Reviews for Dimensional Traveler Naruto
eliteshadow chapter 1 . 9/25
cool story love it update more
Write more chapter 18 . 8/3
Does anything else have to be said? i want more, i wanted it three minutes before i actually clicked on the file to read, and i wanted it to be just as awesome as all the others you've done thus far (i know, pressure, but damn it man you slipped us crack and now were addicted) WRITE MORE!
take your time and make it gold(crack). and dont (do) push yourself to finish it(now please). after all, you have a life that goes beyond this story and we don't want it to interfere with that (the hell we don't, give me more, you got nothing better to do right!?), all i know is whatever you write i will without a doubt think is liquid gold ink used to document the words of a silver tongue.
(all i know is whatever you write i will without a doubt think is liquid gold ink used to document the words of a silver tongue.) oh look, my inner thought said the same thing my outer thought did.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/29
what happend to the next chapter
i would really like to know how your story will continue
you can write very well
lordxposeidon69 chapter 18 . 7/28
This story is really good. The grammar/spelling is good, the descriptions and dialogue are good, the setup for the story is great (besides the seals that restrain Naruto's power, no explanation on that yet), and I like that you haven't gone the easy way with plot by just throwing Naruto into team natsu and having him kick ass while everyone else watches, you actually came up with a plot line that is both entertaining and original that alters the events of fairy tail to a realistic amount. Yeah this story is great and definintly worth reading, can't wait for that next chapter so keep up the good work.
DKa heinze chapter 18 . 7/29
Fucking awesome! Hope you update this!
JMK2 chapter 18 . 7/23
Can't wait to see what Naruto does next.
2n2kas chapter 16 . 7/23
Naru went all batman on Bora (nice reference)
Guest chapter 1 . 7/22
Yes add both Mira's to the mix
Quathis chapter 18 . 7/22
Good times, and I am extremely excited for just what they have in store for the fights ahead. So many unknowns running around causing a ruckus. I also liked how Naruto got Erza's cooperation. Thank you for the laughs. Until next time.
WhiteWinterStar chapter 18 . 7/22
Well, I certainly missed reading this! Yay updates! I'm all for Naruto causing havoc, but I look forward to how you're gonna change up the edolas finale. I'd like to see how Naruto interacts with the exceeds, if he ever gets the chance to meet them.
ultima-owner chapter 18 . 7/22
He is a one man army. I love how he robbed the army so easily.
ivan0061509 chapter 18 . 7/22
This was a good chapter I can't wait for the next chater
alexc123 chapter 18 . 7/22
Loved it when Naruto was joking with Lisanna
The Three Stoogies chapter 18 . 7/22
a great chapter and now the fighting begins i cant wait
JPMod chapter 18 . 7/22
I really love how the Edolas arc is shaping up here. Naruto is taking charge, and things are getting excited as the story progresses. :)

It's good to read Gajeel joined FT while Naruto was away. I really like him. I think Naruto is going to enjoy teasing him, especially in the future when he finds out how much Levy is crushing over Gajeel. I wonder if Naruto would try to get them together or just tease them to keep them apart. XD

By the way, at the end of this chapter, you should have a scene break between when Happy finished his story to Erza, Gajeel, and Gray and when Charla said, "And here I thought...". Without a scene break, it's confusing to a reader when the scene changed back to Charla and Naruto. Maybe you should just add (Meanwhile back to Charla and Naruto) between the scenes so people know there's a scene change.

Anyway, nice chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. :)
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