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WhatIsAGamer chapter 14 . 10/17
huh, I just can't read this anymore it was good at the start but now they're is just an unreasonable amount of self blame and "oh it's all my fault" for me to take. this review isn't a rant it's just for people who don't like characters who self blame and try to fix everything. maybe it's just me I just don't understand the point of acting like it's my or (mc's fault) for instance when Naruto mentions harishima senjo or whatever(bad memory honestly...) kurama blames Naruto for ...ignorance? on something impossible for him to know and everyone's like "Awww Naruto you fucking asshole! your ignorant of our problems! let's blame you for not knowing! such a horrible person!" and honestly kurama should be more understanding of Naruto for she knows he had an ignorance level of over 9000 for 75% of his life and it was only slightly better when he went back in time... yeah just my thoughts I ranted a little bit in the end but I thought it important I mention what was my last straw. and no I didn't give up immedietly I read more to see if they're was improvement. there was not!
Zabzab chapter 29 . 10/17
What Would Pelinal Do?

Pull a giant all reflecting mirror out of his ass of course.

Naruto is dragonborn, comes from the future is actually an android and has a red diamond in place of his heart.
Zabzab chapter 27 . 10/17
The amount of bullsh*t... I'm speechless. I don't even have the words to describe exactly how positively disappointing your writing has become. I'm drowning under the quantity of shitty tropes you're throwing up and that is still not strong enough.
Zabzab chapter 23 . 10/17
Urgh. Fuckin' urgh. As much as I appreciate this story... Actually scratch that. BECAUSE I appreciate this story, It is my duty to point out to you author when you write like an idiot. And you wrote this chapter like an idiot.

1rst. If you buff your heroes in a TimeTravelFic, do NOT buff your villains. Because it defeats the purpose of buffing your heroes in the first place, YOU *headbang desk* DUMB *headbang desk again* INDIVIDUAL!

Naruto has a chakra cloak, nine tailed beast, the rasendhuriken, the experience of a lifetime of war. In the original, he defeated Kakuzu with not even half of that, with weaker allies and it was a walk in the park. So WHY IN HELL is he struggling like a bitch in your version? That is just plainly annoyingly inconsistant and BORING to read.

2nd. Naruto comes from a war torn alternative future. He has seen all of his friends die. He has seen shit. Why in THE HELL is he STILL blinded by rage? FUCKIN' HELL. When is he going to LEARN and CHANGE? Stop the mad rage thingy, it's dumb/idiotic/stupid at most and just a plain shitty, unexplainable trope (in this fic's case) at worst.

Very nice fic (let me be clear on that) overall but this chapter really... Urgh.
JenniferJ chapter 37 . 10/9
Well this has been one heck of a ride so far! It was a great read.
Natsuyuuki chapter 37 . 10/7
Good. love it.
dai sennin kurosaki d naruto chapter 2 . 10/5
chakra control is a mental thing not physical so no matter how much chakra he gains once he knows how to use it it'll never be a problem.
RageTempest chapter 18 . 9/23
naruto is just like a bitch here. so what? he survived 4th shinobi war, fight agains obito, nagato, and fucking madara and you tell me he cant even dodge Gaara fucking slow sand when he is in fucking Kyuubi Cloak Mode?
RageTempest chapter 16 . 9/23
'It is not surprising when people called Fourth Kazekage the richest man in the world'
Rey chapter 24 . 9/12
Your story suck.
You make naruto more fool than the original.
And so boring to read your story.
Stop become author.
FelixtheSax chapter 7 . 9/8
I like the idea, but the 4th wall breaking is incredibly annoying and keeps taking me out of the story. I may come back to it, but we'll see.
Marine Wilson chapter 37 . 9/8
:O AWESOME! I love your fanfiction so much it's just so interesting and in character just. 100/10 ilysm.
rebirthinq chapter 29 . 9/4
rebirthinq chapter 29 . 9/4
I may have skipped a few details so... how old is Naruto at this point?
rebirthinq chapter 19 . 8/31
Will Naruto have a harem? Just asking.
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