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Monster King chapter 26 . 7/16
Jaq chapter 11 . 7/7
Better... But then the other one I hate in Fic's is the 'Meet Daddy'
Especially the American writers who go all 'American Dad' on the daughters dates... Ye gods... in any other country but America it seems to be normal fathers abound and lunatic fathers come from the states... Three ex wives and more girlfriends than I like to count and I can say that at 68 I have never been threatened by a father... worked with some, drank with some and watched movies with some... but never been threatened by any... ever. Still enjoying the Fic... Oh. and I have had friends like the Ron... in fact I was once punched by a 'friend' because he was told I was in Blackpool with his girlfriend... after it was pointed out that his girlfriend lived with me, and was in fact my sister, he was still a prat... So yes, people like the 'Book' Ron do exist...
Guest chapter 10 . 7/7
There are a few things that kind of get to me in a heck of a lot of Fan Fic's... Like... They kissed till lack of oxygen forced them to part? WTF? Wizards cant breath through their noses? So... how do they eat? I mean, so... if a wizard gets kidnapped and they put duct tape over the wizard or witches mouth they die of oxygen deprivation?
Must be hard to chew food too... because with a mouthful of steak that takes more than a minute to chew... WOW! See how blue that wizard turned! Don't get me wrong loving the fic... but I just never understood the 'Can't breath while kissing' thing...
jaqmaq77 chapter 26 . 7/7
But... But... What happened to Rita? And did Hermione marry Vic? Did Luna marry Ron?
Did Malfoy... Ah, who cares about Malfoy...
Was Moody ok? and Bellatrix is not gonna be happy... not even a mention? Harsh... very harsh...
My fav character was also missing... Nymphadora... I love Tonks.
jaqmaq77 chapter 17 . 7/7
Oops... wrote two reviews - chapters 12 and 13? - and never noticed I was not signed in till I gave the review page a look-see... Anyway... it may be cheesy but I am enjoying it... It's quite a fun story. Thinking back, I do remember a friend from school (Good memory - been what? Oh dear... 50 years...) anyway, my school friend was Ron... got jealous, fell out with me and called me for everything because the dinner lady in school gave me two helpings of caramel cake and custard... Sitting at the ndex desk, it was my fault he broke his pencil... Nothing was his fault, and I read him as canon Ron... They do exist... I like the evil twisted Ron in Fanfic... Your take on him, not so much, but still an interesting twist...
Guest chapter 14 . 5/10
qui pense t'elle qu'elle est? Je vais la réduire en cendre! Connasse! Je vais lui jeter un sort
Pour ce prend cette Mme Sketter? Que sait-elle de nous? Peut-tu croire qu'elle est eu l'audace de dire toutes ces choses stupides
Je vais me rendre au journal et elle vas regratter de m'avoir rencontré
Guest chapter 12 . 5/10
Hello, I really love your fanfiction but I'm French and this must have been translated by google trad because it pretty much doesn't mean anything.
"'arry! Si vous n'avez pas venez i flippé! Qu'est-il arrivé ? Êtes-vous d'accord ?"
I think you mean to says "'arry ! You were not coming up so I was scared! what happen to you ? Are you alright ?"
The translation would be " 'arry! Tu ne remontais pas et j'ai eu peur! Que t'est-il arrivé ? Es ce que tu vas bien? "
Guest chapter 9 . 5/10
I really like your fanfiction. But like a lot of English writer your French sentences are weirds. I think that you wanted to say "You look very handsome" when you wrote "vous regardez très beau" but it would be translate by "You observe very handsome". In French the right translation would be "Tu es très élégant" or "Tu es très en beauté ce soir" even thought the last one is more often used for women it can be use for a man.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/6
Yeah... Griffyndor's quidditch team is like the best ! That's why in the five first books they were almost every time behind in score before Harry caught the snitch and save the game.
Caliban03 chapter 26 . 4/22
Good and interesting story
with a self-confident Harry who made the difference
And I loved the "interview with Cedric" lol
Thank you for sharing
Sujeeth chapter 26 . 4/14
The story was... "Just beautiful!"
KarmasFoe chapter 8 . 3/6
I fucking love this story... that is all
mumphie chapter 26 . 3/1
A fun romp!
BillBrink chapter 26 . 2/25
This was such an enjoyable story. Thank you so much for sharing it.
BillBrink chapter 17 . 2/25
The reason every reader is smiling after this chapter, is we have all been there as teens. Maybe it's because we were not used to all that dopamine yet. This is an enjoyable story. Thanks.
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