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AyaKazama chapter 31 . 18h
Finally! A new chapter and everything were so intense. As for the 1996 part, I was listening to Tamashii Wo Daitekure by Kyosuke Himuro and it match so perfectly with Kazuya and Jun's moment at the bar. I wonder how this story will end.
ANONYMOUS 055 chapter 8 . 11/23
Yo! What the freak... Did you just foresee Kunimitsu II or this is written after her reveal? Welp, I think that it is the former and that is freaking dope
Tifanny91 chapter 31 . 11/23
Review 1/2

Hello my dear writer!

I'm so glad to read you again. I've been waiting for this chapter with much anticipation. And I must say, up to where I'm at while writing this review, you haven't disappointed. Well, you couldn't disappoint me if you tried.

So, I've decided to stop for a while to review the flashback. There's so much to unpack already and I'm afraid I'll forget something by the time I reach the end of the chapter.

First, I have to congratulate you on the way you present this conversations. Flashback is a complicated device to use. But you've done a great job. Each word carries power and meaning. Each description, from the atmosphere to the place and characters' appearance, flows seamlessly. It feels like I'm transported to that moment, but not to invade, just to witness. Absolutely breathtaking!

Second, I have a question regarding KAZUYA'S eyes. Was it intentional of you to have them mismatched? Going by the source material, they weren't until his regeneration. It's not a criticism in any way. I actually find it adds something more intense and vivid to his gaze.

Third, it's interesting that both of them are dressed in black, particularly Jun. I like how you've subverted expectations this way. White is always her signature color. It gives off the image of a pure and delicate being. By dressing her in black, you're showing her darker, more complicated facet. She's not an angel, but a mere human with flaws and weaknesses. Already back then, it was on display. But Kazuya was too smitten to see it. Or he simply chose to ignore it because it was easier. Everyone around him was dark, clouded by fear or ambition. Then there was this woman, a stark contrast to what he was used to. She must have appeared like a beakon of light to him. And that's how he viewed her for twenty years. But somewhere, somehow, he knew there was more to her pristeen appearance, which was why he questioned her about liking this place. It was so unlike her and it disturbed him to no end. But, like a piece of metal attracted to a magnet, he was pulled closer.

Fourth, the conversation. Brilliant! I don't even know where to start. I love the various shifts in tone. Playful one moment, serious the next, lustful afterwards. It doesn't feel rushed or overdone. It's a kind of conversation all of us must have had at least once. I could feel the heaviness hanging in the air all the way. Right of the bat, I just knew a rock was going to drop somehow even before the final was brought up. Well, more like a Boulder. It makes this moment even more special and intense. It's obvious they're both savoring the moment before the inevitable happens. I like the reference to their first reunion after twenty years, a dance. It's amusing that Kazuya obstinately refuses Jun's request for one, but his desire to be with her pushes him to accept years later, his lame excuse forgotten. Then there's the rose metaphor. It suits her so well. She's beautiful, but getting too close to her could harm him. I love how Kazuya is so vulnerable here, admitting his fears and flaws like never before. He's comforted by Jun's quiet determination and strength. This is the kind of security he thought he'd never have, never deserved. Jun, on the other hand, is attracted to danger and the thrill of being with Kazuya. She's self confident, poised, spontaneous and full of energy. She's not afraid of him as a powerful man, or the evil that lies inside him. She embraces the challenge with open arms. Somewhere along the way, the over critical man and the passionate woman found love in each other. There's no logical explanation. It just happened.

I'll conclude this first part by saying that it's interesting that this flashback takes place right after Jun tries to dissect her feelings for Kazuya. It's as though going through these memories would unearth some previously hidden answers. It's ironic that she points out how Kazuya overthinks everything when she does that too. It brings a sad smile to my face. They're more similar than they realize.
Cipher 56 chapter 31 . 11/23
Well...i didn't expect that haha
Amazing chapter i'm really looking forward to seeing how it ends
Cipher 56 chapter 30 . 11/20
Dude this story is amazing you HAVE to update it
Jin chapter 30 . 6/19
It took me 6 days reading the whole thing. Honestly, I saw my reflection in Kazuya or should I say, Mishima Kazuya and I were almost the same in every aspect except for that ambition driven factor. I find some parts quite stressful with exchange of heavy conversations between Jun and Kazuya but overall, I enjoyed a lot and to think that you've been gone for long and just updated your story recently, I think I was quite lucky myself to have finished this although I think this story is nearing to its own end. I am looking forward to read the last few chapters if there is and to exchange emails too.

I used to write here in Fanfiction but that was a long time ago. I am thinking of going back and start all over.
Keitaro073190 chapter 30 . 5/19
boooy I FINNALLY CAUGHT UP AAAA this is getting exciting! Keep up the good work!
Aevora Myonsarys chapter 30 . 3/24
oops I had forgotten to log in, the previous review is mine

ok I'll now add this: JUN PLEASE be selfish for once you deserve it
Guest chapter 30 . 3/24

Ok I feel like I know where this heading to but I kinda don't wanna believe. Can I still hope for a happy, cliché ending?

