Reviews for Sleepover
Marvin Green chapter 19 . 8/22
IloveBBRae chapter 19 . 3/30
Uh uh uh uh oooooh! XD

Great job! 9.8/10
22oliviafoster chapter 19 . 3/24
this is awesome! I love your story's especially the one about the voice
IloveBBRae chapter 9 . 3/4
Lol XD
IloveBBRae chapter 7 . 2/25
Wait! Is someone going to interrupt them again?! Is it Cyborg.

Dang it ya darn third wheels!
MetrionWarrior chapter 14 . 2/14
"I smell the overwhelming amount of meat cooking and I've come to chew you out, Cy" Now one of my favorite quotes.
Guest chapter 19 . 1/28
OH MY GOSH oh my gosh that was so good I'm probably going to start hyperventilating. And I think it's awesome how you write longer stories because you are like the master of suspense. That was so completely awesome.
gracieTpie chapter 19 . 1/3
I don't know how many times I have read this story Cleo but I love it! Love Grass X
RPGPersona chapter 19 . 11/24/2015
Another story finished, and the biggest one to boot.
When I first read the description I thought the entire story would be the sleepover. Seems silly in retrospect when you look at the word count.

This story had plenty of heart warming moments. Raven and Beast Boy at the park. The overnight stay during the storm. The second sleepover.

I noticed in one of the author notes you mentioned story genre preference. Let me say I really enjoy your writing style. I always seem to get a warm fuzzy feeling reading your stories.

Thank for the great story. Only one more completed Teen Titan story to catch up on.
07XReflectional chapter 19 . 11/6/2015
I can't log into my account right now, but anyway, oh my goodness this was a GREAT story. Let me break it down:

-I stayed up last night reading this instead of doing my Latin homework but #noragrets
-Haven't touched any of my responsibilities today because of reading this story
-The characters were beautifully represented. I thought Raven was a little OOC at times but honestly, I enjoyed the spin on that. Because honestly, we really don't know how Raven would react in a situation like this because it never happened, so I enjoyed your representation of that.
-IT WAS SO WELL WRITTEN. You have no idea (or maybe you do) at how annoying a story can get when it is not written well. Either there are a variety of spelling mishaps or it just doesn't flow nicely. But you write really well and my English Major soul approves!
-I really really really love Dick Grayson and I enjoyed your compromise of making his eyes blue and green, like the sea.
-Lastly, I really enjoyed your correct usage of literary devices (metaphors, similes, verisimilitude, etc), it was honestly great.

I haven't read a fanfic in YEARS. I'm so glad this one was the first I had read in a while. Keep at it :)
farhan99 chapter 19 . 9/4/2015
Wonderful story, you really do have an amazing way of capturing the characters. My favorite pairing of this story is of course beast boy and raven and I absolutely loved every paragraph that there was with them. It was long but I love a good long story since it adds more depth and development when done right, and you definitely did it right!

Now it's a little saddening since I now officially read all of your BB and Raven stories and now have to find another story until Silence is Louder than words is updated. You are a great author and I sincerely hope you keep writing more Beastboy and Raven fanfiction.
readergirl223 chapter 19 . 8/31/2015
i luv this story so much jr a amazing writer cant wait to read more of ur writeing
Miguel27 chapter 19 . 8/28/2015
llloooovveeddd it please write a sequel I beg youu
Shikamaru's babygirl chapter 19 . 8/11/2015
Awww, man that ending was sooo cute! Please, please, please make a sequel! I'm begging ya!

I really like how you wrote Raven's happy side here. She really does give off a happier feeling now.

Great job; awesome story!
Shikamaru's babygirl chapter 8 . 8/9/2015
Aww, this was so cuute! That interaction at the end was so adorableeee! And the RobStar here was nice as well. Nicely done.
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