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Sdjk chapter 24 . 6/2
I found your link on the lemonade stand and wow! This story and your writing are amazing! Thank you.
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 5/22
Another EPOV chapter . . . woo~hoo! Thank you so very much for this PB. This story was truly a journey. With it starting with slight lows . . . getting hints of highs to come . . . slamming us back down with fear for what may happen to her . . . to an amazingly packed action adventure sequence of several chapters . . . to dreadful lows, with tears . . . then absolute bliss for what I just couldn't fathom happening in this at all . . . them together, alive and happy. You and your imagination are brilliant. Thank you so very much. -Christy xo
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 5/22
The whole time she was traveling there, I wondered how she would find him once she arrived. Not speaking the language wouldn't help her at all. Then I briefly thought, he's been waiting for her the whole time . . . he will find her. Her arriving and suddenly thinking exactly what I'd been thinking had me worried. That bus pulling away and Edward on that bench . . . my heart soared for the two of them. Finally, they've done it. They are together and safe. Nobody will find them there. Nobody would even think to look there. When he shows her that neon sign and that he parents were there and waiting the whole time . . . such happiness for him. Absolutely elated for him. I liked that Bella was weary of his parents and reserved judgement for later. Only to learn that Edward had gone through the very same process. I knew that the asshole uncle of his did this. Most likely screwing over his sister, for screwing a part of his business over . . . with the dealer in San Antonio. To have to learn that must've been absolutely devastating for his parents. To learn the whole time he'd been in foster care and not with Peter until this past year. Makes me even happier that he killed his aunt and uncle for being so terrible to them. Edward's absolute jubilation that Bella was there and yelling 'she's here' to them . . . just wonderful. Making love in the sand. Her thank you to him for 'bringing her to life', was poetic. Such an amazing writer you are. I've always loved your work. This one was everything everyone said it was, when it was filtering into my inbox weekly as the WIP. I'm glad it finally made it up my TBR list. I'm just going to drag AM out and read that one next. That way I'm all caught up with you.
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 5/22
Oh goodness woman! The parts with Charlie were hard to read . . . him determined to let her fly free so she won't turn into her mother. Knowing he may never see her again but, knowing what she's doing is for her, and he needs to do this. Them embracing, with her in his lap, had my tears starting to burn . . . but I managed to hold back . . . all the way through her journey on this bus . . . until you came back to him again and then they flowed down my cheeks. I hope, for both of their sakes, that they do see each other again . . . somehow. I loved that she told him to say she went to Washington state . . . but, to tell Rose and Emmett the truth. *sniffles*
hannaha11104 chapter 23 . 5/22
i absolutely love this story, this is my second or third time reading it. I will always come back to this story later om and read it again because it's that good. thank you for putting this story out there for all of us to read and enjoy. I couldn't post on the last chapter because I had posted on it before so I'm leaving
my comments here!
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 5/22
I almost fell off my chair when I turn the chapter and we got EPOV. EPOV! I was beyond elated. I was worried that he may not be safe . . . even though Bella had heard about the burned out car the police had found. Even knowing it was only an hour from the Mexican border. I still was worried. So glad he at least made it that far. I liked reading his voice. Letting us know she had his whole heart, from the very first time they ate lunch together under that tree. Learning how angry it makes him that she had to kill Mike Fucking Newton herself, that he didn't make it in time. Learning that leaving her on the side of that road killed him as much as it killed her. His not being able to let her wedding dress burn up along with all of their other items. He really got me with that. Now, we just have to get her back to him.
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 5/22
Charlie is really trying here and I really like that about him. He knows. Rosalie and Emmett know. I really like what Rosalie is doing with Bella. Truly trying to help her. Interesting, Playa de Sangre, Beach of Blood . . . did not see that coming. Yet, it makes complete sense. At least she now knows exactly where she needs to go. However, how will she be able to get away from her constant companions? And, I wouldn't doubt for a freaking minute that she isn't being tailed by some poor FBI schmuck, that drew the short straw of babysitting a teenage kidnap victim. Wonder if they may suddenly move to some town closer to Mexico and suddenly Charlie starts taking frequent visits there. Citing a need to get away from the specific place that everything happened. Get away from the town. Start fresh. Hell, Rose and Emmett could even come with Charlie. You've lived in one trailer park, what's another one when it comes to family, right?
