Reviews for Detente
Animekitty47 chapter 1 . 1/29/2014
Whoa, what was all that about Malestrom and a pony stalking Discord? Screw ball?
So many teasers in this chapter! I hope you get around to explaining more one day! Also, Pinkie is a chaos user, isn't she? Just one that can't use magic. Brilliant explanation. :D

So, what did you think of Three's a Crowd?
I saw it with your stuff fresh in my mind, but even if I hadn't, I certainly hope I would've noticed the tiny little fact that Twilight was a dick. I mean, the only way you could've made "I don't want to help you Discord" more obvious is if you wrote it down and hung it from her horn.

Rainbow Dash goes against everything she's supposed to stand for.

Pinkie Pie goes from obliviously finding everything funny to a goldfish following the first shiny thing, I mean, balloon she sees...

The message/lesson was supposed to be something about having fun with friends no matter what. And if Discord hadn't been the cause of their plans being derailed, it would've been a great lesson.

But nopony shows one tiny little speck of concern of for him. Except *maybe* Cadance. And Fluttershy of course at the end. But she writes to him (lol how does she send them to him?). She doesn't completely ignore him like everypony else. Before that episode I was in the Fluttercord camp in sorta-maybe way. But she is clearly the only one who cares if Discord is still breathing ten minutes from now.
lol Remember all that Bulk Biceps and Fluttershy shipping from Rainbow Falls? Jealous Discord. One of the handful of concepts simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.

Yes, Discord wasn't sick and 50-90% of the reason he showed up at all was to mess with Twilight. But I'm betting he was curious to see how the others would react to him without Fluttershy around. Not that she did a great job reining them in Princess Twilight Sparkle, but you have a lovely explanation for that. :D Seriously, after that episode Fluttershy is *literally* the only thing keeping Discord in check.
One of the YouTube reviewers (Gibbontake? Or maybe Digibrony?) was saying that they get their keys from both displaying and spreading their element. So Rarity got hers for displaying Generosity and inspiring Coco Pommel as well. Rainbow for repeating Wonderbolts Academy's lesson, but this time she also spread it to the Wonderbolts. I really Twi gets hers for spreading Friendship to Discord, but the odds of that happening are sadly quite low.

*cracks knuckles* I'm guessing Zecora was foreshadowing Discord in Hell. But either way its time I started reading that.