Reviews for Kerta Mela
Qeani chapter 3 . 1/9/2014
I absolutely love the interaction between Rune, Pippin and Merry. And, I did like the mistake she made when asking Legolas. You are doing a really good job with this story, and you are developing the characters very well. So, good job!
TMI Fairy chapter 3 . 1/8/2014
Oh, she is a dwarf?
Being a foot taller than a hobbit makes you very, very short ...
Daugter-of-221b chapter 3 . 1/8/2014
Lol that cover tho
ZabuzasGirl chapter 3 . 1/8/2014
Update immediately, please!Update immediately, please!Update immediately, please!
ZabuzasGirl chapter 2 . 1/8/2014
Update immediately, please!Update immediately, please!
ZabuzasGirl chapter 1 . 1/8/2014
Update immediately, please!
Qeani chapter 2 . 1/7/2014
I am really enjoying this story, please keep up the good work! And I am really liking the dialogue between Boromir and Rune! Please update when you can!
living-with-feels chapter 2 . 1/7/2014
this is a verry promising begining of a good story and i'm looking forvard to the next capter.
Morrowyn chapter 2 . 1/7/2014
Whoa! Quick transition there. I like Rune so far, and her audacity is refreshing. :D
TMI Fairy chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
The "silly girl can't pack" is a bit cliche.
If Denethor has a bastard daughter in the servant's quarters - quite decent of him, BTW - I would not expect him to bother whether she goes with Boromir or not.
If I was Boromir I would hope that little sister would get cold and tired and bored and sore and I'd dump her in Aldburg with my drinking crony Eomer "Beefcake" Eomindsson, or at Edoras with another drinking crony Theodred "Skirtlifter" Theodensson.
Morrowyn chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
Well, you've certainly caught my interest. I absolutely love your dialogue; so medieval! XD Just a couple of notes: Firstly, when shifting ideas, as when Boromir said, "I will speak with father, and ask him if he will allow it, I make no promises," you are shifting focuses here. A semicolon might be good, making it "...and ask if he will allow it; I make no promises." Or, you could add another word, such as although or but, to indicate that the separate clause is part of the sentence. Secondly, a separator would significantly help with the abrupt transition between Boromir speaking with his sister to his conversation with his father. There's a button on the Document Manager Interface that should help with that.
Other than that, I am absolutely fascinated by what you have so far.
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