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Pinapples chapter 21 . 5/30
GOD MY HEART. MY FRICKING HEART IS JUST. i cant omg. okay i just spammed this whole fic and i gotta tell you, its amazing. i love it so much and i really really really look forward to continuing this story and seeing it to the end, but seriously nO POOR SANJI OMG IM LIKE ABOUT TO EXPLODE FROM SAD. honestly tho i really like how youve written this so far, like the progress of Sanji and Zoros relationship is awesome, the imagery is also amazing likE THAT LAST CHAPTER I STILL CANT. I COULD SEE IT ALL HAPPENING AND I COULDNT DO ANYTHING AND IM STILL UP ABOUT SANJI. NoO poor sanji BUT AGAIN SERIOUSLY IM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT CHAPTER LIKE I CANT WAIT
ShitCook chapter 21 . 4/25
AWWW! POOR SANJI! And he finally made some friends.. I'm looking forward to the next chapter so much!
Vincent chapter 21 . 4/25
Okay I know this is supose to be zosan but I feel like theres too much Nami. Honestly though she is my least favorite character in almosy every fic Ive ever read so it's probably not this fics fault lol. I realllllly love this fic but if it changes to more Namis feelings for Zoro instead of some goodol zosan I more than likely will not read more. But even of that is the way you choose to write the story dont be discouraged by anything I say. Just voicing my opinion (:
Guest chapter 21 . 4/24
The way you wrote that scene was amazing. Just the right amount of graphic to make me sweaty and worried, but not too much to make it feel over-the-top. This definitely feels like a turning point for this fic, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here.
Guest chapter 19 . 3/25
I really enjoyed this chapter, as always. :) I think the phone conversation was credible, I mean especially how Nami reacted to Sanji's questions and how Sanji was so uncomfortable and trying to avoid the topic because he's so confused and he doesn't know Naming very well yet... I liked how you described that Nami was wandering around the house, bickering with her sister behind the phone, and the change in their tone of voices and nervous/bitter laughs depending on the the topic.

I also liked Nojiko a lot in this introduction of her character. She's definitely a "cool" woman, but when I see her in fanfictions sometimes she seems a little one dimensional or just that: "cool" and "edgy". Here she gave me strong feeling of a protective big sister, who's more mature and worries about Nami's adventurous/risky yet sensitive nature. It's weird... but the way she was so upset because Nami didn't tell her about her almost girlfriend, also her "we will have a serious conversation one, young Lady" attitude reminded me a lot to myself and my sisters.

Then when Nami (offended) said: "What was I supposed to do?(...)Tell her, 'hang on, I've got to call my sister and let her know you're sleeping over to make sure it's okay'?"; it made me laugh (and make a condescending face) because, YEAH, Nami! If you live with a roommate you are supposed to tell them in advance if you're going to bring a guy/girl to have sex in the house where you don't liver alone!, it's basic respect and good manners that allows to prevent fights and misunderstandings...

What else can I say? OMG! NamixVivi! :O. I'll be honest: I can imagine Nami being hetero, lesbian, bisexual, virgin, experienced, anything... But I've always been so surprised by how popular is NaVi because in my mind I can only imagine them as best friends in a pure platonical perfect way. I think it's because I see myself and my girl friends in them. XD Anyways I love those girls, so I don't mind NaVi... I just.. I really thought she had brought Law home and yeah I was like nooooo TraNa is dead! Whyyyyyy My dreams (of no gay Law) are crushed! LoL I'm half joking, it's all good. I bet Vivi looks like a sleeping Goodness :)

You know, even if I am desperate to know how Luffy (it breaks my heat knowing he WA alone in such a difficult moment) , even if I want to see Sanji's/Zero/Nami interactions ... I am almost as curious to see what you're planning for Sanji's "relationship" with music. I mean, the story is set for him to have some natural talent (we all know he has magical skillful hands LOL), learn an instrument and maybe become part of the band in the future (being a chef in a classy restaurant obviously wasn't making him happy)... At least that seems the most probable development, but I wonder. ... I wonder if Sanji's would really fall in love with Punk music? Would he prefer a guitar or an other instrument? Will he have the patience that requires to master a musical skiall? Is Zoro going to notice his new student infatuation or be dense as dumb rock? Will Nami become a successful cupid or fail?

I'll wait patiently for the hockey match ;)

Bye bye
Guest chapter 17 . 2/3
I love this story :D
Megenehason ZOSAN-LAWLU LOVER chapter 17 . 11/27/2016
Not sure how I feel about this hmm I don't hate it but I feel like it was too much left unfinished,oh i know!u have to continue updating!yup that's it,ehehehe I'll be waiting for the update~
Megenehason ZOSAN-LAWLU LOVER chapter 14 . 11/27/2016
God!just when I thought this story couldn't get any better!hahahhaha damn I loved this!it was so thrilling when I thought that sanji was gonna get caught but wasn't!my heart almost jumped from my throat!
Megenehason ZOSAN-LAWLU LOVER chapter 4 . 11/26/2016
OMG!Lmao! So hard!,damn the ending just cracked me up!,I'm dead!hahah the starting few chapters I fully enjoyed but this part!ahah this part got me good!ah~i can't wait to read what else u have for show oh yea,I was wondering are the dog and the kid taking the guitar lessons from zoro have the same name or...
Guest chapter 17 . 11/4/2016
Thanks for the music! :D
Guest chapter 17 . 11/2/2016
I love how easy is to empathize with Sanji's feelings in this story... I understand that it must be awkward and a little uncomfortable to interact with a group of punks who have a different life style than yours and who know each other well, while you are an outsider trying to get along with them. I also understand it must be confusing to be so attracted to someone you just met and when your sexual orientation apparently was not as straight as you thought... I can picture Sanji's expressions so well, it's fun.

Nami is very interesting because she is impredictable... For example, she seems more relaxed and less neurotic than in canon, which is refreshing. Also it's so crazy to imagine her with that little poor car hahaha That moment when she confessed she dated Zoro and it didin't work out.. I feelt sorry for her, she sounds like if ahe was very smitten with him before... But that's life. Her ans Sanji talkikg about love and crushes is such a bonding BFF moment XD

And Zoro... When I imagine him as a punk he seems so hot then I imagine his as a musician and he becomes even hotter... Then a misic teacher witb little Chopper and Momo and he gives me such tsundere vibes lol

Keep the good work! Ans take care!
Guest chapter 17 . 11/2/2016
I love this story! It is so original and impredictable. Thanks for writing! :)
ShitCook chapter 16 . 8/19/2016
Yay! Looking forward to when you update again!
gumballbat chapter 16 . 8/19/2016
this was a great chapter! thank you very much for writing more. i cant wait to see how nami helping sanji ends.
Ki Ken Tai Ichi chapter 15 . 6/2/2016
Wow, I never thought about Sanji reacting like that about someone touching his hands. That's a really nice touch that I am all to wiling to adopt into headcanon. Really nice story, I am absolutely loving the slow build!
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