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Nargus chapter 2 . 1/27/2014
Ooohhh plot thicken!
Naosj chapter 2 . 1/20/2014
This Orochimaru reminds me of those cartoon villains from 80s and 90s shows, like in Power Rangers or GI Joe, where they sit in their base and boast about their plan to their minions before laughing to themselves maniacally.
RamenKnight chapter 2 . 1/19/2014
thanks for the update.
Angelicon chapter 1 . 1/10/2014
Now. As long as power level cases go around, a full powered Kyuubi is below a full powered Alduin because you simply cannot stop Alduin when he is at his strongest. He is literally immortal and you need to mortalize him by using Dragonrend to even simply put a dent on him. At least this is what lore says. And there's his deal of Thu'um in lore and Thu'um in game.

Chakra and Alduin's own energy mixing may give Naruto ability to use Alduin's abilities and maybe act like a dragonborn.(He kills a dragon, Alduin devours the soul. He uses the soul of Alduin to use abilities of Dragonborn as Alduin's soul is pretty much locked up in a mortal's, Naruto's, body)

Also Naruto's chakra should be different. Quantity should fall but quality of the chakra he has and his control over it should get better.(Kyuubi giving him enormous amounts of chakra and disrupting his chakra constantly caused him to have bad control until they became partners. Though even by then he still didn't have perfect control. Uzumaki's have big chakra pools, yes. But Kyuubi Jinchuriki Uzumaki's are on a complete another level.)

It is painly obvious how Alduin and Kyuubi is similiar at first look. But in the inside, Alduin is even more cruel and arrogant. This is not the case in his creation though. It is said that as his power grew he started to think himself too big of a deal. Seeing people like Madara, Hashirama and other tailed beasts will be a fresh experience for him, maybe even lessening his arrogance.

Naruto should get unique abilities from Alduin's energy also. He can get a tougher skin and tougher muscles as Alduin's energy will constantly mix with his own and chakra affects body as you know.

Now comes the critical part. How strong Alduin really is? Well a battle between Miraak and Vahlok ripped Solstheim apart from Skyrim as it was said in some book in game. While it may not be true I wouldn't be surprised it is. Some things are really downgraded in game because they are so strong that it would be broken to have them in.(You one-shotting entire castles wouldn't be funny.) And Alduin is the strongest Thu'um user to live, even stronger than Dragonborn in fact-dragonrend tends to nerf him a lot.

Unrelenting Force used by Tongues(normal people trained in Voice) is said to be able to bring castle-city gates down. Greybeards' voice shaking the High Hrothgar or the voice you hear 'Dov-ah-kiin!' when Greybeards call you to High Hrothgar. It is noted that a Tongue at his strongest can kill people with a single word and Dragonborn's amplify their power by devouring the souls of other dragons, increasing their power more and more.

Anyway, Kyuubi should be careful. He is in Sovngarde. A place where Nords that died with a sword in their hands goes to. There are thousands of people in Hall of Valor but you only see about 20 I think. It is the same case as Skyrim game. They cannot place that much NPC or most PC's would crash straigth away. Many of them able utilize Thu'um in battle and in Tsun's case, a god is there.(Shield-Brother of Shor, a low-level Aedric Lord a.k.a. Divine) Not to mention Kyuubi is in Aetherius, where other gods reside as well. They may come to look what the hell is going on in Shor's Sovngarde and what is this strong identity. While Kyuubi is essentially immortal and shown to be pretty much immune to outer damage, they can still capture him I think. Even if the battle destroys Sovngarde.

But I don't think it will come to that if Dragonborn is careful. Kyuubi should sense that people around him doesn't have chakra and he is in a completely different plane.(Sovngarde- A plane of Aetherius where the plane is entirely made of Magicka) Hell, if he focuses enough he can even sense Divines maybe. And well, Kyuubi literally has no way out of Sovngarde if someone else doesn't get him out. Pulling a cliche as hell but useful Kyuubi able to change his size or change into human trick would be pretty useful here.

