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earthdragon chapter 16 . 3/26
I'm a bit uneasy about Cara's reintroduction into Sheldon's life. I hope she isn't going to turn into some sort of stalker. It also occurs to me that if Leonard finds out who it is that has taken his old job, things are going to turn nasty.
earthdragon chapter 9 . 3/26
Yikes! I hope that has opened Amy's eyes to Leonard - although maybe she was so desperate for sex that she doesn't care. That she is a control freak isn't a surprise, since we already knew that about her. She will be fooling herself though, if she thinks that a one night stand means that Leonard cares about her. In that respect, he isn't any different to most men. Sheldon should definitely cut himself loose from her though, as her bossiness could eventually prove to be destructive to his personality. But what is it with Leonard? Why is he being so self-destructive? Did he honestly think that he could mindlessly trash someone's apartment and get away with it?

Interesting chapter.
earthdragon chapter 7 . 3/26
President Seibert made a very valid point. If Leonard finds Sheldon's company so intolerable, why is he sharing an apartment with him and why, indeed, does he socialise with him every day. The thing with friends is that you accept them for all their eccentricities and work round their imperfections. Leonard and co already knew that Sheldon could be a nightmare to be with, so why did they include him in their social circle? I can't say I sympathise with Leonard losing his job - after all, isn't that what happened to Sheldon? And now, he has reacted in a typically childish fashion - by trashing the apartment and treasured possessions of the person whose career he jeopardised. As if he hasn't already hurt Sheldon enough.
earthdragon chapter 6 . 3/26
Poor Sheldon - to find out just how wide the betrayal is, even to the point of including Amy - although, to be fair, I think the poor girl is simply sexually frustrated. Raj, of course, is incapable of standing up for himself. That was interesting news about Leonard though - that he nearly gave away military secrets. Was it deliberate or accidental? Of course, if he is capable of deliberate sabotage, then he is capable of anything.
earthdragon chapter 5 . 3/26
Lovely chapter and such a sweet moment between Penny and Sheldon. His career really did take a nosedive because of that cruel and childish 'joke'. I do hope that Cara's letters can help resurrect it and get some justice for him.
earthdragon chapter 4 . 3/26
Wow, powerful chapter. You know, I would like the series to reflect this - to show what Leonard is really like underneath the smiles. It is nasty of him to involve Howard in his scheming - although Howard should have known better. Actually, the only computer geek in the group is Sheldon - but of course, Leonard couldn't ask him to hack into Cara's emails and phone calls. And Leonard really should know better than to provoke Penny, who likes to keep herself fit.
earthdragon chapter 3 . 3/26
I can just imagine Sheldon's discomfort at having to give that lecture to those bored, disinterested students, particularly as he hates public speaking. It was nice of him to help Cara in her further education; very typical of him however. For all his oddness, he is very generous, as has been shown in the show. I can't help feeling that is a dangerous game that Cara is playing, blackmailing Leonard like that. Even if it serves him right, it could come back to bite her. Good chapter.
earthdragon chapter 2 . 3/26
I'm a great fan of TBBT and watch it mainly for Jim Parsons' brilliant portrayal of Sheldon. I also like Raj - who I feel is the only true nerd and underdog of the group because of his shyness. However, I think that Howard and Leonard are very close to being bullies, who get a charge out of sneering at the other two, particularly the eccentric Sheldon. Yes Sheldon is difficult, but I think that's because he is probably autistic - he certainly shows all the signs of being so: obsessive compulsive, doesn't like change, difficulty in socialising. I didn't see the episode where they meddled with Sheldon's experiment, but it is a shocking thing for fellow scientists to do to a colleague. It is unprofessional, spiteful and actually tantamount to espionage. Sheldon should have reported them, once they admitted their guilt - it's lucky for them that he didn't, although I certainly would have, as I wouldn't have been able to trust them again.

I like the way you have Penny telling Leonard off. It is true that she drinks too much. Personally, I don't know what she sees in Leonard. A pretty girl like Penny could do so much better, even if she is hitting thirty.

Good chapter.
Book girl fan chapter 28 . 3/24
Sounds like they had an absolutely wonderful future, and for someone who isn't gifted academically, it's pretty impressive that Lisette still knows three languages! That's more than a lot of people manage, and I'm sure will be very useful to her in her dancing career, being able to read some scripts in their original languages.
The Third Biker Scholar chapter 28 . 3/24
*smiles and applauds* well done, and I'm so glad they had a happy life. bravo!
JustMyLuckiness chapter 28 . 3/23
Wonderful ending! Loved every moment ! Great work!
nertooold54 chapter 28 . 3/23
Wonderful ending. I have truly enjoyed this story and am sorry to see it end.
LewStonewar chapter 28 . 3/23
And they lived happily ever after. the end :) 3
lia200304 chapter 28 . 3/23
aww damn thats the end! boo! oh well this was a fantastic story!
stock2007 chapter 28 . 3/23
I've really enjoyed your story, and you gave it the best of endings. Thanks for sharing.
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