Reviews for Naberius Heir
Danish Zaidi chapter 6 . 3/21
I understand your reasoning go why you didn't make ichigo Uber godlike but I was more than disappointed. I can't seem to be able to read this anymore. I waited patiently for his powers to come back... and waited... and waited... and waited but when it does come it's so disappointing. I love your storyline but I have to give up this story for now. I might get back to it later but for now it has exhausted me. It took me to the edge but didn't give the release it promised. Sigh! What a cocktail tease lol
d4wndr4g0n chapter 9 . 3/20
Koneko being annoying
Issei bashing
Slow pace
Weak/Bullied Ichigo
10/10 would read again
XenotheWise135 chapter 21 . 3/19
You had Ichigo fall asleep after building a romance for over 400k words?! Wow... just... wow.

Also, I know you've said you despise the current Bleach arc, but I just had to ask about Ukitake and his connection to Mimihagi-sama. The reason his lungs are damaged is not because he's sick, but because he is host to a fallen deity he gained during a ritual as a child in the Rukongai.

I know for a fact you're disregarding this in your canon, but I wanted to address it regardless.
XenotheWise135 chapter 17 . 3/18
Am I the only one who finds it just a little sad that after 1000 years the Quincy faced another extermination? They definitely had it coming, there is no doubt about that. I just find it slightly pitiful that they were hunted down and erased with ease after spending so long trying to get back what they'd lost before the exact same way.
Straider chapter 21 . 3/13
Great chapters. The ending was priceless)
Poor Ichigo. To think that he would end up sleeping at that point.
He will will never be allowed to forget this 'Failure' for the rest of eternity.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/7
Hay Bunge like your chapter but that at the end real bastard of an act sorry but I was real tempted to bin this fic as crap because of that. But I could give it another go if ya fix that huge fuck up with rias and ichogos wedding night.
anime84guy chapter 21 . 3/5
great chapters can't wait for the next ones. good luck writing and please update again soon.
Hyrulian Hero Akai chapter 1 . 2/28
Just a couple things. 'Sirzech' is actually spelled 'Sirzechs' and Koneko has white hair, not blonde. Other than that, I love the fic.
Sorata Shioya chapter 1 . 2/27
YES! This is what I've been searching for! Although I just started reading this, I know this will be a very good read.

Now, it's time for a binge-reading session.
IchiIchi chapter 21 . 2/27
Fantastic stuff :D Like, really good lol, but so cruel to Ichigo. WHy'd you have to make him fall asleep lol so cruel, but it seems like an Ichigo thing to do, can't wait for next chapter
Imperial warlord chapter 21 . 2/26
Awesome chapter.
One hell of beating.
shinydragonmist chapter 21 . 2/25
Awesome I love it more please
Imperial warlord chapter 20 . 2/25
Awesome chapter.
Now fight can begin.
Just Phatom chapter 21 . 2/24
lol the ending
KratosTheGodofWar chapter 21 . 2/24
Finally! Patience has won over, and Riser FINALLY gets his ass kicked!

Loved that last hilarious tidbit at the very end of the chapter XD Hell, they'll need all the comedy they can get considering what's to come
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