Reviews for Ascension
Owl Writer chapter 34 . 10/17
This story is absolutely fantastic. The characters are spot on and the somewhat-OC Tori is a wonderful addition to the crew.

In your author's note in the final chapter, you mention plans for a sequel, but that was over two years ago. Is it still planned and/or forthcoming?
PwnerofHeroes chapter 14 . 10/7
enjoying the story one thing liara doesn't get much face time in me2 just a conversation or about an hour if you get dlc but tali and garrus both get significant time more in me1 as well
Guest chapter 34 . 10/1
Love this story. I hope you write more!
Guest chapter 17 . 9/29
Lovely A/N at the end there. Really, bravo.
Rakaan chapter 29 . 9/24
Thought Harry did that on purpose. Guess not.
Rakaan chapter 7 . 9/24
Liking this story. Glad I found it.
N7sdr93 chapter 34 . 9/24
Loved this story. Any plans to continue it?
Fluffy chapter 34 . 9/22
NAJ P. Jackson chapter 34 . 9/24
That ending is Gold. Even when you did a twist with Ashley in the end but I personally never saw the chemistry between them. Their romance went into lightspeed from friends to a couple. It didn't help that you never flesh out the romance between them so I'm not invested in this turn around. I actually prefer either Tori who who her character development from naive plan-minded girl to a more sociable and likeable character. Then there's Shepard who Harry greatly respects and she too reciprocates. A romance between them could be good if written right.

Anyway about Liara needing funding. I suspect she won't have to worry about that anymore. If the Goblins are truly gone as well then that would mean all the Gold, jewels, artwork and priceless Artifacts inside the bank now belongs to Harry. That should greatly help them in their new life.

One thing I'm disappointed is that you didn't dwell too much in the magic side of things. For one thing we never get to see Fawkes again after he became a tattoo. And Harry never went looking for the other magical beings, the centaurs, vampires, house Elves etc. to see if they survive the purge.

Anyway I hope you will write a sequel to this amazing story someday. It would be crying shame to just end it like this.
becket chapter 34 . 9/11
this was great is there a part two?
martin.presston.9 chapter 20 . 9/3
hi i know you said at the top of this chapter there was going to be a sequal but its been a while now so i was just wondering if you are still thinking about it or youve stopped writing please id like to know
travisevans82 chapter 34 . 8/30
I do hope that u plan on a continuation. I love the plot line on this one and would love for u 2 continue this story. I know it as been close to 2 years since you have posted this story if you could let me somehow if you do plan on continuing this story pm me here or e mail me travisevans82 Gmail .com
alucard84 chapter 34 . 8/29
Hope u do a second story it would be a shamd if u didnt . love this one by the way not many good HP/mass effect crossovers
Ryder10 chapter 34 . 8/6
I hate that this is only one story and you never continued. Also that Ash was perfect up until the last chapter. ME1 Ash would have stopped and gotten Harry's side of the story before trying to arrest him.
RG chapter 34 . 8/1
Please come back and write a sequel.
This story is epic.
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