Reviews for Fame!
keisan chapter 27 . 3/16
So intense. Depression is a terrible thing. It was nice to read such a thorough explanation of it in this way. Poor Feli and Ludwig though. I'm glad they worked it out after all that though. It would have been so heartbreaking if Ludwig had never been able to forgive Feli...
SecretKeeper250 chapter 27 . 1/18
Oh my dios, that was so cute and adorable. I love those two so much!
Guest chapter 27 . 11/8/2014
I loved it!
Utau neko chapter 27 . 11/5/2014
NYAH! I'm fangirling over this and I've head this 3 times... love It!(ω)
Seele Esser Deutsch chapter 27 . 11/4/2014
I LOVED IT. Please, do a side story or something or anything.
SymphonicOrchid chapter 27 . 11/2/2014
Fun and angsty(though you'd think the two wouldn't mix).
I loved it, and waiting for updates was near excruciating. Glad I stuck around to finish it!
Half Demon Alchemist chapter 27 . 11/2/2014
Of course the song that happened to be playing on my iPod is called "the end of all things". And well, this really is the end of Fame! so I suppose it's rather fitting. Anyway, a lovely ending for a lovely story. Although it almost seemed more sexual than romantic, but perhaps that's just me. Anyway, I liked it. It's been a pleasure reading this story, and so I thank you for writing it. I hope you continue to write new GerIta stories for me to read!
catholicorprotestant chapter 27 . 11/2/2014
Aw! I love this! It's the perfect ending. This was a really great idea to add.
aphnellie chapter 27 . 11/2/2014
;-; I can't believe its over... This was the best GerIta fanfiction I have EVER read.
Thank you so much for captivating me, as well as the friends I forced to read it.
coolcat101s chapter 27 . 11/2/2014
! Wow I can't believe that was the last chapter!
It was really sweet though

I'm very glad everything worked out for them

I'm still going to miss reading this fic
But I'm excited to see more player versus player
maryranstadler1 chapter 27 . 11/2/2014
that was a sweet chapter and a great way to end it!
bittersweet123 chapter 27 . 11/2/2014
That was a cute ending! I'm so glad they're happy together. :)
Seele Esser Deutsch chapter 26 . 11/2/2014
YES. This was feely but obviously its happy now because they have made up. Its going to be hard, I can tell, but they can make it, and Gilbert and Lovino can help them.
Half Demon Alchemist chapter 26 . 11/2/2014
Eeeep I can't wait for the next chapter! I really really wanna read it! I'm glad that they're back together, I hope Ludwig learns to trust Feli again soon. They really are adorable together.
KillerPanda20 chapter 1 . 11/1/2014
Ludwig was adorable in this chapter! I couldn't stop smiling the whole time while I was reading the chapter. I'm definitely going to read the rest of the story now! :)
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