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BlueEyedBrigadier chapter 22 . 10/12
I must say...this is definitely an excellent story and certainly a more than capable "second chance" tale, with Anakin's precarious tap dance to not give himself away being a both a hilarious and sobering look at just how twisted up "Return of the Jedi"-period Anakin/Vader is, personality-wise.

Also, I really like how Anakin has Ahsoka back in his life, even if it's only in a limited capacity at the moment, though I do wonder if her history re: Order 66 in this story is a lot more violent than what actually seemed to have happened in canon (via her appearance at the end of "Star Wars: Rebels" S1 and her continued presence in S2).
ShinRa13 chapter 22 . 10/8
Your Story is quite well written i hope you get another one up soon and congratulations on your engagement
AnthonyR89 chapter 21 . 10/5
still an interesting story;. Ashoka is probably my favorite character that was introduced in the clone wars cartoon. too bad she won't play a bigger role. one thing i'd find interesting would be to have anakin, either of his own initiative, or because it was assigned to him, study the history of some other redeemed sith lords. the two that immediately come to my mind being Revan and Ulic Qel_Dromo.

as to your comment on Kenobi, honestly it comes down to how i feel like viewing the jedi at a certain point in time. from a more of an optimist's point of view, i like. however from cynical point of view, he's as bad as Vader or the Emperor. he kidnapped Vader's children, made sure they'd be raised in such a way as to hate vader; and in Luke's case personally brainwashed him and gave him the mission to kill his own father.

the same argument could be made for the jedi order as a whole: that as soon as they accepted command of a slave army, they lost any claim to the moral high ground.
Sue Clover chapter 22 . 10/3
I've always tried to give you long and detailed reviews, but I don't think I have much to say this chapter. I'm really looking forward to the next one, and I hope your life changes all work out for the best, and I wished I were reliable enough to be a beta for you but I don't think I am.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of Anakin's therapy sessions, as I think they're my favorite part of this fic. I love seeing him make progress, not only in controlling his emotions but understanding them and understanding the people around him better, and learning to trust them. I also love it when he challenges the assumptions of the adults around him, and makes them realize that their nice comfy view of the world may not be all it seems to be, and they may have to change. I may go back and read what you've done with Hindsight is Not Perfect, but not right now as I am going to bed.
As always, I'm going to ask for a little more Obi-Wan, though it's not really a must. Mostly what I want from him in this story is for Anakin to help him a bit more with his issues, and for him to come to understand Anakin a bit better. I feel like he's completely shut out of the world right now, though that may just be because he's completely shut out of my world, but I don't know. I know you're busy with your dark-Obi-Wan fic, and I'm sorry I haven't been able to read that one, but he is my favorite and while I love watching him struggle, watching him struggle while doing evil things is not something I think I can stomach. Anyway, I'm loving Anakin's progress.
Sirion Lannor chapter 18 . 9/30
There will be two more stories after this? :D
Bobboky chapter 22 . 9/29
nice work
Sirion Lannor chapter 12 . 9/26
Isn't Palpatine's first name Sheev? Wookieepedia supports this.
Sirion Lannor chapter 10 . 9/26
Love it! Also, Elizabeth's last name is Mary.
LongPastMidnight chapter 21 . 9/22
fyi: there is chapter 20 and then there is chapter 22... 21 got missing on transfer?
R.Peter chapter 22 . 9/20
Awesome story you have here. Look forward to more!
Claytonimor chapter 22 . 9/17
Nicely done! I really like Windu in this chapter, and Yoda is the troll he was always meant to be.
*Nods Sagely*
Also, congratulations! I hope you're happy.

As far as beta-ing is concerned, have you tried google docs? OnlineImhotep and I use that to collaborate quite often, so I'm pretty confident in endorsing it if you need a place to beta quickly.

Anyway, I look forward to where you'll take this and I think I might check out what you've changed back in the prequel.

Live Long and Prosper.
SynDeath chapter 22 . 9/17
A comforting chapter, it's beautiful to see development in characters. Fills me with joy!
potterfanforever chapter 22 . 9/17
and Anakin is starting to make some progress.
BYoshi1993 chapter 22 . 9/17
I honestly forgot a lot of the details about this stroy so thank you for posting that summary. After I started to read, a lot of the details started to come back to me. Anyway, I enjoyed the chapter and the healing that happened in this chapter, for both Windu and Anakin. I can't wait to see more of Anakin's childlike mannerisms and his growth to come.
AGreatReader chapter 22 . 9/17
great chapter, and congratulation for your marriage!
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