Reviews for The Unwilling Participant
Alexeyy chapter 19 . 19h ago
Rocks fall, everyone dies.

Overall, a good story, I enjoyed reading it. Although, like with many romance-centered stories out there, it has no conflict in it. Like there's no threat of Voldemort at all.
Sakihinata chapter 19 . 2/25
this was a fun story ;)
Gleas chapter 19 . 2/24
o.o... Interesting... creatures of what?! Craziness!
Straider chapter 19 . 2/24
Fun reading but short ending.
fairyMei33 chapter 19 . 2/22
Not a request for more because I know you'll add more as soon as you are able -though I REALLY hope you have at least a small bit with punishment to Dumbeldore. Just wanted to let you know that the *awesomeness* of this story is truely and fully appreciated! And I'm adding this to my community!
Killerneal chapter 19 . 2/21
Lolol. Best fucking ending ever.
NarutosBrat chapter 11 . 2/17
Luna being rude and disagreeable before 11am is entirely understandable.
GinaKim chapter 19 . 2/5
The story was good for the most part but the ending was incredibly bad because of the lack of resolution against Dumbledore.
Malix2 chapter 19 . 2/4
A rather good story. :) The ending was rather anti-climactic though. Harry gets all this awesome power and Riddle gets taken down by a technicality. Funny though. :) Nice job.
Lord Sia chapter 19 . 1/29
Awesomeness galore,
your writing I adore,
an end to this,
would be remiss,
for the readers want more.
Jimbocous chapter 19 . 1/19
Good grins. I could clamor for more, as well. I guess the question would be what that more is. If it's just a happy fuzzy wrap-up, probably a waste. However, one could imagine that Dumbles won't abide a solution that doesn't fit his game plan, as you intimate early in the story. That leaves room for a more interesting conflict (frankly) than the one with Voldie. Personally, anything that leaves Dumbles exposed, humiliated and in Azkaban or on the run for life is always worth a few thousand words:) Regardless, a very nicely done story, especially for a first effort. Thanks for a great read!
jupimako chapter 19 . 1/18
I really really really enjoyed your story! Thank you so much.
jupimako chapter 12 . 1/18
Reading the 1st task from the Dragon's POV was interesting! I'm glad you decided to do it that way.
jupimako chapter 5 . 1/18
That was awesome! Bill is such an untapped resource in cannon.
jupimako chapter 4 . 1/18
I really like the way you're changing this story from cannon. It's brilliant so far!
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