By the way, thanks for bringing more attention to Jun in this chapter
Tifanny91 chapter 30 . 3/24
Wow! I honestly didn't expect a new chapter so soon. Guess I have that damned virus to thank for that. I hope it can be taken care off very soon because it's vile not only in the way it attacks and kills, but also in how it brings out the worst of humanity. Please stay safe.

Anyway, on to the chapter now. Gosh I'm drained! This was by far the longest, most elaborate, intense fight you've written. It felt like I was watching one of those action movies in slow motion. And, in the background, confused, awestruck and hurt, was Jun's voice, literally questioning her life and love choices. The mixture of these two things made it pretty disturbing and hard to catch up with mentally and emotionally. The clashing of emotions was so intense I almost teared up. For the longest time, I thought that Kazuya couldn't win. Two fit VS one injured! He couldn't possibly win this! Between my indecision as to whom to root for and Jun trying to sort through her messy life, I was lost. At some point, though, it finally settled that Kazuya could and would kill Reike and Kunimitsu. As unbelievable as it sounds, he fought by himself, for himself, without relying on his evil powers. Of course, one could argue that he managed to make it through thanks to these powers. But I beg to differ. For the first time in his life, Kazuya fought for a reason that had nothing to do with revenge or dominance. He fought out of love. So in spite of being clearly at a disadvantage, he won, with a strength that he himself is unaware of. As Jun rightly points out, his love is self serving and twisted. His love means absolute and indivisible control. His love requires ascertaining power and dominance. His love means not surrendering to trust. Yet, yet. Sigh. The biggest battle is yet to come. What will happen now that the wolf has stepped out of the shadows? Not going to lie, I'm scared for Kazuya. He's in no condition to keep fighting and he knows it. He's about to break down both physically and emotionally. The wolf will exploit every opportunity to destroy him. And there's also devil to contend with. Didn't Jun say that these two antities were mortal enemies? Kazuya will find himself right in the middle of their clash and they won't care if he dies. Argh! Kazuya! I'm scared! This is not going to end well!

I'd like to pay hommage to Reike and Kuni who fought courageously until the end. I fought along side them. I felt their fear, determination, despair and hope. I felt their pain as they finally fell. I don't know if we'll see them again. Probably not. But I just want to say how much I admire their growth and tenacity through it all. Richard Reike and Kunimitsu, I'll never forget your bravery and the lessons you've taught me. RIP!

Now only Jun left to analyse. I absolutely love how you wrote her. She felt so real, so human. If I was her, I'd be as confused. It's a miracle she didn't go mad with all this chaos. I recognized myself in her. I often find myself reflecting on life, trying to make sense of it and feeling frustrated at the lack of clear answers. I feel like this entire chapter was her finally admitting her flaws as a human. She kind of slowly started the process during her last conversation with Kazuya. But this is where she truly grows as her own character. She's finally found her identity. She's no longer this distorted, unrealistic vision of perfection that Kazuya idolised. She no longer defines herself as Kazuya's love interest or the sole reason he's doing all this. Instead, she's now Jun Kazama, a real human with her strengths and weaknesses, her fears and desires, her love. She wants to save Kazuya from his impending doom, even if it means losing him for good. She refuses to be the reason of another human dying. In some way, she's back to who she was before she met Kazuya, a woman of strong principles and values, fearless and determined. Somehow, she had lost her way amidst the pain and sorrow. But she's back. This is the true Jun, the Jun Kazuya fell in love with.
M.g chapter 30 . 3/23
Okay, hi! Long time right? Yeah I was somber after that last chapter because of that damn Kazuya lol. Now I feel worse, again because of him! Now the review: It was nice, getting inside of Jun's mind. I feel same like Kazuya sometimes when I can't understand something and believe it or not, I do feel weak or idiot for not understanding. I can relate but TOTALLY not as much as him.
Now about Jun and the love issue (lol): opposites attract, I came to this realization but I also know some questions don't need answers mostly because you can't find one! This love matter is the same I guess, that's why I love these two the most! The way you wrote from her point of view! I read it twice.
I have a feeling Kazuya will break in the most unthinkable way in the next chapter(let's be serious, he deserves some harsh slaps...) Haha, anyway thank you more and more for your great story. Keep it up, we're with you till the very end!
(Stay healthy)
Tifanny91 chapter 29 . 2/23
Hello Doug :-)

First thing's first, happy new year. I know it's February and far past the period for wishes, but better late than never, eh!

Sorry my review is so late. Life has been pretty harsh on me the past two months. At the time of the update, I was in the middle of exams. Then I fell badly sick. I even thought my time had come. But I made it, thank God.

