Reviews for Gone
StarShipper20Xx chapter 1 . 7/8
Write more~ PLEAAASE!
Joel chapter 4 . 4/13
Great fic, tuff&ruff are the best
Guest chapter 1 . 4/6/2016
Why dont you continued? I really love this story! Please come back! Pleasepleaseplease I'm begging you!
Guest chapter 4 . 7/12/2015
Why ! Don't stop writing it a awesome story
PS she can't give up she rufflnut
Guest chapter 4 . 4/8/2015
DramaQueenChic77 chapter 4 . 4/9/2015
Awesome! But it'd me even more awesome if you made more chapters...
more chapter 4 . 11/30/2014
moremoremormoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremormoremoremoremoremoremoremore MORE

please :)
vodkar chapter 4 . 8/25/2014
please! keep writing I love this history, is amazing!
Aracana chapter 4 . 8/10/2014
oh shit
in love it
Hiccupisnotuseless chapter 4 . 8/2/2014
You are back! I am so happy to hear you and this story!

It reminded me my Happiness, since she is convinced everyone hate her! Loved how you describe her and her dialogue with the Demon!
It was wonderful!
Cool, you are really good as writer! Keep so, Lakota!

Guest chapter 3 . 7/30/2014
Android223 chapter 3 . 7/27/2014
OMG WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN?! Next chapter please!
MintEyeYoosung chapter 2 . 7/25/2014
Damn, Snotlout really has some relationship issues when it comes to our fanfictions huh? He pissed me the f*ck off in this chapter. Then at the end when he got upset that his friend's hated him...uhh yeah! I'd hate you too! I'm mad at myself because I actually feel kind of bad for him. *sighs* He just has one of those personalities where you could hate everything about him then he frowns and you're like, "NO BABY OMG I'M SO SORRY!"

Love this story so far!

Blue arrow chapter 1 . 7/10/2014
Is really cool,can u keep writing?
Aracana chapter 3 . 7/8/2014
from what i can see youre not going to update. which makes me upset because i really like this story but ah well
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