Reviews for Not Alone
TheHamsterInMyMind chapter 1 . 2/20
Oh - this was wonderful! (Sorry for spamming with reviews today - I finally had a chance to catch up. ;)) It's a day-after fic that's so very necessary and really touched on so many aspects of the storyline that I really enjoyed and that you totally brought into play with the different members of the team, and how they really ARE family... except - it wasn't always that way. In a way, Rusty and Sharon were both unexpected party-crashers, but they've come so far from that - with both each other AND the team. Provenza's voice was literally pitch perfect, and I could just imagine the little curmudgeon as he sensitively left the two of them at it. :) And all the lighter more humorous moments sprinkled and scattered amongst the angst played forth a nice emotional resonance to the show itself.
Raydor Fan chapter 1 . 2/10
This is probably the best story I have read across the board on all shows that I read. You are absolutely brilliant with this. Spot on with the characters. You got me a few times with the emotions, I was ready to cry. Great visualization, I was transported to Sharon's Condo, Provenza's apartment and the murder room. You are very talented.
Liz chapter 1 . 1/12
I loved this! Thank you.
Force Unbroken chapter 1 . 1/12
So coming home from a fantastic weekend with my buddies to find this on FF just totally made my week. You are a fantastic human being. :D Okay, commencing with review.

This is just perfect. Oh my God, I want to hug them all. One of my favorite things ever out of the first season of MC was how the whole team banded together to defend Rusty from that stupid sperm donor of his, and I absolutely love how you paralleled that here - they're all a family, regardless of blood or whether they even like each other at the time, and they always stand up for their own, adopted material witness pseudo-sons included. I love how both Sharon and Rusty realized it here. So beautiful.

THEY HUGGED! *happy dances like a white girl* Thank you so much for putting that in there. After that opening with Sharon crying herself to sleep and Rusty being all freaked out and awkward and miserable, I don't know who needed it more, them or me. Poor, poor characters. We really do love you so.

I cannot articulate just how fantastic Flynn and Provenza were here. Cannot do it. Just...with the snarky, grouchy support on Provenza's end, and the sweet voicemail and awful crappy healthy doughnut and gentle support on Andy's end... Gah, they're perfect. I love them both so much. You write them all so well! (Not that we ever had any doubts, but I just had to tell you again. *winks*)

Fantastic as always, dear! Now, how on earth are we going to wait a whole 'nother day for this episode? HOW?!
adama-roslinlove chapter 1 . 1/12
Absolutely loved this! Tears were coming to my eyes.
murphycat chapter 1 . 1/12
Good chapter. Glad you reemphasized Sharon's 'scariness' and how much they are willing to fight for Rusty and that he is FINALLY appreciative.
freshbit chapter 1 . 1/12
Hi! This is so wonderful! I mean it had everything every feeling even humor. I agree with what Schimes wrote down there 100%. Every scene you wrote was amazing.
So sad tomorrow is the last one of s2 but with writers like you we can manage until s3 starts. Thanks! :)
bwie66 chapter 1 . 1/12
This is fantastic. This is would I would love to get at the beginning of the next episode, but since we will not, this will totally fill that missing piece.
Nevada11 chapter 1 . 1/12
This was very good. Feels very realistic.
SChimes chapter 1 . 1/12
This might be the longest review I've ever written, I have so much to say!
The first scene, with Sharon in the immediate aftermath of Rusty's leaving, just broke my heart. Her awareness that it was such a near miss... (you know how I feel about that), it was excellently written and just PERFECT, ugh with the image of his blood on her hands because she'd have tried to stop the bleeding and... gah. And then her waking up later and changing - I love that she made the effort to do that - and then Rusty's text message was AMAZING, especially because he was clearly trying so hard for some sort of contact that was light and reassuring, and of course he'd say something like that. And then Sharon falling asleep with the phone, in case he texted again...

Okay and THEN, the whole Provenza POV made me melt. Like, every single word is so perfect and so HIM, I have no idea how you even do it. I love that he's angry with the security detail (haha but they can't tell because he's always got that expression, great touch there), and that he knows that Sharon's reassuring herself that Rusty didn't die during the night (ah! feels!), and then the vanilla late thing and THEN the acknowledgment that all of this was somewhat his fault! (of course, it wasn't really, but I can totally see how he'd feel bad because if he hadn't mentioned 'option three'... and having him be aware of that and feel like an asshole over it is a great touch!).

And Rusty's thoughts when he wakes up... again, all the feels there. I swear you hit every note with this story, I can't even process how that's possible. That bit about 'his own bed in his own room in his own home' was so amazing because he's thinking about Sharon's apartment as his home now and ... ugh. If he leaves tomorrow, I might cry for months.

Also, Rusty's reaction at seeing Sharon in Provenza's kitchen was spot-on, and of course he'd mess it all up by saying things all wrong... that whole scene was just so heartbreaking. And the bit where he thinks about how he screwed things up so badly that even Sharon couldn't fix them is so telling, again. And the whole awkward breakfast thing ... ahhh. Seriously. This story got everything right. Everything. And I'm so glad that they worked it out eventually and ANOTHER HUG, thank you for that, my poor heart really needed it after the rollercoaster.

The scene with Rusty and Provenza in the car (yes, I'm aware that I'm commenting on literally every scene, but they were all INSANELY GOOD) - love the bit about signalling and how Provenza tells him to do what Sharon says, and then Rusty scooting lower in his seat... great way to show that he really has had sense scared into him this time. Poor kid. Also loved his scene with Buzz at the end, and mind you Buzz isn't my favorite but I really loved him in that bit with Rusty, how he's the perfect combination of no-nonsense/impatient and reassuring. I totally see the big brother thing there.

And of course Flynn and his vegan donuts. I don't know how to say this anymore, but if anything was needed to make this story even MORE perfect and plausible and in character, that morning scene at the station and Andy's box of 'crappy donuts' did it. Amazing. This whole story. Just. Wow. Sorry for writing an essay instead of a review :P but seriously, fantastic job and I'm just going to keep thinking that this is exactly what happened after that episode ended.
Isolith chapter 1 . 1/12
Absolute wonderful thing to read ) Loved it and especially your ability to go inside Rusty's head. )