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Dante Alighieri1308 chapter 43 . 5/26
Backstory for Mai-Lin! Looks like she's got some enemies coming! I'm excited about that because I was afraid that we were going to have to wait until Kyoshi went to master water to find out more about Mai-Lin. I'm still stunned that they've known each other for now, what? Three and a half years? And this still hasn't come out. Well... looks like it's about to.

Good to see that Samten and Kyoshi were able to connect. I also liked how they both realized they were in the wrong. Hopefully Kyoshi will continue to grow now with airbending training. She's finally accepting her spiritual side, and it's nice to see her learning some moral lessons.

Great chapters! Update soon! Congrats on the internship though! Sorry about the cold :(
chinaluv chapter 43 . 5/23
Love it!
Treemist1022 chapter 43 . 5/23
Great chapter, I'm glad to see that Kyoshi is taking the first step to recovering, and I can't wait to find out what happens next! -Misty
Dante Alighieri1308 chapter 42 . 5/7
Yeah... those air gates can be a real pain. Makes sense that Air would be the opposite of her own attitude and be the greatest challenge.

Samten seems like a good master though, so it'll be nice to see his and Kyoshi's relationship develop over time. The fact that he knew Yangchen was a nice bonus too and I'd love to hear more of his thoughts on Kuruk if he happened to be train/meet him as well. His thoughts on killing and an interest in the outside world are also very intriguing for an air nomad.

Oh Sun, enjoy the writing! But try not to embellish too much. Though he's right, everyone will be looking for some wisdom from Kyoshi and it's good for her to seemingly have it even from a young age.

Great update! Congrats on finish your school year too!
JonathanByers11 chapter 42 . 5/6
Excellent chapter! I really enjoyed, though it does mean I can't use the spinning gates anecdote in my fic...

I do have one suggestion, though. Seeing as how we've seen Kyoshi, not just in this story but elsewhere, I honestly doubt she would accept the way Sun is treating her. Some of the things he says... I would have thought by now she would have kicked his butt. So I guess what I'm saying is that Kyoshi needs to react more to the way her friends treat her.

Other than that, wonderful chapter. (Though Samten does say "when I was a little BUY" instead of boy.)
Treemist1022 chapter 42 . 5/6
Great chapter, I loved how Kyoshi failed at airbending, I can't want to see how she progresses and becomes an airbender! Update soon! -Misty
chinaluv chapter 42 . 5/6
Love it! Letting go is hard
chinaluv chapter 41 . 5/6
Love it! Hes awesome
Treemist1022 chapter 41 . 5/3
Great chapter! I like Samten, he sounds like a nice air nomad, I can't wait for the next chapter! Update soon! -Misty
SpiritMonkey chapter 18 . 4/28
Liking it a lot so far, but it seems that "team avatar" is treading very close to that of ATLA. A nomad, an earthbending girl, a waterbending girl and a firebending prince. Sounds like aang, toph, katara and zuko.
Dante Alighieri1308 chapter 40 . 4/25
Poor Kyoshi. So tortured by what happened to her. The fortune teller was a nice little distraction of course but I'm excited to get to the air temple already! I'm curious about where you're going to be going with it though. It's pretty isolated and I just image that it's going to be Kyoshi learning to get more in touch with her spiritual self while also getting over her trauma.

But Mai-Lin! I just assumed that it was a marriage issue and that's why she left. But she's a criminal then? or at least wanted by the Northern Water Tribe? That's definitely something you should mention soon-ish now that you're close to the North. I'm surprised she managed to keep it a secret for this long as well.

Keep up the great work!
Atarah Derek chapter 38 . 4/24
I was wondering if you'd end up going this route. Hoping you wouldn't, but suspecting you would. I really felt for Miyaki. And hopefully her father takes this opportunity to realize just how short his children's lives can be, and that he needs to make the most of every moment with them.
"So I will dance with Cinderella
While she is here in my arms
Because I know something the prince never knew
Oh I will dance with Cinderella
I don't want to miss even one song
'Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight
And she'll be gone"
Atarah Derek chapter 36 . 4/23
Congratulations, Miyaki! And Mitsuo, busy day, huh? Your closest adviser is a traitor and your daughter is a lighting bender. Next question: Drink to celebrate or to numb the feeling of being stabbed in the back? It's my understanding that each reason requires different liquors.
Darth Sith'ari chapter 26 . 4/22
What is this thing about magic dinosaurs? That sounds like something I'd be interested in reading.
Treemist1022 chapter 40 . 4/21
Great chapter, I'm curious about Mai-Lin's story, I can't wait for the next chapter! Update soon! -Misty
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