Reviews for Badlands
ChristyWIX chapter 18 . 5/22
Well then, there's that. Holy freaking cliff hanger, Batman! I'm so glad she followed him. However, if she can hear the sirens, that means they are too close. She won't be able to get his dead weight anywhere without a giant smear of blood trailing to exactly where they've gone. Moving on . . . sorry for the short review . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 5/22
I freaking loved that she did that for Claudine . . . go Bella! Edward simultaneously turned on and scared of her was fantastic! Great scene! So glad that Bella was trying to make him see what I am fearing may be true. His parents didn't die in that fire, he knows that as they took advantage of that and ran off. However, I still fear that they've either been told by that scum Peter that he was dead or wanted nothing to do with them . . . causing them to move on from where they said they'd be. Or, worse yet, that asshat either had them killed or, did it himself. I know this may not be a HEA but, for him to have that taken from him on top of everything else he's had taken, may really throw him for a loop. The only really good thing about Peter coming after Edward, is that it brought Edward to Bella in that shit town of theirs. Brought the two halves of a whole together. Her using sex to make him stop the hate was kind of beautiful, in a twisted way. Can't say I wouldn't resort to the same tactic, if needed, with my husband.
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 5/22
Freaking loved this whole chapter. The wedding was perfect for them. Again, with the whispered sangre . . . swoon. That really gets me each time you use it in this. Sigh. I really liked that Jasper offered his assistance on the shotgun knowledge that Bella needed. I especially liked that Edward was absolutely fine with Jasper teaching her. Even allowing him to touch her. Their lovemaking in the field after the shooting lesson, was absolutely wonderful. The twining of two souls, binding themselves together. The visuals you provided, all of it was really beautiful. Just beautiful. Rose and Emmett helping Charlie deal with this loss. Allowing him to think that she must really love him or, she would not have left with him. Then getting him to think that he must really love her if he was willing to kill for her. I love that he is staying sober through, what must be, the toughest part of his life ever. Which says a lot considering. Rosalie's words are just what he needs. I'm really happy the three of them have each other. Thinking that these children of theirs, may just be the only grandkids he will get to know in his life . . . and they aren't even blood related. The way ExB are throwing caution to the wind and not using any birth control . . . Charlie may have grandkids soon anyway. Hoping the stress of all of this will stop any sort of pregnancy . . . at least for right now.
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 5/22
Shorter chapter, yet still packed with good stuff. I liked that Jasper just wanted to be friendly, same with Alice. Edward, being Edward, wanted none of that . . . funny. Jasper wore him down though. At least as much as Edward can be worn down, that is. I liked that Bella told the whole story to JxA from start to finish, getting them to believe the truth. At least one hopes they did. Her calming Edward down with saying Sangre melted my heart. And, it worked. I don't like that Charlie is now thinking a different route . . . he needs to get back to the route he once was on . . . and stay there. His fatherly instincts are a lot late. He needed them when she was still at home and Mike was yelling at her through Charlie. Thank you for letting us know how the heck they had Bella's fingerprints in the first place. You had me curious about that last night, as she's always been a good girl and never been arrested. His way made sense.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 5/21
Holy crap! She flew at that guy, knife out and set to kill. So proud of her for finding the strength for that one. She knew her man was in danger and did what was necessary. The shock on the man's face was fitting . . . he probably had no idea she would even think to do something like that, yet she did. Then the fuck hot sex in the middle of nowhere afterwards . . . them both running high on adrenaline and death. Saving each other. Saying they would die without the other just confirmed my thought in my earlier review. The Sherriff trying harder because it is his deputy, makes me nervous. Guessing those fingerprints found would be from the bathroom . . . or, did she lose the knife in the kerfuffle? That will solidify Charlie's thoughts, if it the knife. Wonder what he'll do? Concerned about this group in Texas. Edward is making light of it for Bella . . . but, I think she has reason to worry. Yikes! Great rec PB! The Cullen Legacy was spectacular . . . definite favorite of mine. Fantastic read.
