Reviews for The Dangers of Foresight
Ic3pup543 chapter 30 . 20h
Okay so let me start with you giving Yoda spoons gave me life lik From there, we see that all beings must, at some point, realize when change is necessary. Yoda is no different. The Council is working on it, and that meddling old troll is about to go in and drop bombs. If they weren't so horrible, I'd almost feel bad for them. Some of them. It's iffy.

The situation with Coira is awesome! I can understand why Anakin didn't jump to the answer they've arrived at, though. For one thing, the only one who could take her as a padawan would be one of the two masters in on the nonsense, or one of the select few they could let in on the secret. For another, it isn't exactly viable to have someone give up that much time, invest so much of a resource, just to get around Palpatine. Now, it is Palpatine, so I can see it, but still. It's one problem, and that is an extreme as fuck solution. The outbreak was definitely something he wouldn't suspect, because no Jedi would ever engineer something to hurt their own order like that, just for to get at one child. And Maelee, choosing her own path like that, is something else. Maybe that's why she can have so much confidence. We've only really seen things from Coira's perspective. It's easy to forget she can have her own strengths and insecurities too. And, of course, the curse of the cunning children. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Hale.

And now, fuck. God damnit Dooku. You know everything that's happened, you can't just be a spy you moron. yeargh. fuckin loon. Still, we did force Anakin into some introspection, so not all was lost here, right?
Ic3pup543 chapter 29 . 20h
I think one of the things I like most about this is how much detail and effort you've put into making thoughts and actions and personalities for each character understandable, and then showing them to us instead of leaving them hidden somewhere. I like puzzles, but it's also somewhat awing to see the work put into things. On that note, Dooku is a doofus. He truly had the best of intentions, it's just that Palpatine is a treacherous snake who shouldn't be trusted as far, farther, or less than he can be thrown at any given time. It's just the truth. Now, the good count is at a crossroads. If he continues down this path, his intentions will not matter and ruin will come far more quickly to the galaxy. If he resists, on the other hand... That's where progress happens.

And we hear from Qui-gon again! Love that old dude, such a weirdo. It's easy to see how foolish we were in hindsight, and that we can see how foolish we were at all is a sign of growth. Be proud, you geezer. And he's right. It wasn't quite a conscious decision for Anakin to tell the truth, they could have somehow explained themselves and accepted what came, wriggled out, but either because of the base progress he's made thus far or his willingness to try and change, because he truly wants to trust and change again or what have you, he extended his hand once more. There will yet be worse confessions, and he will undoubtedly reach deep into the depths of what he was capable of to try and drive them away, to reach into the roiling misery pain agony suffering he caused and used, and there is no doubt that things won't end up perfect, definitely not quite as he expects, but perhaps not so bad in the end. And Master Tai'k, trying to deal with morons. Poor woman. Now we have Dooku making his final decision. Pray he chooses correctly.
Ic3pup543 chapter 28 . 21h
My head is spinning, it's two am, and I only have three chapters left. I've been binge reading your series for about a week now, in what little free time I've been able to scrounge up between cats and school, and I just want to say how much I love it. It's fantastic, I love the thought and research you've put into it, I love the idea, I have lots of feelings about it. Like, yoink.

Anakin still can't believe they don't outright hate him. He's so used to that reaction, so used to causing it, so used to deserving it for his actions, from victim to perpetrator, that now it's all he feels he can deserve when he opens up. That's probably a significant part of why it took him so long to reach this. He could only ever disclose this to someone he trusts deeply, but to do this would reveal that he was once a person whom they would have hated from the core of their beings. He almost wants that hatred, because it was a staple for so long. Other reasons... He didn't want to jeapordise his objectives before he decided he didn't want them, he really didn't think they'd believe him/because he has/had wildly outrageous notions of what the Jedi would do in a similar situation, self-loathing, repression, general dickery... I think that's pretty close. Now he knows they're committed to trying. Damn trolls.

He has something more like a friendship with Siri Tachi than he has since he struck her down and betrayed the Jedi Order. And, now his younger friends are all trouble and in trouble. Fantastic. Coira has an inferiority complex set to rival Anakin's once upon a time, and she doesn't have the necessary tools to resolve it with Maelee. Damn Jedi and their foregoing of attachments. Oh lordy I forgot all about Mace and the bantha yoohoo that went down before this. Whoops. Back on track, he wants to make everyone super sick? HOOOOOOO
Ic3pup543 chapter 27 . 21h
It took me at least half an hour on the last chapter to sort through everything. I read it probably three times, and didn't take as detailed of notes as I really should have for posterity and understanding, but I'm not wholly sure my ability to put the feelings and connections drawn in that into words is great enough to encapsulate what would be necessary to retain it all. Also, I really wanted to keep moving to this chapter. There was an incredible amount of stuff happening there. The leadup came in thousands and thousands of words, culminating in that moment for Anakin. Everything he's done so far, the goals he's set for himself and the ways he changed since he returned... he only now has begun to believe, to hope with his whole heart. And now, Master Tai'k has had her entire worldview spun on it's head, and grown as a person and a Jedi greatly through this experience. And now, we know truly that the council has not yet let slip his Chosen status, but that's beside the point. Now, by seeing through the watchful eyes of another, we can catch things and laugh at things again that we may have missed/enjoyed before. Important things. Anakin is somewhat deluded, even at his best. He's trying to overcome his limitations, but that one in particular is not something anyone can truly lose. There are depths to his loathing of himself that he can barely help but hold, depths which grow as he grows. The more he learns and understands, the more of himself and his actions that he processes, the more he hates what he's done, the more he is sickened by what he'd become. Healing is not linear. You've not yet got off that speeder, Ani.

