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Guest chapter 22 . 8/30
this is flipping adorable. I can't wait for the next chapter!
person chapter 22 . 8/30
aww, poor kathy. i loved the song though :p
Dusk Clark chapter 22 . 8/24
Yay 2 chapters for the price of one wonder what gonna happen next
person chapter 21 . 8/24
i liked this chapter! but whats up with kathy...?
MikariStar chapter 20 . 8/11
It's great to see them visit Mineral, it's one of my fav HM locations. :D

I knew something was wrong with Kathy! :o
MikariStar chapter 19 . 8/11
I like how things are progressing :D The band is making great progress! I'm also curious about what happened with Kathy's call. Again, great characterization, very detailed.
MikariStar chapter 17 . 8/11
lol I'd love to see Chase's face when he goes to unpack XD
MikariStar chapter 16 . 8/11
I'm back! XD It's been ages but I'm back to listening to this story. So many chapters to catch up on! :o I really like the dynamics between the characters and how they come alive in the story. There are lots of little details like their interpersonal relationships and changes in their habits and routine that make them feel more "real" and complete.
KennieBarnes chapter 20 . 8/3
I'm so happy you updated! I really love this story.
XxBlue and CrimsonxX chapter 20 . 8/3
All of your songs are amazing... Do you write them yourself? Like when I read it, I can easily fill it with a tune~ hope to see more of the Mineral Town people! Update soon! XD
Dusk Clark chapter 20 . 8/2
great chapter wonder what's gonna happen next
Accidentally The Whole Fanfic chapter 20 . 8/2
Wow, Kathy, that wasn't obvious at all. No wonder she appeared to be doing terribly at poker (poker? I'm terrible with identifying card games) in the last chapter.

So, for reasons beyond me, I'm still up at this hour, but I'm pretty glad for it now, since I was able to catch a new chapter! Sweeeet!

I like Mineral Town as a cozy little forest town (didn't really strike me until now, it is quite wooded), and as an older, more historic one at that. Plus, the question is finally answered on how the hell anyone even gets in or out of that town other than by boat.

Zack and Owen really are fairly similar in build, true, and Zack inadvertently offending Chase was great. Frankly, I think the bobby pins are kinda sexy, but I can see how Zack would spot those, the half-scarfed face, and the slim build and go all Professor Oak on him. Also liked seeing May and Stu pop up - they're a cute pair, and seeing Molly interact with them was really nice. I liked the little song she came up with on the fly - her talent's developing quite well, and it was a sweet moment. Plus, Stu apparently having a bit of a cold and still clambering around like a squirrel on crack was funny. (And a nice detail. I can't help but wonder if his cold might spread, though...) "Plus also", too, because I can see May saying something like that while trying to sound like an adult.

Always good to see Ann, too - the inn had a good, lively, but still rustic atmosphere, although it was nice to see tensions flare up there with Kathy after it was woven throughout the chapter. Particularly Chase noticing on the walk over. Makes me wonder what the HELL happened (or didn't?), and who's responsible. Plus also (May), how it'll affect the band's performance... I'm pretty anxious for them. I love the suspense being built throughout the story for the various issues cropping up here and there. Something tells me even the ones that seem somewhat-resolved might not fully be yet.

There was a small spelling hiccup - "nauseous" spelled as "nauseas" - but other than that, nothing really sprang to mind. I also got really hungry during this chapter... (Molly going overboard for Chase's birthday partly did it - and I like that she's so well-established that of COURSE she'd do something like that; but the chicken-and-dumplings really sealed it. Kathy should've taken one of those holy biscuits and sopped up that gravy.)

(And always glad to leave enthused feedback on good stuff!)

Looking forward to where things go on from here, as always. This wait was certainly worth it.
Guest chapter 19 . 7/25

Accidentally The Whole Fanfic chapter 19 . 7/9
NOW I'm caught up! Man, they've come so far already, and they're only on their way to their second paid gig. (I also suspect Molly may try to rush in a new song on the way there. What an ominous feeling.)

This chapter was... extremely cozy. Something about winter nights and inns makes me nostalgic, not to mention the friendly blackjack game. Plus, I always enjoy seeing characters from different HM towns interact, and since I don't think Felicity and Soseki are common fanfic choices, getting a feel for them was nice. (Also... hints of Soseki and Felicity? THERE'S a pairing... of course, it's odd to imagine Soseki with almost anyone from ANB, with his personality.) Soseki was a smarmy douche but still kind of likable, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who imagines Rio being country as fuck (it's the hat, isn't it?). She was pretty fantastic.

Also, the way you write Chase and Molly's interactions continues to be cute as hell without going overboard into syrupy. And that artichoke recipes sounds kinda good, even if I've never had an artichoke in my life (they're prickly little bastards).

Seconding the curiosity about what went down with Kathy and Owen's phone call... or if she actually did call at all, because something about the writing made me a bit suspicious there. Welp. Time will only tell.

Only small error that caught me was "What was happening" with a period instead of a question mark, but I kinda like it. People flatly asking questions tickles me, for some reason. Maybe growing growing up watching Daria?

As a last note, nice to see the Mayor of Townsvi- err, Mayor Thomas! Mineral Town's one of my favorite settings in the HM series, so I can't wait to see how they do there, and who they interact with. Wonder how long the incredible generosity and good fortune will go on before the cracks start showing? (I'm horrible.) And that "deal with the devil" thing made me think of Futurama, for some reason - at least Thomas didn't ask Molly to swap her voice for his, or any of the instrument-players' hands for his own.

Well, I'll be eagerly keeping an eye out for more!
Accidentally The Whole Fanfic chapter 18 . 7/8
Tucker, you fucker! (I had to.)

So, seeing how the girls keep handling the new venues (and inevitably-growing setlists) and the growing fame will be fun! Especially given how energizing it was even just reading about their performance. Also, for some reason, the contrast between Backstage Boyfriend and Just You, in lyrics and implied tone, amuses me.

Only small issue I saw was actually a really hilarious one - where you meant to type "a few stragglers excited to see a live performance," you typed "stranglers" instead. Which makes me admittedly picture a few serial killers having a good time during the show and casually murdering a few of the audience members (hopefully they got Allen first).

Nice Toni and Rebecca cameo there, too - genuine praise from BOTH of them is something, let alone one of them. And I adore Rod, so seeing him pop up here and be cute and friendly was great, between his manic handshake and him playing with Tucker. Neil was also kind of endearing despite being Neil, with his bashfulness about Rio.

Speaking of that damn dog, the 101 Dalmatians bit with the leash was hilarious. He must really love trolling Molly. And the scene with Chase was really touching - at least they both stopped pussyfooting around the issue and just let it out. Which resolved things! Surprise!

Well, one more chapter to go for now... whoosh.
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