Reviews for Veritonee
KittyKatt Uzumaki chapter 29 . 9/17
KittyKatt Uzumaki chapter 8 . 9/17
Umm, some people actually read authors notes (e.g. Me)
KittyKatt Uzumaki chapter 6 . 9/17
Awesome. Discombobulated is a word that confuses people
Guest chapter 5 . 9/2
Someone calls you over, you ignore them and become invisible, know that you're going to faint, states that as though you're finally deciding on what burger you want at Maccas and faints.

because you're cool like that.
Lili Lovegood chapter 7 . 8/21
Lol I love nargles
Guest chapter 6 . 7/7
Raven: "So what?"
Danny's mind:"So, so what? i am rock star! I got my rock moves!"
Ghost Dragon Master chapter 21 . 5/10
I REALLT hate how the Titians treat Danny like HE is the bad guy. They are acting like scumbags.
Killua Lawliet chapter 1 . 3/31
Anon193759385038 chapter 29 . 2/27
I like the funny quips and overall dialogue. I like how you didn't give Danny some ridiculous outfit. Didn't really like the baseless and overused idea that Danny is the ghost king or that he can just somehow speak a ghost language. However, the story seemed to be kinda directionless with no real plot.
Krusher chapter 16 . 2/27
Didn't really like this chapter as much. Still pretty good in comparison to other fanfics though.
Krusher chapter 13 . 2/26
OR Danny could figure out how to do that awesome create-portals-out-of-thin-air power that his dark future self used. That would be sick.
Krusher chapter 11 . 2/26
Just had a really dark thought. Danny's clone, Dani, is probably a dead popsicle by now since nobody ever taught her how to release her ice powers' buildup.
Krusher chapter 9 . 2/26
I've really liked your fic so far. The vast majority of DP fanfics are, well... crappy. They either make the characters OOC (usually by making him an emo know-it-all who thinks he's going to turn into "Dan" for some lame reason), or else ignore half of Danny's powers (for some reason they don't understand he has super strength or super healing even though it's really obvious in the show), or they make some Mary-Sue-half-ghost-OC that never fails to piss me off, or they give Danny some ridiculous outfit like a trenchcoat or a cloak. You on the other hand, manage to keep Danny his funny, in-character self. Never stop writing.
Krusher chapter 7 . 2/26
This chapter is absolutely golden. It's one of those ones that makes me go click the author name and check out all his other stories.

Btw have you ever read the Bartimaeus Trilogy? You'd love it I promise.
Krusher chapter 2 . 2/26
I'm guessing you also get sick of the fics where authors think Danny should be horribly scarred from all his battles, despite the fact that we've seen him heal seamlessly from being splattered into a puddle of goo before.
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