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bankai777 chapter 1 . 3/18/2014
i hope that naruto will tell sakura about his mother kushina.
DaNightsTemplar chapter 5 . 3/18/2014
Continue with the good work! I hope there is another lemon in the next chapter, can't wait to find out!
nikki1314 chapter 5 . 3/18/2014
ohohohoh. some sasuhina. that was nice. i was trying to find a story with a narusaku and sasuhina on the side. its quite difficult (or i just suck at looking) . anyway. Nice Story. keep it up. Looking forward to you next chapter :D ciao!
nikki1314 chapter 1 . 3/18/2014
That was pretty Good. Minor Grammar slips. but not that much. Awesome Job on this first one :D
FOXJ NS 4EVER chapter 5 . 3/18/2014
Sweet chapter, got to love those Narusaku moments that you have in this chapter. I got to say, your a good romantic in general, being able to write such good stuff regarding SasuHina very well :]. Seriously, the way you write the romance development between both parking is super kawaii and awesome! _ There was so much interesting, funny, and cute stuff all wrapped up in one! Overall, it was pretty fun to read and I'm glad your back. The length/quality isn't at the same level as maybe ch.1-2/4, but that DOESNT mean it isn't good, i simply loved reading it )! Anyways, you know I'm always here, and i cant wait for your next chapter whenever that comes out, so rock on and i hope everything going well in school and your personal life! :D Lastly, nice a jutsu that stops pregnancy, a majority of the female population on earth would kill to learn that technique lol. Especially loved how Tsunade got pissed looking for Naruto and eventually found him in Sakura's apartment, after a night of sex, and chose to leave the two love birds alone lolO. Okay, i think thats all for me on Ch.5. If anything thats what messages are for to :). Until next time, JA NE!

FOXJ NS 4EVER chapter 4 . 3/17/2014
WHY DO YOU always say your bad at writing this, you are great at writing this story, and I'm glad am one of the few people on this planet, whom has noticed enough to review consistently on it! :). But seriously, I'm getting pissed at how you lower own self-worth in writing. You may be younger than I, by a 2-3 years, but you definitely show skills of a stronger writer. Furthermore, the fact that you beta this all by yourself is another bonus to your skill. So you know what. I want you to keep on criticizing yourself because for every strong critique you give yourself, I will provide a awe-inspiring and epic review on how great and author and great a NARUSAKU FAN YOU ARE! ]. Seriously, no matter how you try, I'm pretty sure my praise will always overshadow your own criticism. Nevertheless, in the future, i will try to help point out something that you can work on, okay. ;). Also, if the other 3 chapters didnt convey that you are a romantic, then this WHOLE CHAPTER AS A WHOLE BY FAR portrays just how much of Heavy ROMANTIC, you are _. Im glad i found someone, whom i can guess is just as much of a romantic as I. Seriously, it seems that this whole world, is full of perverts, greedy bastards, and traitors. IM pretty sure thats you portraying so much romanticism is why i enjoyed this whole chapter in general. You portrayed Naruto and Sakura's development in their relationship throughout this whole chapter so lovely, cute, and awesome. I couldn't get enough of it, and i so want more now .. Heck, I completely forgot any displeasure i had with CH.3 because CH.4 was super fantastic! :D. Also, i think its worth mentioning how since returning to Fan Fiction in the start of January, I made myself morally obligated to not READ LEMONS; however, although it was brief it was very good. It was so hard for me to keep my promise to myself, i did skip several parts, but at some points it was unavoidable. Your writing is just so vivid and believable that you draw me into the story so much! Its also important to inform you on how spot on you are on their character and attitudes. I would like to reference some parts, but everything is just perfectly beautiful for me to choose one thing over the other. In all regards, I hope that Naruto lets Sakura in the next couple of chapters, and i simply adored how Naruto kept on proving himself toward Sakura. Thats how it SHALL BE in the actual series, just you wait my friend, my intuition is telling me this, obviously they wont have sex, but their love confession and their relationship development will be exactly how you showed in this chapter. O. For sure, i am forever devoted to your story and all future fanfics of yours, BELIEVE IT! You will definitely go far in your writing and any career because of you strong use of writing! ;). OVERALL, I 3 your story so much, i simply can not wait for your next update, you SHALL always have a friend/motivator/supporter/fan in I, I don't care whats the issue, school/personal/or Naruto related/anime, if I'm not busy with college/my friend's story/personal life, i will definitely make the time to talk to you ;) O. All right thats it for me, i hope that if my previous comments/messages made your body overflow with passion and desire to write, than this review is making your body consistently burst with power and desire to let nothing stop you in the path towards your dreams, BELIEVE IT o! To better imagine how much its overflowing, think of Guy in the latest chapter if you read the manga ] !
Well until next time, because i will NEVER let you forget/leave this story now. Hopefully your next update is soon, I'll be waiting patiently until that day arrives! D JA NE

