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CAPJHMPAgirl chapter 24 . 1/3
Great chapter! I really loved the scene with Melanie and her cootie catcher. I'm glad Kathy was able to cheer up some. I hope to see more soon!
Accidentally The Whole Fanfic chapter 24 . 10/4/2017


Ah, I was so happy to see this updated. And I don't know what I was expecting by this point, but the montage style kind of jarred me at first, when the adorable Candace-and-Lumina bonding segment ended (hopefully with Candace warning Lumina not to let any douchey blond 70s holdovers show her the D), and then all of a sudden we were at the bazaar. Those thick chunks of time being cut out here and there. Town-hopping, seeing the sights, meeting the people, fuckin' bitches, makin' paper. (Okay, maybe not fuckin' bitches.)

But, re-reading it, I liked it. Kinda gave it a bit of a whirlwind feel, made it feel so much more distant from home and kind of drove in just how long they've been on the road. (By this point, Lil's probably worked her way up the social ladder of the Horn Ranch's barn and is now mobilizing the heifers into a violent revolutionary force against Renee's family. And Shelley's probably lounging around Sonata naked and banging a different dude (or two) every night, blasting rock and hip-hop at deafening levels. Eating nachos, getting high. Fuck it, why not. She's 100 years old and the kids are out. May as well live a little.

But, yes, seeing everyone's different thoughts on the matter, the interactions - I loved it. Candace is becoming a little bolder, and she and Lumina had a sweet friendship. She and Luna really are the most social ones on the road, it seems. "This is good," she had no clue just how good it would be. I loved their little duet. Candace playing with Romana's pussy. Kathy ribbing Luna got a good laugh, too.

Zephyr was great. My two favorite GrB dudes sharing a scene with Luna. I never pictured Angelo as so dorky and eccentric and a bit hyper (he always seemed more low-key to me), but it works for him - it's really adorable, which suits him. Kinda made him feel like one of Ash's companions from Pokémon - Cilan, in particular. Which is great. Cilan is love, Cilan is life. I can see Angelo chilling with a Smeargol. Remind me not to steal that characterization of him in the future, because seriously, I love how he was written here. The tie-in with Dirk's Two Towns job was also a nice touch - and the closer for that segment, with Luna just hamming up the set like crazy. Probably all that steam built up. I think the detail in this part in particular was really well-done - probably had to do with Angelo's presence, the artistic angle, so there was a lot of focus on the surroundings as well.

And Oak Tree. Equal parts hilarious and moving. Melanie seemed a bit younger here than in-game, but just as precocious and maybe a bit more wheedling. She was a riot. She probably knew just what she was doing, too, the whole time - deliberately getting on Kathy's nerves like that. "Are you busy being sad?" I loved that. And that cootie catcher brought back wayyyy too many elementary school memories. I loved making and playing with those things. (Though I have to wonder why the hell Otmar is one of the results on hers...)

And I was able to tolerate Klaus! I wouldn't have pegged him for having a natural bonding moment with Kathy, but I suppose their shared love of horses helped. Kathy getting a chance to finally just let out her stress and hopefully start back to some semblance of normalcy felt a little liberating. Now if her friends will just stop treating her like she has cancer or is a Nickelback fan or something. Still should be interesting to see how it all plays out when they finally DO get back home. I'm sure they will eventually. Mayor's daughter, eh? Sounds like either Flowerbud (Maria), Tsuyakasa (Komari), or the Islands (if we consider Taro the mayor, so... Felicia?). God, how much is Renee gonna charge them for those horses now? BYE, TOUR MONEY.

"Town's a big word for these parts." Jesus, no kidding. Leaf Valley makes Forget-me-not look like New York City. But, it was a nice, low-key ending to cap everything off. The start of their bigger days ahead. Recording an album. Revolving door membership, like every girl group ever. Sex scandals. Which one will get addicted to drugs?! (CANDACE.) Who will kill a man in a gruesome accident?! (CANDACE.) Which one's the lesbian?! (Molly. Plot twist. She was really into the girliness of Chase's scarf.)

