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Awsomaniatica chapter 34 . 4h ago
Awesome awesome wrap up chapter. The Endless are an interesting group. Delirious (I think) reminds me of a mix of Dani and Nyx.
So many awesome things happened in this chapter that are too much to recount all! And as always, plenty of humorous moments throughout. Just one thing I would like cleared up. Did he fix that only is allies/family/friends know of his identity or does the whole world as well?
Good to know he's wise to seek out allies in every place if possible though. I forsee a good strong friendship between Greta and Joel. And I would have liked to see more of the training situation between Raven, Nyx and Blood. Ember is so close on her discovery... I think it's neat that he fixed the lives three gone past that they would become great individual influences. Many times it is that one little thing that changes everything.
The Raven/Trigon storyline has so much potential that can be used in it! Can't wait to see what you ultimately use. In the next story perhaps? ;-)
I await the fun bonus chapters I know will be great!
Guest chapter 33 . 7h ago
Love love love this Tory! Your a fantastic writer! Keep up the great work!
coldblue chapter 34 . 12h ago
Again, great chapter and thanks for updating!

It is really hard to believe that "Absolution" is done besides "Behind Absolution" and "Ghost Tales"

Danny changing the ORIGINS of Undergrowth, Penelop Spectra (and Bertram), and Technus/Nicolai Tillman:

Wow. I did not expect that Danny would change some of his Ghostly Villains origins. Walker is still a threat. Though, I figure if you build up some good Karma like Danny did, then it a smart idea. Hero's always wished that one event in their life did not change them so drastically like Bart Allen aka Flash II in "Justice League: The Flash Point Paradox". Other hero's have done that in "Marvel" or "DC" Universe Comics. Still, what you did was MORE original than others do. By having Danny changing his Ghostly Villains origins, he does not have to worry about enemies so much and gained possible one or two allies because of his change. That does not change Danny and Young Justice will have ALOT of enemies. Now Technus is working as Prof. Tillman, Undergrowth probably a GOOD powerful S-Rank Ghost and Penelope Spectra is a great Psychologist. Though, everyone who is KNOWS Danny very well keep their memories and so.

Ember still figuring out Torch is someone she knows when he really is her Brother:

It very interesting and some things did not get resolved like Ember and Torch dilemma. That will probably be resolved in the NEXT story, but for now we are just going to have to deal with Ember McLain slowly figuring out Torch is her brother. Ember going to flip out when she realize Danny knew that Torch is her brother and her father was Agent Z. I doubt Ember will hate Danny, but she will feel hurt and understand why because of Torch and how do you explain Agent Z died because his obsession to defeat Danny Phantom/Ghosts. It going to be something that Danny going to deal with and make his relationship with Ember McLain, as friends, more complicated and wonder if he did the right thing.


6) In "Behind Absolution", will we get a sneak peak of what going on with Bart Allen/Impulse and Luna Fenton?

7) Has Dark Seid, Trigon and Nekron notice that the Reality Gauntlet has been destroyed? How will they react?

8) Is Danny going to change in both his Human or Ghost Form when he masters, control, or obtain Ascended Ectoplasm? Any changes to his Physical body?

9) Will we get to read changes to Characters in the NEXT STORY such as Growing Up Physically and mentally changing?

10) Will Vlad Masters and Vision be MARRIED in the next story or even have a Child together in the NEXT story?


6) Not to confuse Bart Allen with the Flash II, but Bart Allen/Impulse. Still, I would love to read another sneak peak of Bart Allen/Impulse and Luna Fenton. Maybe giving us a hint of her ORIGIN and who she is. I kind want to read how Luna Fenton and Bart Allen meant each other in the Apocalyptic Reach Invasion future. Maybe Luna rescued Impulse and Impulse saved her in return, so they watch each other backs in the Future. It would be great to read how Bart Allen/Impulse is connected to the Fenton Family.

7) I kind of expect these 3 God-Like villains to notice a POWERFUL object like the Reality Gauntlet was destroyed. I figure that Reality Gauntlet would have been a great announce of some kind to Dark Seid, Trigon, and Nekron would notice this. Nekron would probably be happy and absorbed the energy of the Reality Gauntlet. Trigon would be amused by how such a powerful 2-Dimensional weapon was destroyed and should worry a bit if their a 3 Dimensional being that can Challenge him. Dark Seid would not care so much, but be more interested in Danny Phantom and how he will help him find the Anti-Life Equation.

8) I figure with Ascended Ectoplasm their should be some NOTICABLE changes to Danny Human and Ghost Forms. I figure their should be some SIDE EFFECTS for Danny Fenton to obtaining Ascended Ectoplasm. Maybe have making his Human form stronger and his Ghost Form a lot stronger than most Ghost or some S-Rank Ghost. Hell have Danny taller, muscular, denser, smarter or something. You just can obtain God Hood so many times WITHOUT some form of changes to Danny Fenton Ghost or Human form. Danny body must be adapting to Ascended Ectoplasm and it has to have changed him.

