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Guest chapter 25 . 7/18
Oh my god! It’s alive!
Jks I’m actually really glad to see that this story got an update :) The plot is just really good and well thought out
Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next chapters
jeya.mendoza chapter 25 . 7/5
I was definitely surprised and delighted to see this finally get updated! And as always, you never disappoint. I can just say that each of your updates is definitely worth the wait! I love the development of levi's and sakura's relationship. Their interactions in this chapter was definitely relaxing and it shows how at ease they are finally with each other compare to before. Of course they still have a long way to go but we're definitely getting there.

I'm just thinking whether or not she'll get her chakra control back. I mean yes, it won't be soon if it happens but it was just a shame because I really like her being able to heal, not just herself but others as well. Though anyway, it would be interesting to see her master the lava release.

That would be cool because it would make her be able to control fire and ice!

Also love that you finally showed what's happening on konoha's side! All the conflicts, there's a lot going on iin konoha and you definitely packed this chapter with so may details ahh.

I could understand why they had to make a deal with the marley. Seeing how limited they are in the other world because of how much chakra the lose while traveling between dimensions, it definitely makes sense that they're going to hold on to something that could help them find sakura as fast as possible.
I just wonder whether or not they find or create something that will help them stay in SNK's world without getting cut off too much chakra and be able to regenerate of what they lose even by a small fraction.

Welp, son goku paid the price for sakura traveling to that world and spent the whole time just replenishing his chakra in order to have consciousness so maybe it would be difficult for itachi, naruto and sasuke to do that.
Anyway, does songoku paying the price of the traveling made sakura be able to regenerate chakra in that world just like how she normally does in naruto's world? Naruto couldn't just as he said. So there's definitely something more to what obito did.

Epp. Sorry if I don't make any sense haha.

I love how complex everything is at Naruto's world. Everyone wants sakura dead except team 7, itachi, suguru, tsunade and most of sakura's friends in there and that definitely makes everything more complicated. The only one who blatantly showed his displeasure and refusal in there was naruto which definitely makes me smile even if it's an uphill battle to save sakura.

I also love how you portrayed itachi's complex character here. No matter how short his thoughts regarding how their relationship developed. It did show how they became good friends and how much he had come to treasure her because he couldn't let it drop just like that even though the odds are stacked against them.

I also like suguru! I'm wondering if he would be able to come with itachi in their mission to retrieve sakura.
Other villages are going to send one of their best ninjas too right? So does that mean you're going to show them here? Ahh that's definitely a lot of work but i would love to see it.

Also the scene with kakashi and kushina just broke my heart. I just feel for them. Kushina lost so many things and the fact that she said that obito died in the kannabi bridge mission speaks volume of her hurt.

I also think that sakura being a vessel is for her being a sacrifice to call on something like kaguya? That's just the impression i get from how obito's organization worships sakura as someone like a goddess , as he says it. Haha.

Thank you for this wonderful update and i hope you're having a great day ahead.
ShortyLuv chapter 25 . 7/3
wow 4 years huh, I remember when it was still in the beginning. this would make a good book or something to print out and make a own personal book hehe
Applessian chapter 25 . 7/2
It's already so long and i thought you were not going to update this lol but then when i was checking fanfiction and then the vessel's notification update just showed up i got excited and read it with full of happiness lmao you don't know how happy i am and once again i'm going to tell you that i really love how you write the whole story, idk it so details and the way you write it is so beautiful for me. I really excited to know how the next chapter gonna be but somehow feel sad too because you say it will end in the next year which is fast for me tho, anyway keep doing great and do your best!
Big fan xx chapter 25 . 6/29
Your plot is genius! Can't wait to see what will happen
hyaenahyaena12 chapter 25 . 6/27
Another chapter! Yes! I was surprised to realize it'd been so long sense usually if a story takes to long I end up forgetting so much and losing interest but something about this story never let's its self fade I'm always so ready to find out what happens next. I'm sure a lot of readers feel the same The Vessel has been the kind fic that's worth being patient for.
Angella1012 chapter 25 . 6/27
the florist chapter 25 . 6/27
Not gonna lie, I had to reread like 10 chapters before this just to remember what happened so far LOL Enjoyed the binge read though and it renewed my love for this fic! I like how Sakura and Levi are now developing a relationship beyond the aggressive hate-respect thing going on. At least they're actual friends now! Liked the focus on the Naruto-verse side of things! It's great that Naruto's still the ball of sunshine in your AU because I can't imagine Naruto any different, even with a parent there. Unexpectedly, I got the feels for Kakashi this chapter and he totally broke my heart. Tbh not a big fan of Itachi as a charcter but your Itachi is complex and intriguing so props to that interesting POV!