Ah, so good to see this back. Can't wait for the next update!
Guest chapter 24 . 10/1/2017
I'm so glad you are updating again! And yes, accidentally on tour lol
Guest chapter 23 . 4/11/2017
I would love it if you would update
DesertRoseSparty chapter 23 . 4/17/2016
Hey yo, it's me! Your favorite lurker (aka I read pretty much everything but it's a pain to sign in/review on mobile so I hope that you can sense my support somehow).

I read this entire story in, like, a night. When I first read the summary/title I thought "Huh, I wonder how this is going to work out" since I've never quite seen a story like this, which is a good thing since it's new and refreshing! But as a music major/musician myself I always get critical of stories that implement music simply because I know a bunch about it and misconceptions about it/lack of music theory knowledge on musically-based fanfics just distract me from the story ;-; But that's not the case with you, which is great!

I love this story very much, and just your writing style in general. I remember reading on your profile a while back that you wished you could write more romantically, and to be frank, I wish you did too because I absolutely love well-detailed romantic scenes between characters because I feel that's where their true passions lie, in those scenes. And it just seems like to me, in this story, your scenes between the lovers are written very, very well. You don't need them to write them having sex or making out hardcore to tell how much they care about each other, just the way they touch and interact and kiss is just beautifully well-done. I especially liked what you did with Kathy & Owen's relationship. It really gave off the perfect picture of a relationship that's just a "test", what with Owen's... um, "denial" of Kathy and claiming it to be "oh let's wait for the right moment" but it really meaning "I'm actually not that into you and don't want to be that kind of guy" was very well-done (I sound like a broken record right about now, don't I?) If any of that came off as offensive I'm very sorry because I couldn't be more happy with this story (besides it maybe being finished, but I have like 4 untouched stories on my profile from years ago just begging to be updated lol) and I meant it as a compliment more than anything. My brain is in a fizzle right now so words are hard lol.

TLDR; Dude. I miss reviewing for you. But I will since your stories are actually inspiring me to get back into the craft. And because I love everything about your stories. So keep up the good work, pal! :)
Guest chapter 23 . 3/17/2016
soooo cute!
KennieBarnes chapter 23 . 3/14/2016
When I saw that you updated this story, I was so happy! Great work, as always!
Cotton Candy Mareep chapter 23 . 3/14/2016
I've been a bit of a quick and silent reader around here lately and haven't had much chance to review fics as often as I'd like, but I’ve been keeping my eye on this fanfic for a while, as it’s definitely one of my favorite Harvest Moon stories and you're a lovely writer – the interactions you write between the characters are absolutely fantastic, I just love how funny yet realistic all of the girls’ banter is, it’s perfect and I never get sick of reading their various conversations, haha. Molly and Kathy in particular, I can’t say I don’t envy their obviously very close friendship. And I love all the tie-ins to other games in the series you've been working in, too; it’s cool seeing the band members interact with other characters from different villages, like Rod and Neil, Rio, May and Stu, Ann and Mary and Popuri, etc.; I love seeing all your interpretations of the many villagers that are pretty much spot-on. Ugh, little May was super adorable with her drawing of the band. Plus, I learned a new word today, thanks to Luna!

Honestly, I’m kind of bummed out about what happened with Kathy and Owen, since they seemed like a good couple from what everyone else said about them, even though we didn’t see much of those two directly now that I think about it. With Kathy talking about marrying him and Owen giving her those earrings and everything, I just wasn’t expecting that at all. But I knew for sure something was up with him once Kathy started acting all funny in Echo Village. Here's hoping she can move on from it with the help of her friends (and that Molly and Chase won't have any serious issues with their relationship, either).

Looks like Forget-Me-Not Valley may be next on their list of gigs, which I'm definitely excited to see. I wonder whether you plan on the band going to Sunshine Islands, Zephyr Town, Bluebell/Konohana, etc. anytime soon, too? There have been a few mentions of Mikhail here and there, but I don't know if that's foreshadowing of any sort or simply added world-building detail stuff.