9) I hope that "Young Justice" and "Danny Phantom" Characters change as time goes by in each story. Raven not 16 years old yet, so really I beat their going to be a Time Skip for the NEXT story for Danny Fenton, Joel Fenton, and Danielle Masters to deal with. Their going to be some form of Time Skip. It not going to be "Young Justice: Invasion" Season 2 Time Skip, but their should be some form of PASSAGE of Time. If their Time Skip, then I expect characters to maintain some personality, BUT have noticeable changes in the story since MOST of them are Teenagers or Pre-Teens that deal with Puberty and changes. Even the adults would be nice to read some changes in the next story.

10) Yeah. The next story should either have Vlad and Vision married or even have Vision pregnant with her and Vlad soon to be child. Something like that would show how FAR Vlad Masters and Vision Masters relationship has progressed through out "Obsession" and "Absolution". I mean, I kind think their relationship with 3 to 4 years from beginning of "Obsessions" to the THIRD Story. It would be great to read how Vlad Masters went from Vladimir Plasimus the Super Criminal Ghost to a more Heroic and Normal person who has a family compared to "Danny Phantom".

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
Ani-DP-TT-PJ-H-Ben10 Fan chapter 34 . 18h ago
Dang. This chapter was such an emotional roller coaster. I loved it. And this story is amazing. I can't wait to see where you go with everything. Haha. See you next time, then!
Azorawing chapter 34 . 23h ago
The best is yet to come?! I'm still trying to process what just happened in this story and your telling me... us that the best is YET to come. O.O I can't handle all of this awesomeness, one of these chapters my head will explode! Despite the risk I can't wait for more. :D
THEBOXGHOST113 chapter 34 . 3/30

Welcome to my inner fangirl...

InYuJi chapter 34 . 3/30
Holy sh! it's already the end?! Dang. But I really do love what Danny did with the reality gauntlet and with the good karma he accumulated. That really is tough, forgiving in general. There are some things we still cling to, but the fact that Danny was willing to let go of his guilt, that must have been tough. And now, we see him forgiving other enemies as well. Hehe, everyone is not used to seeing Youngblood as an adult. And I'm looking forward to seeing J.A.Z.Z
Imagine476 chapter 34 . 3/30
Wonderful ending. Couldn't expect any less from a great author like you. Wonder what you'll do next. God bless you and have a wonderful day! :)
W0lfbr0ther chapter 34 . 3/30
Whoo the entire story was awesome. Unlike most authors who either bash or pedestal a character your enemies had we'll thought backstories and each death made me almost cry. Well done I look forward to the sequel.
blueexorist chapter 34 . 3/30
Bravo I loved it. Im glad you are continuing to make more I been with this series since thr first book and I love your dedication and unique story line which I love. Continue to keep up the good work :)
coldblue chapter 34 . 3/30
Great chapter and thanks for updating!

The series of this story:

I'm happy and sad that you finished "Young Justice" Season 1. Happy because of the progress of the story, another story in between Season 1 and 2 of "Young Justice", then a 4th final story. Sad because I know that the story is half way done and it going to end some day. Still, instead of a Trilogy this is going 4 Stories Sequel that is enjoyable. That means your going to create a easier Time Line instead of just JUMPING to 5 Year Time Skip for "Young Justice: Invasion". My guess that the THIRD story is going to take place in 2 or 3 Year Time Skip. Maybe have Danielle, Joel, Danny and everyone grow up and let us know the PROGRESS they are making in their and challenges. We can read Danny, Joel and Danielle challenge Trigon, but also read the BIRTH of Cyborg and see how he shapes this story.

Danny Phantom in the "DC" Universe in your stories:

Now I understand what Danny is in "DC" Universe. Basically, Danny Phantom or Danny Fenton creates a Balance between the Villains and Heroes. That what I got between Danny interaction with the Endless Siblings, Mercenaries, Heroes, and LIGHT so far in this story. Danny Fenton is a Hero no matter how you look or read about him, but he also willing to negotiate and communicate with people who have moral Grey areas or are Villains. Danny is a Hero, but he is the type of Hero that more willing to walk some form of Grey areas and somehow do that while still being a Hero for his deeds. He is a Hero, but does keep everyone in balance and everyone still continue to exist. Danny Phantom in your story deals with the idea of maintain a form of Balance in our lives while dealing with challenges that shake up our lives for better or worse.

I will review 2 more times through out the week until Sunday. I might get done sooner, but I promise to review this chapter to better understand and the idea of this stories direction.


1) In the next story, will we get to read Victor Stone become Cyborg, Starfire coming to Earth, and Raven dealing with her demonic father Trigon?

2) How likely is Dan Phantom going to escape his Prison in the NEXT story?

3) Is Valerie Grey going to get a UPGRADE Red Huntress Suite 2.0 in the NEXT story?

4) Will we get to read how Danny Fenton progressing with Fenton Works as Company in the Next Story? Maybe finishing off his other Projects, his new progress with AI/JAZZ, and how much Fenton Works is making?

5) Should we expect Danielle/Spirit and Joel/Dusk being stronger or reach S-Rank level of Ghosts in the Next Story?