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 5/21
I loved the pricking of their lips and sealing their Sangre with that passionate kiss. If they do get separated, I think that both will not live without the other. Literally. They would die if separated. It's that intense with them. I was so sad for Bella and having to watch her dad that way. It must be breaking her heart to not be able to get word to him. Yet, she's living a dream life right now. Action, adventure, sex, love . . . Sangre. It's really nice to know that Rosalie agrees with Charlie. Although, it was very smart of her to say for him to keep it to himself. I loved that she said how much Bella would hate the fake people outside that gate right now. With their fake tears for the girl they ridiculed and hated. Shunned. If only they knew the real truth of a meth head coming to force himself on her after denying him for so long. Killing him to save herself. Wonder what they'd think of that.
Guest chapter 12 . 5/21
At first I worried about them being in WalMart together with all the security cameras. Then I realized that may be best. To see they happy and her not being threatened by Edward. Shopping for clothes for them both. And, that claiming kiss after leaving the registers but, before leaving the store . . . exactly where cameras are more prominent. I like it. They should have picked up a blonde costume wig while they were there. Something she can wear out and be less noticeable, yet keeping her long hair that he loves, hidden. Him teaching her to hot wire and drive was really fun to read. That was an incredibly hot sex scene. Their passion is beyond intense and very hot. I wondered why he didn't add condoms to the cart. Perhaps, they need to be picking some of those up. I sound like a broken record but, I really am enjoying this journey with the two. Hoping they get away freely and have a long happy life together.
Guest chapter 11 . 5/21
The trail of bodies is growing. For some reason none of it bothers me at all. Thinking something may be wrong with me . . . lol. I'm just happy they've got a clean slate with his uncle and aunt . . . the ones that couldn't be bothered to raise him . . . until he became an asset . . . fuckheads sort of deserved it. Plus, he would've given the police exactly what they needed. Where his parents are. Although, I'm starting to think his parents may have been killed off long ago by either Peter's hand or, by ordering it. I hope not, as Edward has such high hopes that his parents are right where they said they'd be. That may cause irreparable harm to him, if he finds out otherwise. Still loving Charlie and his clarity in this. Finding things that Bella left behind, or didn't, in the case of the money from her room. Him reading through her notebook was smart of him. I like that he sees so much more than what the others are.
Guest chapter 10 . 5/21
When she didn't want him to switch cars, because of sentimental value . . . I wanted to slap her! He knew they needed to get rid of that car, he was just appeasing her whim for the moment. So very glad they saw that report on the news and that he switched the car out after all. Taking a hoopdie ride and putting the convertible in the back with the wrecks . . . very street smart. Him getting that meth to sell was smar too. Giving them the right type of money they'll need. Getting $10K instead of what he'd expected $8K was a nice bonus. Finding out he killed his aunt and uncle, was sad. I guess it was necessary. Wonder if Charlie can find some drug dealing nobodies to take the fall for those two deaths? That would be better than Edward taking the fall. Even if he did it, he's only helping Bella. Love that even with more and more information coming in about Edward and what's been left behind, he seems to still notice that something is definitely off. Hopefully, he'll keep putting two and two together and be able to help somehow in the end. OMG, your rec for Beyond Time . . . one of my all time faves . . . soooooo good.
Guest chapter 9 . 5/21
I was worried when she woke up to him not there . . . then came to my senses and hoped he was just out getting food. Which he was. The part at the grocery store was scary. Edward went a little extreme in what he did. Hopefully, it is just a stab wound and not another death in their wake. That whole Sangre part was hot as hell! One hell of a first kiss. They really are two halves of a whole and scorching hot together. I knew that the camera from the bank caught that bit at the car dealership. Even though it was playful banter between them . . . it would look just like a kidnapping to the police. I'm so freaking glad that Charlie sees something completely different. He's looking at the bigger picture, not the neat and orderly clues. I'm thinking he may finally drag himself out of that drunken stupor he's been living in for the last few years and actually figure out the clues to this.