Anyway, thank you for sharing this great story with us! You've obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this fic, which I appreciate. I seriously need to know what the deal is with that scene at the end of this chapter, though, that threw me for a bit of a loop. That, and the details about Chase’s past on top of it… lots of unexpected things we’ve been finding out! Also, I would likely be ecstatic if you made it to 200,000 words, haha.

Accidentally The Whole Fanfic chapter 23 . 3/13/2016

Watch this be like #101 or 102 by the time I finish, though.

SO, it's back! Awesome surprise today! Woke up from a nap to find this blaring in my inbox - and worth the wait!

Fun and morbid and mysterious new revelations all around... Chase's past, for example. It felt fairly organic, too, how it was worked in from Molly being curious and wanting to find a way to get him to open up a little more. Explains a few of his particular quirks, too - like the habitual food-chucking stuff.

And, of course, the complete and utter mystery of Kathy and Molly... ARE they secretly lesbians? No, wait, not that. I'll admit, as much as I was intrigued by the whos and whats and outcomes of Molly's endless phone calls, that tidbit at the end just threw me for a loop. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?! And where will Molly and the gang go to next? (Forget-me-not could use something actually fun happening there. Loved how it was mercilessly painted as a humdrum little shithole. A pretty one, though.) Will they even get to stop off at home first to unwind?! Poor kids. And speaking of kids, seriously, WHAT IN GOD'S NAME WITH THAT STUFF AT THE END. The wait is gonna kill me.

On the other hand, Trent and Kathy's kind of guarded and kind of easygoing rapport was pretty cool to watch. And the idea of ELLI cursing at all, even under her breath, cracked me up. I wonder how often Stu overhears her do that?

A few small errors came about here - "case a suspicious glower" should be "cast," I think "still be fought" should have a "could" in there - "still could be fought," "could still be fought," whichever... and maybe "as easily as memorizing" instead of "as easy as," but that seems to be a hard one to settle on, so I'm not totally fussed over it.

Other than that, it went along well, flowed nicely, and set up some more intriguing questions. Also, I love seeing Candace grow comfortable and a little more confident (scolding Luna for drinking so much, being mostly relaxed with Popuri and Mary, the pinky thing), but not lose her shyness so quickly. And hungover Luna was hilarious. "You shouldn't drink so much" translating to "Fuck that, I need to learn to drink BETTER." Goddamn kids. But not May - she was adorable, and seeing even Chase be surprisingly decent and show her drawing to the girls for them to fawn over was sweet.

Also, huh. Those bumpy little horny-whatsits DO have a name. I'll be damned! Thanks, Luna!

Welp, off to speculate now and wonder what in the sweet fancy Jesus is up with the scissor sisters (I'm awful). Can't wait for chapter 24!
MikariStar chapter 22 . 10/24/2015
I love the songs you include in this. There's a song for every situation. :D This chapter had a lot of character growth for Kathy and Molly. Very well written. I hope to see more songs in the future.
MikariStar chapter 21 . 10/24/2015
This time it didn't take me too long to catch up. XD I like how all the characters have their space and that we got to see more of the Mineral Town characters, that's still my favorite HM setting. Curious about finding out more of the specifics in Kathy's situation, though it looks like my suspicions were right. I hope Molly is ok to sing.
Accidentally The Whole Fanfic chapter 22 . 9/3/2015
Sweet Jesus, did Kathy and Molly just write a Taylor Swift song?

You sure know how to write the festivals for these places - everything feels really vibrant and colorful, and I can easily imagine the excited, crowded atmospheres. I'm glad the show went off well in spite of Molly's little mishap (and I did get worried at a few spots). Wonder where they're off to next? Maybe they'll finally get to return to Castanet for a little break! (Probably the last thing Kathy wants at the moment, though.)