1) Yes! All three of those things should HAPPEN in the next story. Starfire coming to Earth as a Teenager and maybe dealing with Gordamians in that story. The main focus should be Victor Stone and Racheal Roth becoming a hero and dealing with idea of destroying Earth. Those three "DC" Characters should deal with coming to Earth, transformation into a Hero and dealing with terrible Future. It should be understand and great to read how Starfire, Cyborg and Raven will be in your NEXT chapter.

2) I hope that it is very likely for Dan Phantom to get out of his Prison. I figure that Dan Phantom should become a THREAT in the next chapter. Dan Phantom should become a threat and a great Villain to counter the Balance that Danny Phantom has created. Dan Phantom is the Bad Karma in the Universe, while Danny Phantom is the Good Karma to deal. Dan Phantom has so much MORE Potential as a Villain that I felt that was NEVER reached in "Danny Phantom: Ultimate Enemy" and that their more to his own Character. Danny and Dan are TWO different people. Dan Phantom could not have just DECIDE to become a Psychopath. The Guys in White, Ghosts, Heroes, and Villains from "Danny Phantom" and "DC" Universe had to SHAPE Dan Phantom to become what he was a KILL most of Humanity off.

3) Serious, whatever time has past I hope that Valerie Grey has a BETTER Red Huntress suite. One with Thought Technology to help give us a idea or indicator on how advance Fenton Work and Axion Labs are going under Danny Fenton and Vlad Masters. Red Huntress can step up as BIG time Hero and be role model just like Danny Phantom, but show the advancement of Human beings can reach with their Potential. Like Batman and Green Arrow, Red Huntress represent Humans becoming Great heroes and NOT only Male heroes, but Female heroes can become great Heroes. I did not mention Black Canary because she has that Sonic Screech power with her Voice, so she technically does not count to me.

4) We need to read how Danny Fenton progressing with Fenton Works, because it his family LEGACY from his family. I kind of hope that Danny Fenton does make Fenton Works into a Multi-Billion Dollar Company with Vlad Masters help and dealing with Scientific achievements. I kind of want Danny Fenton to gain a lot of economic resources. Maybe less than Vlad Masters, Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen since Danny Fenton starting relatively less KNOWN company and making it very well know. It will probably be a 2 or 3 Year Time Skip, so Danny should be finishing most of his OLD Projects with Dr. Roquette and Mr. Lucius Fox on Cybernetic prostatic limbs and Ectoplasm batteries, since Danny finished most Zeta Beam project. The AI/JAZZ should take YEARS to develop to make a good one for Danny Fenton and the final story should show JAZZ being implemented more and more for the Heroes.

5) The NEXT story should let us know on Spirit and Dusk skills. Maybe have them noticeable with their Haunting Auras and skills. I do want Spirit and Dusk to be very strong to be a S-Rank Ghost Level, so it should be noticed on how powerful they become. I sort of expect somewhat of Time Skip with 2 or 3 years, then when it gets to "Young Justice: Invasion" it should be 5 years have passed from "Absolution" or Season 1 of "Young Justice". Spirit and Dusk have been training ALOT in "Absolution", so it should be noticeable that they get strong as S-Rank Ghosts and know their Obsessions very well. Spirit and Dusk should have a lot of Experience with Skills that they developed that corporate with their Ghost Powers.

I will review slowly through the week. Just 2 more reviews for this chapter.

I can't believe we not only get "Behind Absolution", but also something called "Ghost Tales". I'm excited!

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
SilverFlameHaze chapter 34 . 3/30
Write on, Struggling Warrior... Write on.
MariMart chapter 34 . 3/30
I'm kind of sad it ended but Bravo! Brava!
You did a great job with the D's and I love the whole AI being called JAZZ and what it stands for and just everything :)
Looking forward to what you write next
bethanytokitoki chapter 34 . 3/30
This was such a good ending! I can't wait until the next one comes out! You are super talented and creative so I'm sure it is gonna be awesome!

If you don't mind me saying a few things I would like to see in the next one.

1) Jason Todd joining Young Justice and the aftermath of his death. from the second season we can see that he was on the team but died. I feel like it would be a really interesting thing to do.

2)Wally and Artemis leaving Young Justice.

3)Beast Boy joining.

4)Robin becoming Nightwing.

5)Spirit and Dusk in Young Justice.

6)The Joker. I feel like he could be a bigger enemy for Young Justice and I personally wanted him more in the tv show. I feel like you could do some really cool stuff with him.

Okay of course you don't have to do any of these. I just think that the show kinda cheated us out of some really interesting stories by doing the huge time skip. I would love to see your take on these stories. But seriously dude. Jason Todd. I really want to know what you would do with that.

Also a question. Did Danny erase the fact of his and his families identities from the public? Like make almost everyone forget? I have the feeling that he did but I just wanted to be sure.

Anyway! Awesome story and I am super excited to see what comes next. I'm really excited about the Black Ring Users and what they are cooking up.
Howard blake chapter 34 . 3/30
Wow that is a nice way to end things! Can't wait to see how they deal with the aliens in season 2 of young justice. But I did search a little bit on the Endless since I didn't know much about them. Is it just a coincidence that the successor of Dream is also named Daniel? well whatever. all in all, well done. Cant' wait for the next story to come out.
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