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rapelordcock chapter 1 . 7/27/2020
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Guest chapter 1 . 1/18/2019
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Darksidefan5 chapter 1 . 9/7/2016
Awww. That was really cute. I really like how time doesn't seem to move the same for him. And the McGonagall reveal was great. As a whole, the piece was very good and well written.
LawlClan SUCKS chapter 1 . 10/22/2015
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Guest chapter 1 . 5/25/2015
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veni and jimmy have sex chapter 1 . 1/3/2015
Veni laid in her bed. Jimmy crawled in beside her, feeling the warmth of her body engulf him as he got under the covers. He made sure to keep some distance between himself and her, but Veni had other ideas. She rolled over and wrapped Jimmy's arms around her. Feeling better, she cuddled with Jimmy, feeling protected by the warmth of his body.

Jimmy was taken aback when she moved over to him, but soon got used to it. He relaxed as he felt Veni's body next to his, her heartbeat felt by his hand that was wrapped around her. He was falling asleep when Veni started talking.

"Hey, Jimmy, do you want to play a game?"

"Sure. What kind of game?"

"Well, have your parents given you "The Talk" yet?"

"No, why?"

"Well, it explains a lot of what we're about to do, but I can give you a quick rundown. Basically, you have a penis, and I have a vagina. We can put those together and it'll feel good."

"How would we be able to do that?"

"It's like this: your penis is a stick, and my vagina is a hole. We have to put the stick in the hole." Veni explained.

"This sounds too simple. Is there anything else that we need to do?"

"Well, yes, but I can explain that as we go."

"Ok, then. Let's do it."

"Ok, then. The first thing we need to do is take off our clothes." Veni directed, feeling embarrassed that Jimmy would soon see her naked.

Jimmy was also feeling embarrassed. He had never taken off his clothes, except to take a bath. "Do we have to?"

"Yes, that's the only way this will work."

Jimmy submitted, eager to play more, and to try something new. He took off his pajama top and then, nervously, his bottoms. Meanwhile Veni had been thinking about what they were doing. When Jimmy started to take off his PJs, she started to take hers off, as well. Both of them were feeling something that they had never felt before, somewhere around the region around their inner thighs. They were both partially covered when they had taken off all their clothes, so their modesty was still intact. Veni was the first to act. She reached over onto her night table and pulled out a flashlight. She then revealed her upper body to Jimmy, who was watching with rapture.

"Girls boobs will start to get bigger as they get older, so mine are still flat." She stated.

Jimmy was nodding so she continued to pull the covers off of herself. When they were all off, Veni told Jimmy to shine the light between her legs. When Jimmy shined the light on that place, all he saw was a small slit, almost invisible in the night. As he held the light there, Veni explained what each part was.

"This is the outer lips, this is the inner lips…" Veni explained as she pointed out all of the different parts to Jimmy, "and this is the clitoris. It's the most sensitive part of the vagina."

Jimmy wasn't sure what to do so he decided to pull the covers off of himself. As he did, Veni saw Jimmy's penis for the first time. She thought it looked different than the ones her parents showed her in books, smaller, perhaps, and there wasn't anything dangling beneath it, except for a small sack. Veni had thought that she had seen enough and decided to forage on with their adventure.

"Ok. The first thing you need to do is make your penis get hard."

"How would I do that?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, maybe it would help if I touched it." Veni mussed.

Veni reached over and grabbed Jimmy's limp penis. Jimmy immediately felt something happening. He looked down and saw his penis slowly growing in Veni's hand. He could feel a strange stirring in the ppit of his stomach, as well.

Veni was amazed at what was happening. Once she saw that Jimmy's penis wasn't growing anymore, she examined it. It was about two inches long, and it looked like it was flexing.

"Ok, now what?" Jimmy wondered.

"Now, you need to put it in my vagina." Veni instructed.

Jimmy scooched over to get close to Veni. He tried to figure out how they would do this. Veni rolled onto her back and pulled Jimmy on top of her. Jimmy tried to push inside, but he couldn't go in.

"Veni, it won't go in." he complained.

"You aren't putting it in the right place." She explained. She took ahold of his penis and guided it to a tiny hole on the bottom of her vagina. Once she did that, Jimmy slowly started to slide in, but Veni stopped him.

"What's wrong?" Jimmy asked.

"It hurts for me. Try wetting it." She said.

"How would I do that?"

"You could try licking it."

Jimmy moved and positioned himself between Veni's legs and started licking. He tasted a slight metallic taste as well as sweet and sour. Veni was squirming as Jimmy licked between her legs. She could feel things that she had never felt before. Once Jimmy thought that he had gotten it all wet, he positioned himself again. He pushed and his penis easily went in, until it hit a barrier.

"Umm, it hit something." He commented.

"You can push through it. Don't worry."

Jimmy did as she said and pushed through it. He heard Veni make a squeak, and felt a warm liquid running over his penis.

"Now move in and out." Veni instructed.

Jimmy started to move his penis in and out. He was in ecstasy when he heard Veni moaning. He took that as a good sign, and continued to move in and out. He could hear Veni start to moan louder, and then he felt something happening.

"Jimmy, please. Move my clitoris." She moaned.

He reached down and found her throbbing clit. As he rubbed it in circles, he felt her getting tighter around him.

"Oh, Jimmy!" she screamed.

Jimmy started moving in and out faster. He could feel something stirring inside of him. When he felt Veni's walls closing around him, he couldn't hold himself back. He felt his penis start twitching in Veni, and then his mind went blank. Veni was just coming down from her first ever orgasm, and she could feel Jimmy orgasming inside of her. She could feel a liquid coming out of Jimmy's penis, flowing up into her.

After Jimmy regained his mind, he pulled out of Veni. They cuddled again, feeling protected by each other.

They both fell asleep, Jimmy feeling the warmth of his friend, while Veni was feeling a warm liquid inside of her, and they both wanted to stay together forever.
Ten rules - Jimmy drools chapter 1 . 9/21/2014
merlotwhisperer chapter 1 . 1/12/2014
Amazing story. I really appreciated the interesting look into Peeves.