Reviews for Ghosts of the Federation
BenRG chapter 10 . 11/5
So, the Lanius are causing trouble...? Or are they just doing what they do and everyone is making up stories about them to try to make sense of their racial abilities? Frankly, both options are broadly similar in likelihood.

I just loved how that Slug reacted to the loss of his son-in-law! Yes, there is a blood vendetta, yes honour makes its demands but, let's be clear here, business is business!
BenRG chapter 9 . 10/29
I'm wondering if, maybe, Brant has become a little bit Mantis in her behaviour. It's possible that Kat's advice was the only thing that was keeping her alive after Andrews' death.

Still, they have one interesting little tidbit - The Rebels were looking for Andrews. That means they know... disturbing amounts about the Kestrel's crew and mission. Did someone betray the mission to them or did they just acquire information when they captured the starting base?
BenRG chapter 8 . 10/29
Maybe Toh was right. I think that Brant is losing herself a little but, when you're in hell, can you avoid becoming a demon?
BenRG chapter 7 . 10/29
Is he telling the truth? In the end, who can know? Without a Mind Control station or a Slug crew-member, it's basically just a question of informed guesswork.

You know, 78 is right - Brant is changing. However, change (both moral and behavioural) in the face of the events she's experiencing is /healthy/, at least in my view.
BenRG chapter 6 . 10/29
That was... Well, it was dark. Maybe there is only one price for treason but it was still dark. Still, I suppose that things are so bad that Brant maybe losing herself and her true nature as much as 145 has too.
BenRG chapter 5 . 10/29
I think that 145 knows that he won't get any mercy. He will give no quarter and expects none in return.
BenRG chapter 4 . 10/29
That's where a lot of the pirates seem to have come from. Lots of Federation crews seem to have decided that the war was lost and it was hopeless, so they... er... "went into business for themselves". That's when a nation is in serious trouble, by the way, when its soldiers start mutinying and deserting, turning on each other to avoid facing the enemy.

You do have to wonder just how badly off the Federation was, socially and otherwise, that many of its soldiers would not show any loyalty to it.
BenRG chapter 3 . 10/29
There is nothing quite enough to make you sweat than going into a fight about six reactor bars short of your minimum requirement and with your life-support and medbay powered down. Oh... and weak shields, just to make things interesting. And a weapons control system that has proven vulnerable to hacking.

I have to say that I'm not sure whether 'pirate' is better than 'Rebel'. Both are potentially susceptible to bribes and both can be disproportionately well-armed compared to ship size.
BenRG chapter 2 . 10/29
It looks like Brant has an interesting and cosmopolitan team, including an Engi with a dry-wit, a Zoltan pirate and a Mantis berserker (as if there is any other kind of Mantis). I wonder just how bad things are and just how long the Kestrel has been running and largely on its own beyond its' crew's resourcefulness and aggression?
BenRG chapter 1 . 10/29
Y'know what? Assuming that Slokkran is a sensible being, I'd still give it two thirds of the agreed price. Why? Because it would send a message: The Federation is still open for business, is viable enough to be generous to its defeated foes who are sensible in defeat and that those who think otherwise come out poorer or dead.
EmZaWheezy chapter 9 . 10/8
This is so good! Will there be more? I really hope there'll be more.
Guest chapter 9 . 10/1
Jackrkazi141FTW chapter 1 . 9/17
OMG, this is some of the best FTL storytelling I have ever read. This ranks up there with official novelization material (if any existed for FTL). I love the way you expanded on the capabilities of each species to make them even more threatening in the literature. Please, keep this going
Lover of Video Games chapter 9 . 8/13
This is honestly so completely amazing. Everything I was hoping to find from an FTL fic; it really embodies the stress you feel throughout the game, and the nuggets of worldbuilding, all the little quirks and personality traits of the different races, are so well done! I see you updated pretty recently, and hope that the next chapter will come quickly, because I binge read this whole thing over the course of... an hour or two, I suppose, and I can't wait to read more.
Dark33hawk chapter 8 . 8/8
My god...That is really dark, a really good dark but still has the horrors of combat. Love it and can't wait for more!
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