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Captain Evermind chapter 29 . 4/25/2016
Ooh! Great kicker at the end there. Glad to see Sherlock's finally in recovery. Looking forward to more.
LightontheSeaofSorrow chapter 29 . 4/23/2016
Your previous chapter was so intense that it kept me in the waiting mode, making me spend the interval in that room of hope and despair with John and Molly. Part of the intenseness comes from the medical accuracy, no doubt, but it wouldn't work without the superb storytelling. You're one of the rare writers who excels in both.

"...would he ever get the chance to spend so much time looking at him like this? And why did the thought that he might not make him feel so inexplicably bereft?"

- I don't know where you're going in terms of their relationship but with sentences like this, you're making me hopeful that you've seen between the lines, too. You're kind of walking the tightrope of friends&soulmates vs Johnlock here. It's not my place to give advice, but as a canon writer (which I assume you wish to be, in this story at least) it might be wisest to leave the Big Question unresolved until we know what's really going to happen after TAB, though... And bringing Mary in at the most inopportune moment to disrupt their intimacy is a good way to do just that. ;)

Anyway, I'm not capable of following many fics right now but this is one I really want to stay with and I'm looking forward to reading your version of the events. I'm so glad you returned to this story again. Keep writing- lots of months and scenes to fill before Magnussen, or series four!
paula.a.rushing chapter 29 . 4/23/2016
Great chapter ! I am so relieved that Sherlock is awake and doing better now .I thought that he might die ,but Molly is so smart that she figured it out in time between her and John I really knew they would save Sherlock ,because they would do anything for him they both care very deeply for him ,and I believe Mary does too in her own way when she shot him it wasnt meant to be a kill shot she couldnt do that to Sherlock or to John she really does love John and Sherlock she cares for him deeply too if he had died either time I believe jt would have hurt her very deeply too. :)
Wynsom chapter 26 . 4/22/2016
So in awe of the wonderful medial authenticity that you have embedded in EVERY chapter, putting right the oh-so wrong and totally inaccurate mitigation of such a serious wound in HLV. At each viewing of that episode I shake my head wondering if the writers ever considered consulting a medical professional- I would recommend you in a heartbeat. (I have been making up for lost time by reading from the beginning and hope to be caught up soon .)
Binglejells chapter 29 . 4/22/2016
Ooooohhhhh. You went there! You really did just stop right there, didn't you? Sherlock, why don't you understand?! John has just say by your bedside day and night for two weeks, doesn't they tell you something? Deduce! Fantastic chapter. Perfect balance of medicine and emotional madness. I loved it!
An Unknown Foreign Beauty chapter 29 . 4/22/2016
i really love your story, and this is the most emotional chapter yet. Ah, how eagerly I waited for your update for the last weeks. I love inclusion of Molly and how Sherlock first sees her when he wakes up (my poor Sherolly heart is overjoyed). I really want to see what happens next. But please don't make Mary evil like most writers do (I believe she really loves Sherlock, and I take his explanation of surgery), and keep John and Sherlock's relationship platonic, the purest form of love can exist (I don't like when people make them have sex, it is quite cliche).
anyway looking forward eagerly for your next installment.
Astrido chapter 29 . 4/22/2016
great chapter. Mary is certainly an intriguing character.
and I love the Sherlock/John reunion
Astrido chapter 28 . 4/9/2016
great chapter. I love the medical stuff as usual. It's better than a dictionary, because I usually only know the german stuff. _
are you allowed to have phones in the hospital like John? (btw, what's the difference between ITU and ICU? ) I thought it was forbidden because the signal emitted constantly from the phone disturbs the machines oyu know like in planes.
BTW, there's open doors day tomorrow at a hospital, very excited about that. they are showing techniques concerning knee and shoulder surgery for replacement joints and stuff like that.
Thanangst chapter 28 . 4/9/2016
OMG, this is a powerful chapter (and no, not too much medical info-it hammers home and makes believable how desperately injured and ill Sherlock is).

John is the John I know and love best, protective, loving, and bonded to Sherlock in ways no one else would likely understand.