Well. A lot of things will change. Though I would love to see Naruto turning into Alduin and bombarding people with Meteor Rain or using magic from Elder Scrolls. Magic tends to be pretty destructive in that universe. Nevertheless, it should be hard to write a story like this as it changes a lot in plot. So... yeah. I hope your next update comes soon. Good day!
Phoniex32 chapter 1 . 1/9/2014
Sweet story! It really depicts Alduin in his finest!
Light Lord Cybergate chapter 1 . 1/8/2014
What I would love to see is Kyubbi's adventures ...or killing sprees as the case may be, in Skyrim (Not Sovngarde)
Sovngarde sounds...kinda boring. Not much to do there.
Skyrim a 100 meter high nine tailed that would be more like it.
WHo is more powerful? I bet Kyuubi would be.
Alduin is powerful...but I don;t think he can create stunami's or crack mountains with his tail.
As it is...If Kyu only stays in Sovngarde then seeing more of Naruto's world may be preferable.
Cyricist001 chapter 1 . 1/8/2014
Well, the Kyuubi and Naruto are doomed.

1. How can a simply seal hold Alduin? In Skyrim the Elder Scrolls were needed to simply displace him in time. A chakra seal would be as effective as wet paper.

2. How did Naruto understand Alduin? Mental interpretation?
3. Alduin cant be killed outside Sovengard...that means the instant he is free Naruto's world will burn.
4. Kyuubi in Nord afterlife..I hope it enjoys eternity fighting insane bloodthirsty Nords everyday for the end of time. Unless he can eat souls...but so far it wasn't stated that he can. Not to mention that the ES Gods will have a thing to say about the Fox being there, in best scenario it remains docile and trapped, or worst its trapped in an endless battlefield where souls attack him day and night for fun, or it gets out and one of the Deadra find it interesting and take it into Oblivion where they torment it til the end of time.

Don't forget, a single word from a Greybeard made the land shake, Imagine what the full power of Alduin can do? Yes, I know he wasn't all that impressive in the game, but that's game mechanics, if he was like in the lore...lets just say that he could have literally burn down the world with his first syllable.

ES is incredibly broken when you go by Lore, some mortals even make the Sage of 6 look tame.
Ddragon21 chapter 1 . 1/7/2014
I want more naruto. I hope naruto is paired with tenten or temari. as tenten being a weapon specialist I find if they find things from skyrim would be interesting plus she seems like a warrior vocation while naruto a ninja/dragon idk. if naruto get's powers from alduin maybe he could do what most dovakiin can't? like use that meteor thing. Also how will kyuubi effect skyrim and what if when they meet kyuubi? Also temari because she is wind user and can fly on her fan or glide. hey maybe you can have naruto wanting to fly and try to use wind chakra to accomplish that? otherwise naruto won't survive as most the series he relied on kyuubi chakra healing him. he would get knocked out alot because he can't heal from poison from the demon brothers or the pins from haku. they need to step it up.
RamenKnight chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
Got the basic down, which is really nice. Not a standard over the top beat naruto ether. One that sounds like it could happen with some really bad luck. it gives me hope.

Characters are ok, i dont like how Sarutobi handled Kakashi. He literally failed a stupid easy mission for one of his skill because he is too stuck in the past and/or didnt care enough about the mission, and almost got Naruto killed, who is how many very important things? Yes, Sarutobi is forgiving, but he runs what is almost a dictatorship and has seen several wars, he knows mercy, but he knows how to be tough on people too.

I haven't read a seal swap of this type yet, and it seems you somehow plan to connect the two worlds, so this should be a fun read. Thanks for making and sharing.
zero chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
Naruto x younger anko
Sharpshooter16 chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
Let me be the first to say...Well done! This has the makings of a good story and i haven't read a story where the Dovahkin is the bad guy or opposing force. So good job and happy writing.
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