He wears so many faces because they all live together inside him. He once believed the Jedi to be as gods. It's easy to see how. Powers beyond comprehension, skills, daring, pulling off the inexplicable and nigh impossible from the moment he met them, and it never got better. He never had time to understand. He wanted heroes, and then he started trying to become one, and couldn't understand why they weren't. There were some things that they couldn't do. And then, he began to hate them for falling short, hate himself for not being good enough, too slow too stupid not strong enough too harsh couldn't see couldn't understand and all the way, he never found out what really happened. So much lives in shadows to him, dancing behind his back. And now, he stumbles. Because no man is an island. The weight of the world will crush those beneath it, unless you bring friends and a snack.

And now they must give the truth. The whole truth, hopefully, and nothing but the truth. This, I suspect, will come to pass. Yoda could not promise them to keep things secret. On the other hand, he did the best he could under these circumstances. And now, things really get interesting.
Ic3pup543 chapter 26 . 22h

I'm sorry it's just that's all I can really process at the moment. Background noise has become foghorn noise inside my head, and that stupid Soulja boy song won't stop bouncing between my ears.

Siri, thank you for not being someone to sit and wait. Obi-wan, be careful. You're going to have a lot to deal with when you get back. Speaking of, the cats outta the bag now! I"M SCREAMING
Ic3pup543 chapter 25 . 22h
You know, maybe he has less work to do than he thinks. Maybe not. But the Jedi are people. People adapt, adapt to differences and needs. Not everything is set in stone, Ani. You must practice remembering other people are people too, even through everything they've done to you. And now, we have a red alert. He can't remember most of a session with two Jedi Masters, one being a meddling old troll and one being extremely perceptive, and now... Good news, if he had turned, she would likely not be screaming.
Ic3pup543 chapter 24 . 23h
I am triumphant; i just broke my keyboard slightly, and managed to fix it myself. It should have been really easy but I'm not that great at this and I'm very proud. So Coira is not, in fact, a time-traveler, just an idealistic child. Anakin, please help her. I've met people like her before, and if you don't help her, she will break. In small ways, over long times, she will shut down and crumble. First she will lose the obvious edges around her, gain others similar and yet slightly off. When she loses her core, you will know. Do not let her if you can help it. And now, she has offered to help. She knows the bare bones. Less, even. You must be careful with this, Skywalker. And now Dooku is off again. I forgot that Dooku didn't know Ani was from another time, honestly. If he'd heard that at the start he would have laughed in his face and ignored him, probably, so I can see why, but it does put a small damper on things here. Building sized, perhaps.
Ic3pup543 chapter 23 . 23h
Palpatine losing his rag is never a good thing, and I doubt the pattern will change here. Yoink.

Anakin didn't really realize how much he appreciated the other children's presence until they avoided him like the plague. It's understandable, honestly; it was beaten into him to ignore attachments for forever, even if it didn't work, and until recently he spent more time avoiding thinking than doing anything useful. Now, having grown as a person, a little bit, he not only figured it out but also helped it.

Now, Bant is out and about. The woman is terrifying, and also outrageously sharp. Her passive perception is easily in the 20's, and don't get me started on luck and the force. Stupid Jedi powers. Still, she can see that things really don't add up. It makes me wonder how long it will take for the people around Anakin to talk to each other about him and realize that two and two make four. They haven't yet, on his request, for some, but others are under no such obligation. This could be fantastic. Speaking of fantastic, I wonder exactly how right I was about Coira... I mean, something was pushing him to ask... DUN DUN DUN DUN
Ic3pup543 chapter 22 . 23h
And so Anakin has taken his first steps toward healing. It is a long road, painful and difficult, and somewhat boring at times, relating every single detail, trying to understand everything he has ever reached for, but somehow I think it will be worth it. Still, the shatterpoints which rest upon him speak no lies. Mace has sight beyond many things, and in this he can see the effects of the choices made, if they will go up or down or fix themselves or cast off in a flame of damnation. Fragile is probably an excellent word for it.
Ic3pup543 chapter 21 . 3/22
Siri is not happy. An understatement, but also very expected. She has very little reason to actually like Anakin at all. Almost zero. Blame Obi-wan for giving him a chance. And now he has only more reason to try and calm himself. No pressure! Yoink. At least we got to see Snips. It makes me sad that we won't be seeing that much of her, honestly, I would love to see her included more. Fiery and upfront. Go Snips, Go! Insightful little bugger. And so much love... It's okay to miss people, isn't it? Did you finally figure that out?
Ic3pup543 chapter 20 . 3/22
I loved last chapter a lot, by the way. I forgot to say it, but the way you took me through Anakin's realizations was fantastic. Actions and consequences. Girth has addressed the council, and in doing so brought to fore some things which may rot when left hidden. Important things, one and all.

