Reviews for Brace Yourself, Hogwarts - The Demigods are Here
An Arm and a Leg chapter 42 . 5/2
No, no, you're fine. At least for me, it's because I'm insanely busy. Keep writing, man! This is a great fic!
TVDFan245 chapter 33 . 5/1
NICO SOLACE! I love you.
Percabeth chapter 42 . 5/1
I love this story! Please update soon! This is a really good story. Thank you so much for writing this!
Tom chapter 42 . 4/30
Can you please update soon, I love this one.
kowgirly chapter 42 . 4/30
I just started the story a few days ago, and can I just say, wow. You've got a real talent for this. You are able to draw me in one word at a time, and only the best authors can do that. DO NOT GIVE UP!
Guest chapter 42 . 4/29
What am i supposed to do with my life now that I've finished reading what you've written? It feels like some sort of déjà vu. I still can't believe that we won't be getting any more HoO books... I've literally spent a whole day reading your story and you're by far the best fanfiction writer out there. This story is amazing. It is amazing. Am i not clear? Amazing! AMAZING! AMAZHANG! AAAMMMAAZZZHHHAAANNNGG!I LOVE YOUR STORY! I LOVE YOU! Not creep-like, but nice ILY. I literally just quoted you from chapter 37 when you answered canadiandemigod's review... That's how obsessed i am with this story! You are awesome! This story is awesome! You've probably received, like, gajillions of reviews like these but you truly deserve it all! Okay, *inhales and exhales slowly to calm herself down*. I think i'm done screaming in glee via keyboard. Wait a second.
Okay! Now I'm done.
And i'm sorry if there are any grammar mistakes or misspelled words cuz i'm currently writing this on my phone and yeah... -_-
Oh and im sorry that this is in "guest" mode review thingy, i didn't sign in cuz... Um... Im lazy... And... Yeah... Sue me!
Yeah... I probably could rant all day about how amazhangly awesomely wonderfuly genious you and your story are but as i've stated before: im a lazy person and im still in depression cuz i've finished ur story (well ur story isn't finished just yet. Right? Right?! RIGHT?!).
Well... Um... Bye!
Oh and... One last thing,
Katarina Aguilar chapter 42 . 4/29
I completely understand, though i was getting a little agitated at such a long wait… but no harm, not foul. I loved Percy overloading Snape's brain and teaching him a lesson, though i really hope they get along near the end, since i respect Snape immensely. Once again, the accurate characterization is just mind blowing, the humor priceless, and i can't wait to see the demigods (of the few who are actually trying) handle the O. . I also sense that we're nearing the cool stuff and I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT, OH MY GODS! Still waiting for Piper's big moment and still hoping for a Percy/Nico bro mission (and his Patronus, but please don't make it Will, that just won't add up). Good luck until your next update, and keep writing my talented friend! :D
justarandomreader001 chapter 4 . 4/28
To be honest harry and percy look nothing alike. The hair, maybe, the eyes, not really. It's just really the hair and maybe eyes but nothing more.
Crackers414 chapter 42 . 4/27
What can I say? I don't review much. *Shrugs* But seriously, this story's awesome! This update was fantastic!
Guest chapter 42 . 4/26
This story is brilliant :) I like the plot. Update soon
percy lover Ezri Dax chapter 42 . 4/26
I can't wait for the next part of your wonderfully epic story! :) Everything about it is wonderful. I can't wait to find out what Nico's patronus is! I love this and can't wait until you update!
CatatonicVanity chapter 42 . 4/26
What is Nico's patronus? I would assume Bianca, but I doubt it. What if it's Mrs. O'Leary?
MissJackson798 chapter 42 . 4/26
No please keep writing! I only just read this story and I am so hooked. I understand better than anyone how bad it is to lose passion/inspiration/faith in your story but you have such a good one going :) obviously it's up to you but this is soo good so far
Kerowyn6 chapter 42 . 4/25
Oh, don't worry about it. Sometimes readers get grumpy about slow updates, but what people very frequently forget is that the writer does not owe the reader. The reader should be grateful to the writer for writing at all. There's nothing wrong with reviewers asking for a quick update (speaking of which...) but when the writer feels guilty about having wide interests, then you know xe needs to take a step back and write for enjoyment, not out of a sense of duty.
And it is my dity as a reader to tell you this story rocks. There.
somuchfandomsolittletime chapter 42 . 4/25
I love this fic so much, and i really dont care how long it takes for you to update, because its only natural for a person to have things to do outside of writing fanfiction.
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