renegadestarforce chapter 5 . 3/17/2014
Yes! This story is not dead. I was worried.
ghostpoet chapter 5 . 3/17/2014
That romance on SasuHina man, I'm starting to like this couple!
About sex/love, do them periodically, I don't know, like try to foreshadow them in a way(I'll explain it to you on skype about that.)
pepergirl001 chapter 5 . 3/17/2014
Nice I like this ketp me happy as I waited for class
Mad Rollinstone chapter 5 . 3/17/2014
That was brilliant my point before was more about showing rather than telling but that chapter was great
Fan01 chapter 5 . 3/17/2014
Stop the SOPA!
Sigh the Pertion of writehouse to Net!
CrysteleXia chapter 5 . 3/17/2014
I had quite a wait for the update
nice chapter .. I love it
haha,, it seems Tsunade is a peeper
I love Sasuke and hinata relationship ..
I will wait for the next chapter ..
good work
RikudoNaruto1 chapter 5 . 3/17/2014
good chapter

in case you didn't know sopas back
FOXJ NS 4EVER chapter 2 . 3/16/2014
Yup, I seriously love your story now. Everything is so well written and fun to read, i so hope you update ch.5 soon. :) However, if school or personal issues have been getting in the way, i understand take your time its better for you to be writing when you want to than forcing yourself to do it :]. Either way, i love the interactions between all 3 of them, I especially laughed a lot when i read the part where Sasuke was trying to kill Naruto and how Sasuke seemed to be protecting Naruto from Sakura. That was classic, i couldn't stop laughing no matter how hard i try :']. Also, despite your age, you wrote the date pretty darn well, and overall you wrote everything in this chapter to a great level. I seriously don't know why stories like yours are not given as much attention, it really is a story that I'm enjoy reading ;). Also, i enjoyed how you forced Naruto to control his urges and to resist falling into his temptations against Sakura. That is definitely his character all right, still can't believe they kept drink that much sake lol :D. Overall, i would seriously give you props for being 16 and writing at this level, so don't give up writing this. Its been almost 2 months since your last update, and, now that I'm a fan, I'll keep bugging you until you update O. I am for sure a strong support of your fanfic and will be waiting for the next few chapters to come after ch.4! Until the next time i review which will hopefully be tomorrow,

FOXJ NS 4EVER chapter 1 . 3/15/2014
DUDE! I LOVE 3 YOUR STORY ITS SO AWESOME SO FAR :] ! Well in my opinion the story has a fantastic start so far, i CANT wait to read more :). If this is you without your beta, then your wrote it extremely well. However, if its his revision, then can you congratulate him for me on how he did a fantastic job at revising your chapter and the rest of your story. Sorry for going off tangent and asking about that .. Its just that I'm a fellow beta for a friends's story and i know the trouble of being a good beta, dedicating significantly amount of hours to make sure it comes out as pure gold than what it was before. That's why i asked you to compliment him if this is his revision because your story, my friend, shows a good beta's touch on it! _ Either way, i loved the interactions between Naruto and Sakura and the development that you showed in this chapter, especially the NARUSAKU MOMENTS ]! Just love it, you can count on me in being a vivid and strong supporter of your story until the end! BELIEVE IT :]! I will always be here for you to talk about Naruto/NaruSaku/ or your own personal life because i know that author's personal lives can sometime get in the way of updating their stories or working on them _. Either way, I HAVE FAITH that your story will become super great D. I DONT CARE, fyi Give a ..., if people don't like or read your story :). YOUR STORY is pure gold, and i love every single moment that I'm reading it O . SO expected my future support x1000000 on all your NaruSaku work, and ill look into your other stories if they are also NaruSaku :]. Either way you got a fan/supporter/a friend in me always ] ! Lastly, I'm glad i can add this story as a good NaruSaku story to read on my list :D! I'll be awaiting more from you and your beta after i catch up. Which i am so CONFLICTED about whether i should read it now . , I have to study for my exams/and project so i know i got to do that, but your story is simply by far a great read to miss or delay ;)! Either way, you'll be hearing more reviews from me in the upcoming hours or days! :D Well until next time i review which i hope is soon O! JA NE


p.s I thought the technique was formally known as the Flying Thunder God ... oh wait your using the English TV version which is Flying Raijin Jutsu. Then never mind no complaints about your story, 1000% excellent.

Oh yeah, i don't know if your aware but SOPA is back and WILL DELETE all fan based art, FANFICS!, fan-made video, etc, if it doesn't get 100,000 signatures by March 19,2014, which is in FOUR days! We're only less than four days away, so spread the word around so that people can sign it and prevent this from happening. All they have to do is type SOPA 2014 on google and it should appear as the first or second link. They have to set up an account but the survival of fan fiction is worth it. SOPA important because if it passes, creators of fanficiton, and possibly all of us are in serious trouble with the American Government! Which is not a good thing :/ So if you haven't signed it yet please do :]
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