So here I am. Actually I'm reading the chapter for the second time. I wasn't fully focused when I first read it, which is also why I didn't leave a comment right away despite a burning desire to. There were things I didn't understand then, things I can say I relate to on a personal level. I'm not sure I fully do now. But I got the jist and that's what matters :-)

This chapter was intense from beginning to end. I absolutely love the title. It perfectly fits the action taking place. Finally, after much denial and hesitation, the mask has been taken off. Reike admitted his feelings for Kunimitsu. Kunimitsu revealed her inner torment. Kazuya fully embraced his profound desire to fight for the love of his life. I feel a mixture of empathy, pain, fear and hope for all of them. I have no idea how this battle will end. I just know that someone will win and someone will lose. Or perhaps they'll all lose and I'll suffer for them all the same. I'm honestly at a loss for words here. Nothing can seem to accurately express what I truly feel. I don't want any of them to die. But it seems inevitable that at least one will. Sigh. As I wrote in previous reviews, I absolutely want Jun and Kazuya to be together, to have a second chance. But... Does it really need to be at the expense of another life? That's too cruel! My heart is torn!

I find the wolf's attitude throughout the exchange very intriguing. At times, I was genuinely confused. Who was watching? Was it Jun? The careful, silent observation made me think it was her. Was she observing from afar, hoping that Kazuya's subordinates would somehow manage to dissuade him? Then there was the way the creature reacted when the real purpose behind the whole thing was finally uncovered. I'm led to believe, perhaps mistakenly, that the wolf wouldn't care less what the outcome of the fight would be. For all I know, the three of them are but mere victims to its power, just new puppets to play with. But that turmoil, that dread, that fear of being discovered... It's just too human...

I love how you wrote the forest and made it a spectator. It brought even more intensity and vividness to the scene. It felt like the reader is the forest, watching intently as a dramatic play was unfolding before their eyes.

Needless to say that I'm super excited to read the next chapters. It's going to be a hell of a battle!
kathrianna chapter 29 . 2/4
(maiko nadeshika here ahaha) this fic has been here for 6 years now, I’ve already told you in the past that I have been growing alongside this fic ever since i was 13 or so, and whenever I reread it a flush of nostalgia just brings forth so much; sometimes I wonder what would a young me had thought of this if this was finished/completed, i would have probably just saw this as very romanticized, unlike now which i see as very humanized and i might not take all the lore in yknow but I’m thankful I got to grow up with The Return because I just finished rereading it, I’m nearing 18 now and having went through so much, my perceptions in this story have also went through so much, there were times when the thrill of the same scenes still speak in the same volumes to me such as KazJun’s dance and later kiss, if were to choose what would be the most impactful scene for me all this time it would have to be that, there was just so much love and passion brimming and there was the longing the regret, 13 year old me cried, 16 year old me swallowed a lump, 18 year old me, teared up slightly and then cried steadily, and I think this is the most beautiful thing about your writing, it’s sheer capability of making you feel things in certain pauses and afflictions, and right sentences, honestly i could go on and on about my reactions shifting as i grew up with this story, it has been a joyride ever since! Of course the Lars chapters were always my guilty favs since he is my fav character along with the slight mentions of Alisa ehe (god let these mishima men have ending with their women), and ofc the whole psych analysis of Anna is also a worthy runner up to my list of fav scenes (i’m going to take up psychology in college soon! so that’s why i also love how much care and thought was put in to problems like these, ptsds, among others)

this chapter reminds me of a piece of jeanann verlee “Almighty”, and damn does it fucking deliver, we’ve seen Reike and Kunimitsu battle out their feelings for each other internally and when it got finally address it’s an emotional crescendo of release that sits quite intense on the tongue, coupled with Kazuya possibly seeing himself a bit in Reike (well that’s how i see it haha), Kunimitsu also saying Kazuya was vulnerable really just sets the tone of the next chapter, I really hope she would be able to hit or scratch him in their fight next chapter.

i haven’t reviewed in some chapters but yes mission wolf was also such an intense chapter i had to soak up every word because it literally had me have goosebumps in the school’s library during my free time

i’m really excited to see Jun again ehe

(i might be in my early twenties when this may be finished but I thank you for letting me grow up alongside the story, it has always been my comfort fic to read when i’m down or when i just want to cry or be entranced I guess, ehe I hope to write as good as you someday (yep also a writer too ) and I just really want you to know, you made such an impact to not only me but to others as well )
Loreadana chapter 29 . 12/20/2019
Damn this chapter had me sweating, what a build up and action. One of top 3 fanfics of tekken from all the time if not the best !
Aevora Myonsarys chapter 29 . 12/16/2019
please don't get me wrong but if after all these years Kazuya loses I will curse you forever lol
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