Can't believe this is ending soon though... But also excited for more content to come?! So thanks a lot for the great new chapter! Amazing chapter as usual and can't wait for the next ones!
Oruzhiye chapter 25 . 6/27
o_O Well that happened.
I've been waiting so long for clarification on wtf is going on with the Narutoverse end of things, and I was just not prepared for this.
First of all, The Vessel thing. I assume this has something to do with Kaguya. Like maybe is this AU Black Zetsu came clean to Madara about Kaguya and decided to go with a sacrifice to make the Rinnegan in the Moon Plan. Which now involves Izanagi instead of Tsukuyomi? Oookaaay?
Second, the AU changes. Kushiha's alive. Itachi is officially back in Konoha and Sakura has an older brother. I wonder how Suguru would feel about Sakura being an adopted big sister/replacement mom in that other world. If they knew that than maybe everyone would understand why Sakura is so hostile and refusing to leave.
Third. Confirmation! That the dude in Sakura's training with ice wolves flashback is Obito! That explains why he's so weird and familiar with her.
Fourth. Marley has access to chakra. Fuck. On one hand I feel so horrible for the Warriors and I'm happy at least Annie and Bert get to see their families again. Not so much for Reiner cause his mom's a bitch and I wish I could steal him from her. But on the other hand. I *really* hate Marley.
Damn. I feel the way I do after a new SnK chapter drops. Questions answered but even more appear in their place. Like a fucking hydra.
That talk with Sakura and Son Goku was great and I'm happy they're willing to work this partnership out.
Also that banter between Sakura and Levi. I see you. Good freaking shit right there. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
Misi Psychi chapter 25 . 6/27
Me encantó. Te extrañaré hasta la próxima actualización.
TheCrazyAnimeFan01 chapter 25 . 6/27
AN UPDATE?! WOOOOHHOOOOO! When I got the notification that this story had an update I nearly screamed in excitement but I had to stop myself since it is really late at night here.

It always worries me if an author hasn't updated for a long time because then I think that they just abandon the story (it did happen to some of the fanfics I've read) but I understand that life can keep a person REALLY busy and off course that's the priority. What matter most is that you still gave attention to this story and gave it a chapter update and boy am I glad that you did. This was one of the most interesting, detailed, and unique fanfiction I have ever read. In truth, every month or so I would always wonder about what would happen next in this story.

Anyways keep up the AMAZING work that you always do and I truly look forward to your next update :)
EylaQueen chapter 25 . 6/26
I thought I was definitely dreaming when I saw you update, anyway congratulation for passing these rough phase as senior (looool). It's okay to update after quite sometimesㅡat least we know you are still alive somewhere in this world.
Anyway, I am very glad that you have updated and it totally made my day since Levi and Sakura are in a good term now. SnK seems will be ended soon and hearing theories of how each characters will be die, especially Levi ㅡ it made me hurts.
I know that he has lost more people in the past and he has such a rough one considering all his friends died protecting and fight for their freedom. After losing Erwin, I can't imagine Levi's reaction to losing Hange ㅡhis only friend from the past.

I bet you know [SPOILER] know about this since you have written this fanfic so far away in the manga/anime.

The real anime is definitely not titans, it's humans themselves. Idk why I'm telling you this, but in a chapter after the priest died, Hange said that it was her job as long as she alive to experimented on titan and now that they are not fighting titans anymore, Hange may be leading to her death as Isayama wanted to.

I'm really sorry! I have ranted too much. Love from me though
daniellachandra chapter 24 . 6/14
when will you update your story?
Monkey D. Ani chapter 20 . 6/13
Me encantooo
Monkey D. Ani chapter 10 . 6/12
Me encantaaaaa
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