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 5/22
Having her get them out of there and get him to the vet was the smartest thing ever! He needed to be stitched up like that. She was amazingly calm and let the vet live, thankfully. You separating them this way, never even crossed my mind. I knew they would most likely end up dead but, never separated. My heart is breaking for the two of them right now. She will be a mere shell of herself through all of this. She won't even be able to tell Charlie the truth . . . although, he pretty much already knows that truth. You are killing me right now. So glad it is a slow day here at work . . . I work from home, before you think I'm reading this in an office . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 18 . 5/22
Well then, there's that. Holy freaking cliff hanger, Batman! I'm so glad she followed him. However, if she can hear the sirens, that means they are too close. She won't be able to get his dead weight anywhere without a giant smear of blood trailing to exactly where they've gone. Moving on . . . sorry for the short review . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 5/22
I freaking loved that she did that for Claudine . . . go Bella! Edward simultaneously turned on and scared of her was fantastic! Great scene! So glad that Bella was trying to make him see what I am fearing may be true. His parents didn't die in that fire, he knows that as they took advantage of that and ran off. However, I still fear that they've either been told by that scum Peter that he was dead or wanted nothing to do with them . . . causing them to move on from where they said they'd be. Or, worse yet, that asshat either had them killed or, did it himself. I know this may not be a HEA but, for him to have that taken from him on top of everything else he's had taken, may really throw him for a loop. The only really good thing about Peter coming after Edward, is that it brought Edward to Bella in that shit town of theirs. Brought the two halves of a whole together. Her using sex to make him stop the hate was kind of beautiful, in a twisted way. Can't say I wouldn't resort to the same tactic, if needed, with my husband.
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 5/22
Freaking loved this whole chapter. The wedding was perfect for them. Again, with the whispered sangre . . . swoon. That really gets me each time you use it in this. Sigh. I really liked that Jasper offered his assistance on the shotgun knowledge that Bella needed. I especially liked that Edward was absolutely fine with Jasper teaching her. Even allowing him to touch her. Their lovemaking in the field after the shooting lesson, was absolutely wonderful. The twining of two souls, binding themselves together. The visuals you provided, all of it was really beautiful. Just beautiful. Rose and Emmett helping Charlie deal with this loss. Allowing him to think that she must really love him or, she would not have left with him. Then getting him to think that he must really love her if he was willing to kill for her. I love that he is staying sober through, what must be, the toughest part of his life ever. Which says a lot considering. Rosalie's words are just what he needs. I'm really happy the three of them have each other. Thinking that these children of theirs, may just be the only grandkids he will get to know in his life . . . and they aren't even blood related. The way ExB are throwing caution to the wind and not using any birth control . . . Charlie may have grandkids soon anyway. Hoping the stress of all of this will stop any sort of pregnancy . . . at least for right now.
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 5/22
Shorter chapter, yet still packed with good stuff. I liked that Jasper just wanted to be friendly, same with Alice. Edward, being Edward, wanted none of that . . . funny. Jasper wore him down though. At least as much as Edward can be worn down, that is. I liked that Bella told the whole story to JxA from start to finish, getting them to believe the truth. At least one hopes they did. Her calming Edward down with saying Sangre melted my heart. And, it worked. I don't like that Charlie is now thinking a different route . . . he needs to get back to the route he once was on . . . and stay there. His fatherly instincts are a lot late. He needed them when she was still at home and Mike was yelling at her through Charlie. Thank you for letting us know how the heck they had Bella's fingerprints in the first place. You had me curious about that last night, as she's always been a good girl and never been arrested. His way made sense.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 5/21
Holy crap! She flew at that guy, knife out and set to kill. So proud of her for finding the strength for that one. She knew her man was in danger and did what was necessary. The shock on the man's face was fitting . . . he probably had no idea she would even think to do something like that, yet she did. Then the fuck hot sex in the middle of nowhere afterwards . . . them both running high on adrenaline and death. Saving each other. Saying they would die without the other just confirmed my thought in my earlier review. The Sherriff trying harder because it is his deputy, makes me nervous. Guessing those fingerprints found would be from the bathroom . . . or, did she lose the knife in the kerfuffle? That will solidify Charlie's thoughts, if it the knife. Wonder what he'll do? Concerned about this group in Texas. Edward is making light of it for Bella . . . but, I think she has reason to worry. Yikes! Great rec PB! The Cullen Legacy was spectacular . . . definite favorite of mine. Fantastic read.
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 5/21
I loved the pricking of their lips and sealing their Sangre with that passionate kiss. If they do get separated, I think that both will not live without the other. Literally. They would die if separated. It's that intense with them. I was so sad for Bella and having to watch her dad that way. It must be breaking her heart to not be able to get word to him. Yet, she's living a dream life right now. Action, adventure, sex, love . . . Sangre. It's really nice to know that Rosalie agrees with Charlie. Although, it was very smart of her to say for him to keep it to himself. I loved that she said how much Bella would hate the fake people outside that gate right now. With their fake tears for the girl they ridiculed and hated. Shunned. If only they knew the real truth of a meth head coming to force himself on her after denying him for so long. Killing him to save herself. Wonder what they'd think of that.
Guest chapter 12 . 5/21
At first I worried about them being in WalMart together with all the security cameras. Then I realized that may be best. To see they happy and her not being threatened by Edward. Shopping for clothes for them both. And, that claiming kiss after leaving the registers but, before leaving the store . . . exactly where cameras are more prominent. I like it. They should have picked up a blonde costume wig while they were there. Something she can wear out and be less noticeable, yet keeping her long hair that he loves, hidden. Him teaching her to hot wire and drive was really fun to read. That was an incredibly hot sex scene. Their passion is beyond intense and very hot. I wondered why he didn't add condoms to the cart. Perhaps, they need to be picking some of those up. I sound like a broken record but, I really am enjoying this journey with the two. Hoping they get away freely and have a long happy life together.
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