When he goes to the café while Molly keeps vigil with Sherlock, I was instantly reminded of the pre-S3 promo photo issued by Hartswood, with John sitting forlornly by the café window, and Sherlock on the other side of the glass, both unable to communicate. Your imagery brought tears to my eyes. (I, too, have kept a "deathwatch," refusing to give up hope)...

One question: Where is Mycroft at this desperate time?
Binglejells chapter 28 . 4/9/2016
Good grief, what a strain for John! It is so difficult to go about living life with even a little normality when you're waiting for someone you love to either recover or leave you. I am surprised he hasn't lost it a bit waiting for something to happen. The prospect of being able to do nothing for someone he cares about so much while knowing it's his job to heal the sick must be traumatising. I know Sherlock is suffering here but I think John is suffering more. There's nothing worse than having to watch someone deteriorate and know you've done all you can and its up to them. For john to be continuously looking for possible treatment and constantly met with brick walls feels just devistating.

As always, the topic of the chapter was fascinating. You certainly keep hoping your game for us with medical mysteries and exploration of the field for us! I think one of the reasons this works so well is that I (and clearly lots of other readers) love to learn as I read. The best thing about reading something you enjoy so much with characters you adore is when you can close a chapter and really feel that you've felt what they felt and learned what they've learned. I really feel that with your writing. It gives me so much joy that you write for intelligent readers and what I mean by that is that complicated details aren't just glossed over and swept away. You take time and effort to explain without it becoming irrelevant or monotonous. It's not like reading a text book, it's genuinely thrilling and emotive and... Wow, this got long. In short: so much love!
paula.a.rushing chapter 28 . 4/9/2016
I feel horrible for Sherlock he is really suffering and so is John.I sure hooe Sherlock survives all
of this it isnt looking good for him at all right now.I am glad John and Molly are there for him and Lestrade ,but I do think Sherlocks family should be with him if they knew how bad off he is wouldn't they want to be with him in case he does not pull through ?which is a real possibility right now I cannot believe they would stay away I know as the parent of two I couldnt stay away if one of my children needed me as desperately as Sherlock needs his family right now. I think it iscold hearted that they wouldn't want to be there for him surely there is some way to get them to
come be with him even if John has to lie to get them there which any lie he tells them will be worth it if it gets them there by Sherlocks bedside he needs them right now.
GhyllWyne chapter 28 . 4/9/2016
I couldn't help wondering if you were speaking from personal experience when you had John describe the incident where he stuck his own finger instead of the patient's wrist doing the arterial blood gas. It felt like a real memory. But then everything you write is so completely real and visceral that it hurts.

And John's emotional state is absolutely IC. The mountain of stress is getting to him, but he's still holding it together. I hope he keeps hold of what he's learned about his feelings for Sherlock as well as what he's come to understand about the depth of Sherlock's drug addiction. If he thinks about it, he might even recognize that the cause of it has a lot to do with the fact that John is just as essential to Sherlock as Sherlock is to John. And the pain he was trying to kill with the drugs he shot into his central line was not just from the bullet.

I will be hanging by my fingertips waiting for the next chapter.
Lady Zephyr chapter 27 . 4/3/2016
Hooray Molly! My goodness this fic is so compelling! Looking forward to the next chapter! :) :)
Guest chapter 27 . 3/28/2016
Oh no! Poor Sherlock ! I am so worried right now for him wouldnt it be way too risky for him to have more heart surgery right now ? He is already so very weak he might not pull through ,but yet the antibiotics might not save him he is fighting for his life at this point in time and that is scary.i hope John and Molly can save him I believe they can they are very smart people I know they can do it. :(
Guest chapter 27 . 3/28/2016
IE, now that's clever, it will explain his long time hospitalization. Most authors go for pmeumonia, and non sspecific infections. And you have read my mind, I was just thinking about Molly in the last chapter, now we have her. I just surprised to see John can't get IE as soon as Molly told him about Roth's spot, well now we might have a diagnosis. It is pathetic to see Sherlock so unresponsive and unconscious, hope you will get him back to conciousness soon, I am kinda missing him. I'd like to see more Mycroft, he must worry about his brother, it will be a nice touch if you add him a bit more. Like to see Mary again. And again waiting for an update soon. (hope you will not get the tricuspid removed, poor Sherly had enough surgeries)
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