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kookiesnkoko chapter 1 . 4/24
Thank you so much for coming back and never abandoning gis wonderful masterpiece. I've been a silent reader from years ago and I will still continue to support this no matter how long it would take you to finish this. Now that the AOT manga has finally come to an end, I'm really looking forward as to how you would make an alternative ending
Smilely00 chapter 31 . 4/5
I've been waiting for this chapter for so long, that while i was reading, i was also crying. Though its unedited, you never disappoint. It pains me that we wont see another chapter till 2022, fortunately there is excitement in waiting. We'll be waiting here when you return. Good luck in medical school!
cc chapter 31 . 3/22
Love this story!
Twixdaman chapter 31 . 3/22
thanks for updating! I love the idea behind this story, it's feels so original, and reading it just makes me happy haha. I hope you're able to get through the rest of the year with SOME time to yourself
Angella1012 chapter 31 . 3/19
IM SO EXCITED TO SEE AN UPDATE OMG! Legit like a month ago I reread the entire thing again and just damn I love this story so fucking much

So disappointed I wasn’t here the moment it came but I’ve had my notifs turned off so that’s what I get lol

When I have time to sit down and read straight through I’ll leave another review, but till then it’s wonderful to see you again!
Oruzhiye chapter 31 . 3/18
Ayyyeee! Welcome back!
It is absolutely surreal to see an Eren so pure considering what's currently happening in the anime and the manga. I can also see tha Eren is really pushing for Bby Eren to see the future. If the future of this fic is even half way ridiculous as the current arc, I am simultaneously hyped for and dreading the heartbreak if Sakura is caught in the middle of the MESS Eren creates.
-Eren beamed. "Thank you! You're the best!"
This is so damn funny when you remember that Eren basically does almost the same thing to Zeke. tfw everyone thinks Zeke is manipulating Eren and Sakura is the only to figure out that it's the other way around cause she's been falling for the same tactic since Eren was ten. lol
-What was interesting (and concerning) was her newfound appreciation of Kenny. For the life of him, Levi couldn't figure out what was it about Kenny that drew Sakura to him.
Someone sounds very upset about this development. lol
-"Getting that into Historia's hands might be the best way to even the odds right now."
Uhhhhhhh maybe we shouldn't do that...
-She knew he had her wrapped around his little finger, and she didn't mind.
Zeke better watch his fucking back. There's only enough room on this island for one older sibling that's weak to Eren's Otouto Pout and it's her.
-What would Itachi-sensei say if she saw her like this?
-She always had trouble keeping the smile off her face when she heard her teacher speak in broken Marleyan. "If you say so, Itachi-sensei."
-It seemed that perhaps her little crush on Itachi hadn't gone unnoticed
-Zeke added with a chuckle. "I have increased my jutsu usage from one to two in my titan form. I surely hope for the sake of Eren's friends that he comes willingly with us."
Zeke? Shut your dumbass mouth. You still gonna be traumatized when Levi beats your ass.
killer.naruto57 chapter 31 . 3/18
yes, you're back and yet another good chapter.
Applessian chapter 31 . 3/18
You updated nearly on the same time as the previous one lmao it feels so longI really appreciate it, still very good just like the other chapters. I hope all is well for you tho, you can take as many time as you want but hopefully, not too long, haha.
Take care, i will wait for the next!
RimK10 chapter 31 . 3/18
“The man had threatened to kill her two weeks ago.”
Oh, Levi. In her world, that’s how you bond! Is poor Levi jelly of his uncle?

I like that she’s going with the scouts! Going her own way!
navyfield858 chapter 31 . 3/17
Blaming both series now? Jeez, first it was the Chakra system, the Otsutsuki, The chakra tree, ect. Now you're whining about AoT gEtTiNg WeIrD blablahblah not being the master piece I was hyped up for blablahblah.

You know what's your biggest mistake? You didn't WAIT for both series to reach the final conclusion first before starting up a project THIS big, and now it messes up with your own story even if it's an AU.

ALSO, stop with the notion about Sakura could even hope to kill Obito, it's getting cringy.
It had to be Kaguya HERSELF to did it.
Schrodinger's Kat chapter 31 . 3/17
Oh how did you know, I was just now longing so much to read more of this amazing story, and you posted a new chapter! Thank you, this is just what I needed today! It’s still so exciting to read, I love how you write Sakura and how well this version of her fits with all the AOT politics (my favourite partthank you so much!
Giol chapter 30 . 3/15
Hope everything is going well with med school! Take your time with this story! I am really curious to see how it progresses.
Shadow of the Hitokiri chapter 30 . 2/22
I have never watched Naruto but this fic is great. Take your time between updates, don't rush yourself.
niss386 chapter 30 . 2/17
ame la historia, espero que pronto actualices, porque esta muy adictiva
Guest chapter 1 . 2/14
This is so good! I hope you update soon! I really like the interactions between the charatets but tbh I do hope we get some lemon here... like a small one between Sakura and Levi but kind of like a progress on their relationship but anyways keep up the great work! So who's sad AOT is almost over :(
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