Luna and Karen bonding is something I should've expected, but didn't - it fit pretty naturally, though, especially Luna trying to keep up with her and getting plastered. Karen was my first Mineral Town bae, so I do have quite a fondness for her, as well.

Only small incidents I noticed were "with that" where Molly should've said "with what?" (to Chase buying her a drink), giving a "wane" smile when it should've been "wan", and "They lied awake" when it should be "lay/laid". I think "lay" works better here, since "laid" generally refers to the act of physically laying something down. (As a high school English teacher of mine once put it, "you GET laid"... she immediately regretted that example when it took five minutes to get everyone to stop laughing.)

I'm not sure if this was the case previously, but I just noticed - Molly's thought process seems very lyrical. The part about how she and Chase were comfortable around each other now felt like it could be the springboard for a future song, same when she felt bad for Kathy ("her heart was shadowed"), not to mention mentally turning one of Kathy's remarks into a lyric without meaning to. She's certainly growing into the songwriting thing.

(I'm also curious if Kathy joining in the singing thing is foreshadowing... she was noted earlier as having a nice voice... hmm!)

I also think Kathy shows some subtle signs of wanting to get in on the writing herself, with the "my own downfall" line, and the clumsy-but-amusing horse... thing. I liked the callback (and Molly being just as baffled by it as Trent. Shit, I think Tori Amos would backhand her for that one.) Sucks horribly about her and Owen, though. What a bummer. It should be interesting to see how awkward things get when she returns home...

And it's funny, they got on well with the Echo Town crew, but Mineral Town seems to have had the biggest impact on them so far. Can't wait to see how the other HM towns turn out affecting each of them in turn as the story goes on!
Accidentally The Whole Fanfic chapter 21 . 9/3/2015
Double update showcase! Sweeeeeeet!

Mineral Town in winter (hell, any HM location in winter) is really cozy. The scene with the library made me think of Beauty and the Beast, for some reason... speaking of, I really do love the friendships striking up between the Sonata girls and Popuri/Mary. Oddly enough, Luna and Candace seem to wind up being the biggest social butterflies thus far.

And I actually always found Mineral Town to have relatively normal fashion sense (alongside Castanet/Waffle Town, of course) compared to some of the costumey later games, so Luna mentally ripping on Popuri's fashion sense was amusing. As was Popuri's caffeinated babbling - I kind of felt myself getting short of breath just reading her wall of text.

"continued to fiddle with the tap"

Molly, you whore, stop flirting with the shower.

Ahem! Anywho. Molly seeming to run into each town's requisite moody dickhead is pretty damn funny. First, Neil. Now, Gray. (And she's DATING the moody dickhead from her own town.) I'm also loving the way Thomas is written - kindhearted, but spacey as hell. He truly is the Mayor of Townsville. And Molly's little episode was kinda freaky... been there before (though not to the point of passing out, but getting a wonderful migraine instead), and it's not fun. Especially the "can't see shit" part.

Speaking of "shit", I couldn't help but laugh at Chase chiding Kathy to stop "bottling shit up" and then referring to her moodiness as "emotional constipation". I never claimed to be mature. (His social anxiety and tagging along nervously behind Kathy, by the way, was adorable. And I do love the return of the maligned girly scarf.)

Small typos I noticed were "snuggly" should be "snugly" (Ann's tray), "why I outta" oughta be "oughta", and "indecisive conscious" should be "conscience".

I adore Trent. And you used the hot Island of Happiness version of him! His talk with Kathy was fairly interesting, since seriously, what the fuck was that speech of hers? If I didn't know better, I'd say she was upset that she had to be a giraffe in the band instead of a horse, Owen made a tasteless joke about her having a black tongue, and she broke things off with him (and littered, thus dropping her FP with everyone in town).

Last but not least - Elli! That is all. I just love Elli.
Guest chapter 22 . 8/30/2015
this is flipping adorable. I can't wait for the next chapter!
person chapter 22 . 8/30/2015
aww, poor kathy. i loved the song though :p
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