Reviews for Lots of Angst
Little Mouse on the Prairie chapter 8 . 5/4
This is such a satisfying read, the plot and dialogue were well done, the pace was impeccable, and the story was believable. If you decide to write more like this in the future, you can count on me reading it. Thank you for the wonderful job done.
naeo chapter 8 . 4/13/2015
Fantastic story. Loved the way that you had John go about recovery. Made it a lot more believable with him being a doctor. Also, spot on with his character. The conflict between the protective/caring and the stern/rational sides of him was well done. My only critique would be Sherlock's character. It was a little hard to visualize, but doing a vulnerable Sherlock is always a difficult task to do in only a few chapters.
Tiva4TheWin chapter 8 . 4/5/2014
Good job! The story was very cute considering the theme of it. I loved the ending! :)