Game of Thrones forum and when a consensus is reached this forum will be turned into a rp forum for that idea or another forum will be made. Everything is up for debate rules, canons, or no canons following the canon or something completely new anything. Come lets have a conversation and try to make a something incredible.
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The Only Topic that Matters...
by Abyssal Knight
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