Reviews for our absent days
Estoma chapter 1 . 3/21/2014
I'm glad you finally got this one in, Kay.

There's a few little errors which I highlighted below. Will not take long to fix. What I had a problem with was the tense. You're shifting from past to present all over the place and it's a bit awkward to read. Might want to take another look at that.

[out of it's place] Don't need the apostrophe on 'it's' because you're not using the contraction of 'it is' but 'its' as an indication of possession. This happens in a few places.

[Katniss and him] 'He and Katniss'

[most loudest] Just 'loudest'

Aside from that, I liked the memories about Katniss and Gale learning each other's hunting tricks. I'd like to see those expanded on, actually. And the wreath type creation Gale made at the end was rather gorgeous. I wonder if Katniss ever came back and found it? I'd be curious to see that.

You covered the prompt well, good job there.

li'l fat necrosis chapter 1 . 1/30/2014
This was perfect, Kay dear. (I'd put a heart, but FF review hearts never show up, sadly. :( ) I think you did a really good job in this, it's perfection. I honestly did really enjoy this dear. Though, everyone has already said this, I'm going to re-say this. It was at the perfect level of angst and the memories was perfect. Ahh, and the snare part!

And the fact that he just wants Katniss to be happy makes this story so perfect.

'Katniss may be gone from his life, but for him, she will never be over. No matter what."

And so does that line. :)
AprilLittle chapter 1 . 1/15/2014
Dude! You're done! *applaudes enthusiastically*

This was a properly moody Gale-fic. *nods* Not angry, resentful Gale. . .but a mellow Gale reliving some pleasant memories as he continues to work on letting go of Katniss. Curious that he would risk coming back to D12 though, since that is where she's residing?

Couple of tense change issues. [A sigh escapes his lips as he absentmindedly kicked a rock out of its place.] Quick read -through for those would be beneficial! XD

See you around Caesar's!
Chasing Silmarils chapter 1 . 1/13/2014
I don't mind that it's late! I really like it! :) And yeah, my prompts were... interesting. *cough FANGIRLY cough* :P
(Have to warn you, I'm terrible at reviewing...)
Okay, so I really like how this wasn't super angsty, but it still had a fair bit of looking back on memories. I love how the memories were humorous and not flat-out romantic (I especially liked the one with the snare).
The ending was great. His little centerpiece thing, with the arrows and catnip, was really sweet. The descriptions of the sunset, how nothing could beat D12's woods, were wonderful and very in character. And how he knows that Katniss is better off with Peeta, and he just wants her to be happy... wow. :)
Loved it! Thanks! :D
- Slim