ChristyWIX chapter 8 . 5/21
For the first time in this story, I'm thinking that it will most definitely not be a HEA story. I'm not naive enough to know that these aren't always HEA but, I really hope they are. Now that said, it doesn't mean I don't have faith in what you've got planned. As a matter of fact, I actually believe you will somehow get it known that Mike assaulted Bella. How remains a mystery. And, turn this back to their advantage. I really like Edward's street smarts. The part with the license plate for example. I was wondering when he would switch that out and then . . . boom . . . you did just that. Yay! Her reaction to entering Georgia was really fun to read. I think he liked what he saw. I also really like that he told her, that he sees himself in her. Her returning the same sentiment. Charlie at the end there was a surprise. His noticing the other butts, the same ones matching the one by Mike. All Edward's. How many times has he been by her home? Clearly, it wasn't the first time. You're really good at making us readers wonder. I'm really enjoying the journey through this.
ChristyWIX chapter 7 . 5/21
Well, when you put it that way . . . that everyone in town would be nothing but evil to her, even if the cops believed her and she didn't have any jail time, it makes sense to run with him. His purposefully making it look like he did it was extremely chivalrous, but very dangerous. Now, if/when they get caught, he is going to prison for murder and won't be getting out. The whole part at the car lot was just caught on film through the banks security. What was playful between them, will seem as if he was forcing her at knifepoint into going with him. Which couldn't be further from the truth. This country of ours is HUGE . . . they could really go anywhere. I'm kind of hoping they get away and never get caught. Here's hoping for it.
ChristyWIX chapter 6 . 5/21
I love that Edward found her walking home from school and started walking with her. Making that cd for her. Asking her to sit where he could still see her at lunch time, so they could talk. I just knew Mike would come for her. It's why I'd wanted so badly for her to have a knife. I'm so glad she'd remembered it at the right time. They don't have to run, not at all. Bella could call the police and tell them that whole story and with his pants undone and stabbed, it would back up the fact that she acted completely in self defense. Small town crap be damned. Mother killing two and then herself be damned. It is not her. If they do run, they can't leave that knife behind, as it has Edward's initials on it and they would think it was Edward's jealous rage and not what really actually happened, attempted rape. Poor Charlie is going to come home completely drunk to find a dead Newton half dressed in his trailer.
ChristyWIX chapter 5 . 5/21
So much progress in this chapter. I have no idea where this is headed, not do I have any clue how it will get there . . . but, I am sure as hell enjoying the ride. His confirmation that she could indeed, sit with him at lunch. The words between them, asking questions, understanding each other. His being impressed that she had his knife and advising her to keep it. I'm elated she has that knife. Now hoping she starts to learn how to use it. The lyric notes passing back and forth in class, were fantastic. Using the poetic Jim Morrison's words, to start describing to one another what they are feeling. At least, I hope that is what is happening on his end . . . as she is hoping the same thing. Mike is an effing idiot! His drug addled brain isn't comprehending that Edward and her are together. Even if they aren't walking around hand in hand or, arms around one another. They are most definitely friends. Did he actually expect her to submit and say yes? Clueless asshat! I was elated that Edward stabbed his hand. Although, I think that may be grounds for dismissal from that school. Now, if that happens, Bella will be all alone there, once again. Being ridiculed and tormented each day. And, who knows WTF Mike will do to her then.
ChristyWIX chapter 4 . 5/21
Mike ruining her being able to sit freely in that quad, because of his sick need of wanting her, pissed me off. Yes, she had done him in the past . . . clearly she's been avoiding him like the plague for some time now . . . he just isn't taking no for an answer. His boldness in class by leaning back and telling her those things was gross. In turn, he told Lauren and Edward. Lauren clearly must've told Jessica with the way she was a pariah the nest day at school. The insults and shit being thrown her way, no longer deserved. Edward being pissed at Mike's note. Loved that Bella put the resulting note, found in her locker, on his chair. Letting him know, exactly what she needed him to know. I completely adored the fact that her came to her defense in that hallway, glaring looks that could kill, in the direction of Jessica. Walking her to her class. Letting her know she could sit with him at lunch. Holy crap!
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