Now Anakin, on the other hand, was in turmoil the likes he has almost never experienced. His whole being was in flux, terrified of what might happen or might not, of falling. Of not falling. He lived his life trying to forget what he had done, to live with the barest knowledge of events and try to forget the rest, the human parts, the living parts. Now he must live with the fact that he made decisions that should never have been made, things which should never have been done. Self-loathing is just about his name. But there is a bright side. Luke. And... he's right. They will always feel it, he will always feel it, deeper and stronger and harder until the day his form slips away, but he's also right that it can only have power if they let it. I like that. And now this force bond with Siri... did that happen when he put her in her body?
Ic3pup543 chapter 19 . 3/22
Like a wind up toy, cranked by an eager child over and over until something snaps. Yikes. Anakin, Girth is right. It is not healthy to hold everything inside you. It is not. You must face yourself, everything you have ever done. You must not run. You must not hide. Walk unafraid into the bastion of embers to reveal your truth. And Yoda, you meddling old troll, have some chaos.
Ic3pup543 chapter 18 . 3/22
U kno, if it wasn't a patently ridiculous idea, I would think Coira is having some of Anakin's problems. Some, with some others on the side. Because it is such a patently ridiculous idea, and because Anakin dismissed it, and ridiculous things dismissed always return to bite people in their asses, I'm going to run on the assumption that's true for a while. Poor Anakin though. Torture by polite conversation. And he's met with Jango Fett, who I had mistakenly assumed in my stupor earlier to be carrying the mangled name of his son, and is now working towards some goals which were before, out of his reach. I must wonder, now, what will come of this. There are too many terrible people in the world for this to work, but at least he's trying. Unlike the Council. And now the return of Qui-gon, who was far older than I actually thought he was, if calculations are correct. Embarrassing stories of Obi-wan abound.
JustWriter2 chapter 21 . 3/22
I know you're not very happy with this chapter because you feel lile nothing changed, but there was plenty of conflict: internal, external, religious, and interpersonal. Arguably it is the change that Anakin dreads that has veought the most tension and conflict to the scene. From what I've been learning about storytelling, you aren't supposed to tell someone's entire life; all you need are the pivotal moments where change occurs, otherwise I'm told your audience or even you (the author) may possibly grow bored. And you are soing a wonderful job so far of tending to your loose ends so that your audience does not grow anxious for the other characters.

I also would like ro say that the reviewer whom you blocked was incorrect. You are far more advanced in basic storytelling than most of the amateur authors on this site simply because it is your instinct to expect change along with your audience. Furthermore, because of the innate conflict you have inserted into and acknowledged in the characters is much more advanced a technique for writing than you realize. And unlike the aggravating soaps that never find any kind of resolution, you give small resolutions and changes and actually allow your characters genuine moments of happiness.

I do however wish there was more of a point to Sidius when he appears and he has his own thoughts and plans. They feel unecessary because they do not move the plot forward, even repeating what Anakin has already thought. They would be more interesting if Sidius changed his plans from how we or Anakin expect, do something dangerous and unexpected. All the conflict was sucked out of his thoughts on the young initiates because you did such a good job with exposing it to Anakin first in a sinister manner. If you insert internal conflict into Palpatine or even show something he cannot control and acknowledges that... It occurs to me that perhaps you were trying to do that with Duku, but your audience may be under the impression that this situation won't change and he'll continue to act accomodating to Anakin and unaccomadating to Palpatine, so his reaction to that is somewhat lackluster. It seems to me that if Duku suddenly finds himself cornered or if someone who Anakin influenced this time around interferes it may be a good lesson for Anakin to realize that he cannot control anything or an acknowledgement that Sidius is still Supreme in his tools of the trade. Perhaps through despair and some unexpected encouragement afterwards from an unwexpected source could be something that fundamentally changes Anakin and the way he sees the universe and his place in it and his own methods to win the senate back from Sidius will change along with him.

Happy authoring,
Guest chapter 31 . 3/20
That's an awesome fic, very credible. We can regret the lack of fight, but psychology (not only concerning Anakin or the others but also about the Force and Darkside and the Jedi order weaknesses) is interesting and clearly the force of this fic. Thoughts and relationships are deep and that what it made this fic the best of all IMO.
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